What’s Kpoppin’?: BTS Edition


“Did you see my bag, Did you see my bag? It’s hella trophies and its hella thick” – BTS

More Trophies

BAGs Bro? I DON’T think they’re enough anymore. At this point with their level of success what the BTS members seriously need is a storage container of some sort. Or if anything else a whole freaking unit to themselves instead. 😛 Cuz these trophies they keep winning lately be starting to stack hella high right now and it’s getting dangerous. And with the kind of momentum they got going the next thing you’ll know, the fandom itself will get a trophy or two of their own. Then what, where will they all fit!? O_o But oh no it may already be too late to start thinking about. Let’s just hope the group is somehow ready for our success when it happens. lol

Cuz I’m no clairvoyant but I can clearly see ARMYs getting a win on the horizon on, drum roll please,  March 11th. *gasps* O.O Think I’m joking with you, think again. If you’re unsure of what I’m referring to and have no idea how I came up with that date I would suggest heading over to iheartradio‘s twitter. It was only recently I was made aware of the good news myself.

Yup you see that. The BTS ARMY is indeed up for an award of their own in the #BestFanArmy category at the iHeart RADIO Music Awards 2018. And seeing how well BTS has trended all year long and even landed on Guinness World Records for it, I’m thinking chances are high we’re gonna win it. But with that being said, I would also like to take the time to congratulate another kpop fandom that you may have noticed made it on the list of nominees with us. One that could very well sneak the win if we’re not too careful. *looks around* lol 😎

Of course I’m referring to you lovely EXOLs out there. Always good to see more Kpop groups getting world wide recognition like this. Yes even our “supposed” rivals. Because my belief is if us Kpop fans truly want “K-pop” in general to expand more into the West and succeed, ultimately it’s gonna take more than just one group to make it. So when a situation like this arises and multiple acts get a spotlight, sure let’s support our faves first but at the same time let’s do what we can to support each other. Competition is good but come on, let’s #multifandom it up in this biatch. 😀 lol

Who’s with me?*waits for responses*


Anywho let’s now move on to the segment I like to call “What else Is In the Bag?”

What else Is In the Bag

(This is the segment where I make a list giving y’all a quick recap of all the latest BTS Achievements. Easy Peasy. Let’s begin)

  • First BTS Continues to Dominate Billboards World Album Chart(In fact Love Yourself: Her continues to hold onto its first place spot meanwhile past albums You Never Walk Alone and Wings continue their resurgence by sticking around in 4th and 5th place!)
  • Mic Drop Remix Climbs back up Billboards Hot 100 Chart(Over its 6 weeks on there the track has gone from 28th place to 71st, to 79th, stayed at 79th, dropped to 82nd, and is now back up to 66th. Meaning it’s currently doing better in its 6th week run than it did on it’s second. Just WOW 😮 )
  • Love Yourself: Her climbs up too(After 13 long weeks it has suddenly made a 34 spot jump to now land 72nd on The Billboard 200. Could this be thanks to their appearance on Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve? More than likely yes because BTS was the most Shazamed out of all the artists there during that broadcast)
  • Then lastly Mic Drop Remix makes it onto the top 25 at Pop Radio, coming in at number 24. This is particularly good because it should mean we can expect more radio play going forward. 🙂



It Played Where?

Also being a Resident of L.A. there was something else that caught my attention recently. The fact that MIC Drop Remix was played during the intro of a Lakers Vs OKC game. I saw a video of it getting passed around on reddit a few days ago and was like is this for realz? Yet another occasion where I see it played during a sporting event. A basketball game no less. Don’t you think we have Desiigner to thank for this? Because I swear all these stadiums are simply putting it on just because he mentions the word “Basketball” at one point in the lyrics. lol 😆😅 Yeah I think their reasoning is THAT simple.

If that’s the case maybe this will endear his version to the ARMYs who were originally disappointed by it or against it at start. 🙂 Now knowing that his part could possibly be the reason for this type of extra hype. Whatever the conclusion you come to tho just make sure to check it out sometime ok. Lucky for you there’s plenty of footage available online from the people who were there live in the flesh. Take this for example, its best I could find:



From the look of things everything went about as good as you would want them to. For starters the video package playing on the big screen while the song was going was dope. Also I think the lyrics work well on a couple of different levels here. For one, this song is about not caring about the haters, which sports in general are full off. And two, if you’re a team with literal trophies in your bag why NOT use it? It can work as a good bragging song. Plus you never know if they do keep using it in games like this maybe they’ll put it in NBA 2K19 or something down the line. That’s a video game for you non-gamers out there. Ha



Then last but not least I got this fun little extra to share with y’all. It’s BTS related but then again at the same time not as much. It’s this rap collab thingy involving Flowsik, who interestingly enough is one of the credited producers on Mic Drop Remix. Not positive how involved he was but I’ve heard he may have even consulted with BTS on the English lyrics, but don’t quote me on that. It’s not the reason I bring it up anyways. The reason I bring it up is instead because at one point during this video he himself raps over the beat from Mic Drop Remix. And yes like his name would would suggest the bars during it be flowing sickly and IDK I just feel you peeps would appreciate it.

Furthermore, I know I’ve told you this a couple times before but I gotta tell you here again, he is quickly becoming my favorite rapper…in general not just in K-Rap. After listening to all his songs I have come to believe the man was gifted a magical deep voice from the Rap Gods up above. I swear he could rap about loving cute things like puppies and kittens and yet still it would sound hard someway. Have a listen for yourselves. Oh and I mean it please do have a listen for yourselves and if you like what you hear check out his MV for DAE1:


Well I think that’s all for tonight. Feel free to share any thoughts and criticisms with me. I’ll be sure to respond as quickly as I can. I Promise! With that said I’ll see you again in my next post. ^_____^



25 thoughts on “What’s Kpoppin’?: BTS Edition

  1. I was so excited I finally got to see BTS live on my TV on New Year’s!
    I only know Flowsik from his collab with Minzy which was pretty great. He did both a Korean and English version which I love. Looking forward to more by him

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    • Oh you should check out the ost track he did for Criminal Minds called, Higher Plane. It features Davichi and oh boy do their voices compliment each other. I think you’ll love it.

      And yeah it was awesome to see BTS on American TV once again. Can’t wait for another round of promotions thisyear! You know it’s gonna happen. 😀

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  2. I feel like I would start talking about a new thing BTS achieved and they are already moving on to the next thing. I just listened to all of Flowsik’s song few days ago and he is just so good? His rap, music quality, everything.

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    • Cool, it’s awesome to hear you’re a Flowsik fan too. I haven’t met too many before unfortunately. Do you have a favorite song? Mine’s actually the ost track, Higher Plane, that he did with Davichi on the drama Criminal Minds. Even tho I didn’t get too into the drama itself.

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      • I found him by pure luck. I don’t have a favourite one per se but I liked Can’t Sleep a lot and yes, Higher Plane is awesome too even though I know nothing of the drama.


  3. LOL! Thanks for sharing the NBA intro clip. I shared it on my Facebook. I have a LOT of NBA fans as friends but no k-pop/BTS fans in my circle. It’s fun to prove my point that they are not just some ‘boy band trend’ or PSY-like fab. They are real and they are here to stay. 😉

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    • There’s alway fun in seeing Kpop appear when you least expect it. I’ve now heard BTS played on the radio here multiple times, have heard it in stores, seen people blasting it in their cars, and even my local university has played it over the coms. And that’s not even the half of it. People I know who have never followed Kpop have messaged me or talked to me about them. Without me being the one one to bring it up, that’s amazing. Cant wait to see how this next comeback is received. However it goes I think BTS has achieved enough to where they will keep getting brought up whenever another group achieves any kind of success internationally.

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      • You’ve never heard kpop out and about randomly?

        Oh and speaking of sharing BTS clips to non-kpop fans, I think you could do that with this little doozy. It’s the teaser for the new season of Silicon Valley, except this time with more BTS!

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      • Ha! I shared the Silicon teaser. So is their Pied Piper company an inside thing for BTS’ song?

        I guess I don’t go as much to really know if k-pop is out and about but from my circle of friends I know my daughter and I are the only ones into k-pop. I know one family friend who is 25 years older than me and she has heard of BTS (she is very active and extremely young at heart so you would never guess her age)! And I have a couple of co-workers who know BTS and other k-pop bands. A couple because they expressed interest and one because her nieces in the Philipines love k-pop and go to concerts when one of their fave groups tour over there.

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      • No it’s just a happy coincidence. 🙂

        Well if you ever wanted a quick way to meet some peeps just get a BTS shirt or something. I’m sure if you do you’ll find plenty of secret Armys around you. XD I have a couple of Kpop shirts I wear from to time to time and have met plenty people because of it. Also because of my EXO ringtone. lol

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  4. Their reach is really amazing. And the kind of influence they have on people os amazing. I am excited about the awards for the fandom and I am extremely happy to see EXOLS there. I love BTS and am a strong ARMY but, there are so many kpop acts whose music and performances I love, with EXO being one of them. And yes, like you said we need multiple groups abd artists to bring this industry up to global levels higher than now. And it is possible. Popularity is gaining like crazy, not just for BTS but for other groups and artists.

    And as far as BTS is concerned, the current awards and performances are amazing and exciting, but I for one are thrilled and excited for the next parts of the Love Yourself albums. BTS has been giving a lot of clues not just in their videos but even at performances at MAMA, Melon etc. For instance , Jimin coming on screen at 3:33 of every video was highlighted during the intro of a performance at one of the award shows. And now it seems the love yoursekf era is based on a book called the magic shop something (I forgot the exact name) . I for one am super excited. I mean how can they connect everything like this ? Ots amazing. I was expecially thrilled after seeing the highlight reel.

    Sorry for the unnaturally long comment. Couldn’t help it.

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    • No worries, long comments are the best. They show the passion and dedication one has. People would be so lucky to have something they care about enough to go on such tangents. 🙂

      And I agree its so amazing and interesting the kind of thought the group puts into the overall storytelling of their music. Not a lot of artists out there try to connect their works or keep a through line of continuity. And its good because they bring awareness to all these books and things that inspire their music. BTS be lowkey giving their fanbase homework to do but ARMY doesn’t mind because its coming from BTS. 😛 lol


      • They are giving a serious amount of homework for ARMY. Can’t wait for the next album. When the highlight reel was released 4 mini albums were anticipated in the Love Yoursekf era. But they skipped the first abd started with ‘Her’. It’s said that there will be three. And also, I saw the performace at the Golden Disc awards where they were singing “Outro:Her” abd they mentioned ‘Love Yourself, Her, Wonder, answer’ in the lyrics. So tge next albums are anticipated to be ‘Wonder’ and ‘Answer’

        Anyway whatever it is, can’t wait!


  5. We can pretty much just bask in BTS’ immense amount of achievements 🙂 It seems like a new one comes in on almost every day! I saw the iHeart Radio vote explode yesterday. I think BTS is a lock for Best Boy Band. But yes, it looks like we could have a bit of a battle for Best Fans. I too am a loyal ARMY, but I’m glad to see EXO in the mix as they are great too. And I just can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for BTS and ARMY!!

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  6. wow….. so impressive BTS *claps hands*

    i’m so overwhelmed by this. i don’t know what to say. first of all I WANT TO WIN THE FAN AWARD!!! but second of all, i think YOU ARE RIGHT MIGGY. we should all be supportive of each other. i talked to an EXOL on omegle, and they expected me to treat them terribly because i’m an ARMY, but i said “i’m not mad at anyone, i like both groups”. i honestly am not part of the rivalry side of it. i hope may the best group win, but of course i am hoping more for BTS because they are my favorite. but no hate to EXO if they win.

    wow. i saw some of those vids on twitter about MDR being played during sports games. i was impressed. so cool!!!!!

    anyways, as always, thanks for sharing miggy. it was a great post!!! i love to be kept up in the news by the nicest person i know online. ^_^

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  7. I will never ever in my entire life regret joining this magical fandom.and i loved your blog haha.mind checking out my blog?i write about bts too sometimes,along with art,rants,and other genres.small blogger,big A.R.M.Y. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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