World Wide Pop: 3 Previously Recommended Artists

There’s no mistaking it folks, my blog is very much a music Blog but with a heavy bias towards Kpop and you know what I’m quite satisfied keeping it that way. 😊 It’s what I know best afterall. That’s because slowly over the years the genre has overtaken all of my playlists and nowadays I’m even keeping myself updated with all the latest news stories coming out. Way more so than I use to previously be just a year or two ago. Leading to me being just about ready to explode from the anticipation to talk about all of it!

So if you find yourself to be the same way and that sorta talk has some interest or value to you too, I’d say you should consider following me. Not so that I could build up some random follower’s count but instead so that you and I can become good buddies soon. Spend our time chatting away about all this stuff among many other things possibly too. Like imagine all the fun times we can have. lol 😀 Specially if hip-hop-ish groups like BTS and Monsta X are your fave too. Because if they are, oh then, we are already friends you just don’t know it yet. 😉 haha

With all that being said though, that’s gotta be put on hold. Only for a tiny bit because today’s post is NOT actually about Kpop. Dun Dun Dun! Sorry about the swerve. O.O Because instead today I will be talking about pop artists but from other various parts of the world. Since even if Kpop IS my main source of inspiration, it doesn’t mean I don’t like to venture out of my musical comfort zone every once and awhile and share something different on here. In fact throughout this year I have recommended y’all all sorts of different artists from other parts of the world as well. Maybe you clicked on those posts or maybe you’re new and they had long passed you by. Whatever the case may be, today I am here to re-share a few of them with you. 🙂

I think you people who appreciate music on a more general level will enjoy this post. Well one can only dream anyways.😅 If not no worries I’ll get back to Kpop soon enough  believe me because all that stuff I said before stands. 🙂 Despite an occasional post like this(which is tons of fun too won’t lie) the main focus will forever be KPOP and that is what it is. Now onto the scheduled programming.


Jolin Tsai

To begin things for us I don’t know anybody better to start with today than Jolin Tsai. A Taiwanese Singer who for awhile now has been labeled, “The Queen of Cpop(Chinese Pop).” What makes her a “Queen” you ask? Oh let’s see. How about the fact that she always slays it in her music videos, has good vocal range, dances, and writes her own music. But if that ain’t enough to convince yah, there’s plenty more reasons why one would be attracted to her don’t you worry.

You see for example, apart from her music she is highly regarded for her amazing fashion sense, her philanthropy work(has donated to all sorts of charities like ones for disaster relief), and is recognized for being a gay icon on top of it too. Yup I said being a gay icon, even though that from what I’ve read she doesn’t appear to be lesbian, Bi, etc. herself. It hasn’t stopped her from being recognized for all her pro LGBTQ MVs and a plethora of positive comments she’s made towards the community over the years.

Basically put she seems like a very nice and welcoming person to everybody and I love supporting people like that. Plus over the years she has become one of my favorite artists in general, Pop or no Pop. And one song in particular that I can’t get enough of is this one called Play. I like it because it reminds me so much of The Sims. 😛 Yes the computer game. lol Also it’s really funny, energetic, and you can just see how at this point she feels really comfortable doing this  sorta thing. Which makes sense since she’s been in the industry since 1999. 😮 It’s amazing how she can stay relevant and still drop the hits. She’s 37 now and continues to go strong but I guess it shouldn’t be much of a surprise when you take into account her confidence/charisma levels. I mean watch the vid, it’s like they are maxed out!



Tóc Tiên

Next of course i gotta bring up Tóc Tiên because while she may not be labeled the Queen of Vpop(Vietnamese Pop) or anything like that she is to me. Because this artist was my first exposure into that world. And her song Big Girls Don’t Cry has really stayed with me because I love love everything about the MV. From how crisp and clean everything looks, to her confident vocals, to the artsy looking shots, the outfits(specially that half dress-half dress pants thing she wears), to all the traditional looking stuff that’s got those modern flairs to them, down to the very sick and original beat drops that it has. I’m serious, give whoever made the beat drops for this a raise because they give the songs added layers of personality.

Oh and much like Jolin Tsai you would consider her a veteran of the industry too because she started young as a child. Having jumped in straight into modeling, singing, and acting right off the bat with her mother’s management. Although I didn’t know about any of that until way after the fact because I didn’t jump on the bandwagon until her Comeback in 2014 with her song, Tell Me Why. Which is a much different song than this as it’s more sad and mellow in comparison.

Also if you’re a fan of America’s Next Top Model, you may get a kick out of this MV showcasing Nyle Dimarco. Personally I didn’t know who he was but a lot of people in the comments made a big Deal out of him which forced me to further look into him. 😛 And I gotta say it was NOT time wasted. He has had an interesting career himself. He won cycle 22 of America’s Next Top Model, Won Dancing With The Stars on its 22nd Season,  had a part on the Show Switched at Birth on ABC FAMILY, and is a deaf activist because he himself is deaf.



Ronela Hajati

Then last but not least I got another swagalicious artist except this time in the form of an Albanian Pop Star. And much like Tóc Tiên this artist also introduced me into a new world! That’s because before Ronela Hajati I had never in my life heard an Albanian song ever. 😮 Now I’d say Albanian Pop has grown to be my second favorite within the Pop genre.

What attracted me to this song, A do si kjo, was how upbeat it was.  But also how the singer simply checks off everything I love in a performer. For one she has a lot of charisma/attitude like all the other ladies on this list. Like I really enjoy  powerful female singers, what can I tell you.  She also has cool fashion and the colored hair gets me just because. I do admit the video itself is pretty simple and there isn’t complex dancing or anything like that. However yeah I think the MV works despite that because of her presence and vocals alone.

Then in an “interesting but not so fun fact” that you peeps might be interested in,  while filming this music video the authorities where actually called on the production. Because during the recording of the driving and dancing sequences that you can see towards the end, locals thought they where members of ISIS. Yeah… They weren’t obviously and the sequences were actually meant to be inspired by Aladdin and Ali Baba. Like in retrospect  I can kinda see how the confusion could be made from a distance I suppose but anywho the song turned out to be a hit and luckily no one was hurt in the end.



There you have it. Any thoughts or comments you’d like to share? Like always they are very much welcomed here. 😀

9 thoughts on “World Wide Pop: 3 Previously Recommended Artists

    • I was surprised too when I found that out. I only started listening to her 3 yrs ago. I thought she was a new artist at first. She has sooo much energy and still looks young that I thought she was 23-25, maybe 27 max.

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      • I think you naturally get more motivated to pay attention to your looks when it’s a big part of your livelyhood. Plus having a team of stylists and things has got to help a ton. I’m sure my looks could go up two to three points with a solid team behind me alone. Yup that’s what I think. lol

        Liked by 1 person

      • only two to three points? you must hold yourself in a very high esteem of good looks. i think that’s good. self-confidence is a great thing to have.

        i don’t have want to have a team behind me, because i don’t want to change myself. healthy skin would be amazing, but my skin is already improving. i guess i just would feel too pressured and overwhelmed to have that many people focusing on me and my body all the time. too much!!! :/

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