REOL: Why Did You Disband? 😭


You know what’s really awesome? Randomly coming across an amazing group of musical artists who have a type of sound you aren’t use to. Such was the case last week when I came across REOL on YouTube. They are a Japanese EDM POP band/group, but maybe not in the traditional sense that you may be accustomed to. Think of them more like an ideal unit in which they each have their own separate type of skillz and aren’t all vocalists. In fact only Reol, who the group is named after, sings at all. Because one member GigaP is a music arranger while the last member Okiku is a movie director/producer. Yeah you see what I mean when I say they’re different.

Anywways I only recently discovered them and had been going through their entire catalog of songs which is only one album and a Digital EP. Going as far as making my own playlist dedicated to them. Unfortunately I’ve been kinda busy in RL so it’s taken me more than I woulda liked to get through. However in retrospect, my busy schedule may have turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it made me pace out their music tracks. Because if you haven’t figured it out by now based on the title, it turns out the group has been disbanded since October of this year.

Yup doesn’t that just utterly suck. I found this out after finishing their last track today. :/ It bummed me out because I was excited anticipating the future one minute then the next it was like the rug was pulled right underneath me. 😭 Their reasoning for it was “creative differences.” There are statements out there that each of them put out and they all sound similar. It seems like they each had different directions for the group in mind and they felt if they kept at it, it could potentially ruin their friendships down the line. It’s a shame because the group wasn’t even around for two full years apparently.

But you know what at least their friendships are still in tact. That means there is still a tiny little bit of hope to be had. 😀 Since while doing some research I found out that they had worked previously on some other projects together before they were ever an official unit. For example Reol and GigaP had worked on vocals and compositions for popular vocaloids like Hatsune Miku. Now I don’t know shizz about vocaloids but even I’ve heard Hatsune Miku so it means they’ve worked on big stuff together prior.They’d also worked on a track called No Title. So there could actually be a chance we see them work on a project again somewhere down the line. *fingers crossed*

Although at this point why would you care? All this talk is pretty much non sense to you because you probably have never heard of this group and you have no connection to them at all, am I right? Which is why I’m gonna kindly ask you to please take a couple minutes out of your busy schedules to at least listen to one of their tracks. I think there is a good chance you could be won over like I was. If you’d like my recommendation I’d say start with their MV for YoiYoi Kokon

Tho I must give you a warning beforehand. The members don’t pop up on screen at any point. I know lots of you following me are used to kpop so no this won’t have any dancing and such. Instead its more like a kinda trippy light animation. It looks beautiful in my opinion but it might throw some of you off at first. What’ll probs bring you back tho is the EDM aspect because it’s got a nice beat that does have a nice drop to it. Also’s Reol‘s vocals are no joke. They somehow manage to be sweet/powerful and soothing/energetic. Oh and btw she raps a little too.



Ok then, thoughts let me hear them please. 🙂 One of you must have liked it at least. 😊And if any of you have any experience with falling for a band/group only to find out they had already disbanded, feel free to share it.


19 thoughts on “REOL: Why Did You Disband? 😭

  1. That really is quite annoying to say the least. It’s about the same feeling yiu get when you discover this great new television series and then you start watching it, it gets cancelled without ever concluding 😢😢😢 Ugh… This really sucks. I can understand how you must feel 😢

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  2. Reol the group may have disbanded but reol herself is still active as an artist and she still works closely with GigaP from time to time. From their twitter interactions you can see how close their friendship is. By the way, incase you didnt know She just released a solo mini album now recently. I super love reol. Her voice is amazing and so is her talent at writing lyrics.


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