Drug Restaurant comes back with “Her”

The New Year isn’t even a few days in and already Drug Restaurant is delivering us some quality music straight out of S.Korea.

I was on 1theK‘s YouTube channel the other night looking through a bunch of the new releases on there, when all of a sudden I got a HUGE surprise. I saw an MV with this band’s name attached to it and Immediately knew I had to head over and click on it. When I did I was not left disappointed. Not like I thought I could be tho. This is an alternative/post punk sounding K-rock band I discovered towards the end of 2017 thanks to a commenter who goes by emilynhiii.

Not sure if this person is still lurking around my posts or not but if they are, Thanks for introducing me to this awesome band! You see I do listen to y’alls recommendations. 🙂 Now before I go forward I think some brief info is in order.

Band Name: Drug Restaurant(but I already told you that 😉 )

Meaning behind the name: Ok I’m aware they have an unusual name because it through me for a loop the first time I heard it too. XD But I think it will make a ton of sense once I explain it to you. The “Drug” part isn’t because they condone illegal drug use or something far out there like that. Haha No, the idea instead is that they wanna offer their fans a greater relief than any drug in any drug store can offer. And the “restaurant” part, that’s because they also wanna be a destination that’ll offer a getaway from societial pressures. When put like that I think the name is kinda cute actually. Am I the only one? O.O”

No. of members: Only 4

Band member/positions:   

  • Joonyoung  – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
  • Dammit(yup that’s his stage name)– Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Seokwon – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Drok. Q – Drums


Ok back to the main post.

Recently the guys you see here, yes in the picture, they dropped a special MV for a song called “Her.” Using outdoor footage and snippets from their performances while on their recent European Tour. Which If I’m not mistaken ended only recently, but I’m not 100% on that. Anyways it’s cool looking because it takes a guerilla style filmaking approach that’s a nice change of pace from the typical shiny MVs you’d be used to by now if you were more of a Kpop fan let’s say. It’s more grounded for sure but where the MV shines the most however is not on a visual level and is instead with the track itself.

I first listened to it without any subtitles and even then I was left with a deep impact. I got the chills, the sort that go through your body and give you goosebumps all over. As well as this sense of sadness which lasted throughout it’s entirety. Mostly because the vibe I got from the instrumentals was quite mellow sounding I think. Afterwards when I read the lyrics I was then like, yeah this must be the tone they were aiming for. Although to be fair, a phrase in there that gave me a hint that was the case prior was the English lyric, “I’m crying Now, She’s running out.”

Later when I turned the English captions on(yes this has them don’t forget) I noticed they were about a sense of longing and remembrance. At least that’s how I took them. These are feelings I think we can all in some shape or form relate to during this part of the year especially. Because at the start of the year it’s when it’s the most commonplace, in my opinion anywho, to think back on all that’s happened the year prior and beyond. Many of the times with us focusing about the things we wished had lasted longer or the things that shoulda gone differently.

Meaning go have a listen to this right now. I truly think listening to these kind of songs can hit a sort of reset button for us emotionally. Because they are a good example that we can take the hurt, the pain, and make music out of it too. Of course in our case I don’t mean “music” literally, more like we can take the sad and negative feelings we have and use them as inspiration to do/make something better down the line. Ok even I don’t know if I’m making sense with this. O_o Just hear the song and tell me what you think of it down below. How bout that? 😀

12 thoughts on “Drug Restaurant comes back with “Her”

  1. cool. i love hearing about new bands.

    lol i agree with auri. i think the name dammit is a pretty dope name!

    i liked the song. it was kind of soothing and mellow. also yeah… the video makes you feel like you’re with the REAL them, not a shiny version of them made up to look perfect and beautiful (tho i’m not ribbing those either, cuz they’re bootiful). it’s always cooler to see the real version of a person. thanks for sharing as always miggy!
    (oh yeah i randomly didn’t tell you: my names maureen)

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  2. ah, yes! i still read your posts, all of them tbh. you’re one of my favorite bloggers :). i’m so glad that you like drug restaurant! i absolutely love their music so much, and i’m glad you took my recommendation and checked them out. if you haven’t yet, i would recommend glen check as well! they’re probably my favorite korean band alongside drug restaurant :). (i am moving my blog to joonstudies just if you wanted to know, which i really doubt). i love your posts!

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  3. When the song first started, I was reminded of 80’s new wave music. And even a little bit of David Bowie. I like his voice – it’s deep and soothing. Very ‘alternative’ to the normal k-pop (hip-hop) that’s more the craze it seems.


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