Best Kpop YouTuber Award Goes to…Rilaccoco!


Ok so there’s no LEGIT “Best Kpop YouTuber Award” to be given today, It’s all a fancy title made up by me…as far as I know anyways. However I do gotta say if such an award truly exists already or is created in the near future, it should immediately be given to Rilaccoco first or else it’s RIGGED. Rigged I tell you!!! 😛 Because this bundle of sunshine literally gives you everything you would want or need as a die-hard Kpop fan. Don’t believe me? How about I tell you about some of the things you can expect from her YouTube channel, sound cool to you? Fantastic!


First a little moment to give some info on Coco herself tho. In case you were unaware, Coco is an active Idol AT THIS VERY MOMENT actually. Yes you heard me correctly, she’s an IDOL in S.KOREA right now. Part of the duo known as CoCoSoRi in fact, and is indeed preparing for their next comeback that should be released between Jan-Feb. Her and her partner in crime, by that I mean fellow member, recently had a kickstarter to raise the funds for it and of course easily SUCCEEDED. Whoop Whoop! We would have gotten it in November or December of 2017 but if y’all didn’t know, her partner SoRi has kinda had a busy schedule at the moment. Been busy slaying it on the show MIXNINE currently. Yup. Making the slight tardiness understandable. 

What does all this mean then? Nothing but good news for you that’s what. Because if you were to say, suddenly start following Rilaccoco, I think you would suddenly find yourself in a pretty good position. For one, you would have the chance to get on board with a group that has the potential to explode in the near future. Two, you can get to see the everyday life of an idol without all the shine we’re used to. Three, you get to see some cool behind the scenes stuff like never before. And Four, you never know what other Idols or fellow YouTubers will make an appearance in one of her vlogs!

Many times for example I’ll be like, “wow Coco is such a regular girl, just shopping like us, going out to eat like us, hanging out with her friends like us, going to Music Bank li-… Say what on that last one!? Oh my gosh look at all these idols suddenly appearing everywhere before us. Is that 9MUSESCLC, wait did I hear correctly and B.M. from K.A.R.D. just told our Coco that she’s got SWAG. 😮 AGGHHH!!!!!! Can’t deal with all this awesomesauce.”

You’ll for sure have similar reactions and get full of joy when things like that go down. Same when you realize how friendly she is and is able to get EVERYBODY to interact with her. 😀

However afterwards funnily, like with a flip of a switch it’ll usually all seemingly go back to normal like nothing major ever happened. Instead for awhile it’ll be like, oh look she’s now talking about make up, showing her skincare routine, and also doing a Haul video. You know like a REGULAR YouTuber does. Still fun BTW because she’s a good natural talker but then later, oh no biggie just she’s gonna hang out with her “minion friends” as she calls them. hahaha Sounds cute and totes normal. Until before you know it, you realize two of the members from this little “minion Squad” she’s hanging out with are Alex from High4 and holy effin’ sh*t Jae from Day6 !!! 😱

So as you can clearly see there are many awesome mark out moments and surprises in store you might never see coming. 🙂 But real quick stop once again because we haven’t gotten to what I think is the best part. Which is that there is NO NEED TO WAIT FOR SUBTITLES. Yeah that’s right because Coco speaks fluent English being from California and all, and is kind enough to put up subs on her videos whenever people be speaking in Korean. So what are you waiting for go now and subscribe to who could possibly be the friendliest idol ever. I promise you won’t regret it.

In the meantime here is one of her vlogs backstage at Music Bank for you to check out as a sort of introduction to familiarize yourself. I think you will be quick to notice how well she banters with the other idols and how much they seem to like her back. Let me know if you enjoy it. Her editing in her early videos were a little rough but they get better and better as time goes on. 😊




2 thoughts on “Best Kpop YouTuber Award Goes to…Rilaccoco!

  1. I haven’t heard of CoCoSoRi before. You might know this but there are other idols too who have youtube channels. Peniel of BTOB, Amber of f(x), Jae of DAY6.

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    • I’ve seen Jae’s and Amber’s too and their great no doubt. The problem is that they don’t post regularly. Haven’t checked out Peniel’s channel tho. Will give it a try later today. 🙂


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