EXP EDITION raises their game with “STRESS”


The all American Kpop boy group is back! and this time, I kinda like their song actually. 🙂

Not sure if any of you peeps remember but back in April I wanna say, was when I first talked about this group. Around the time they had just debuted onto the scene with their song Feel Like This. And the way they got onto my radar was because I was seeing a lot of shade being thrown their way. Like I’m not kidding, they were getting mad roasted by what felt like the kpop community as a whole. To the point were even though I ultimately didn’t like the song, I wanted to throw some encouraging words their way and defend them a little bit.

Pretty much my thoughts at the time where that too many people were starting to loose focus of their criticisms and beginning to attack them for the wrong set of reasons. I remember quite a few kpop fans calling them things like “fake” and being outraged that this was a even a thing. As if the group was making a mockery of Kpop by their very sheer existence. With much of the hate being thrown towards them for not being Korean, specially toward the 3 non Asian members.

At the time I was like if they wanna go for it they should in my opinion. At the end of the day it should come down to the level of talent. If their good, people will listen and if they aren’t, people will loose interest and they will simply fade away. Easy peasy. So no, no need to bully anybody for following their dreams just because they may make you feel uncomfortable in some way. And like I also said if you did/do wanna criticize that’s entirely ok but can you please keep it constructive at the very least. What does constructive mean? You know keep it to things they could work on to change or improve.

Now don’t get me wrong there were plenty of people doing just that. The thing like I said previously tho was that I thought way too many(more than just your average troll) were pinpointing their ethnicity as a main problem. This was what rubbed me the wrong way. Cuz what the heck were they supposed to do about that? Have a team meeting and be like, “guys for our next comeback we’re gonna need to make ourselves Korean?” That simply won’t do.

Thus I wanted to help get things back on track and focus on the legit criticisms instead. Because like I previously said I myself had some too. For example, I thought their Korean pronunciations could for sure use some work, I too thought while some of the shots of the MV were nice they lacked a sense of identity, I woulda liked some choreo, and I thought it coulda helped to have some catchier parts.  And these were just some of them but as you can see they were all things they could take back to work on.

Now the question is, how’d they do this time around? Well… I think they actually took the legit criticisms to heart and have in fact improved. Is their Korean at a Native level yet, no but it has gotten much much better. Are the shots still “Been there done that,” sorta but that’s probably because of budget restraints. What I will say is that at least the shots match the feel and energy of the song better. Did they add choreo at least, yes actually they did add some. And furthermore, I think this new song showcases their vocals better and even has a rap part that surprised me with its flow.

Would I go as far and say this is gonna be a BOP? hmm,  no maybe I wouldn’t go that far but it’s enough to give them another chance to see if they can keep improving. Because while I am saying all these nice things about this new song I do think a big part of why I like this comes down to the beat. Hard to ever go wrong with adding a saxophone. It definitely gives this song tons more energy than their previous one ever had. If their next one doesn’t have an equally poppin’ beat who knows if their improvements are enough to keep me going.

Anywho check out their song for yourselves and tell me what you think. Also let me know if you agree with my thoughts, maybe some of them, or do you completely disagree? Like always I’m cool taking in different opinions. Who knows maybe you can have me change or expand my mind and it’ll lead me to revise my post. 🙂 Until next time! Bye Bye.


10 thoughts on “EXP EDITION raises their game with “STRESS”

  1. While I liked the music and the chorus, the song kept giving me vibes of unoriginality? Then again, I might just be cribbing…
    It’s a little strange to see non-Korean faces, I mean, no offense, it’s a personal preference you know?
    So in short, I suppose I just agree with you on all your points.

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    • Yeah I know what you mean. It lacks a hook to make you wanna hit the replay button. That said if I HAD to listen to one on repeat I would much rather listen to this one than their last track. If I went by ratings I would give their last one a 4.5/10 and then this one hovers between a 6 and 7 out of 10 for me. Which is a descent improvement in my eyes thus I’d like to give them one more chance. 🙂

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  2. I’ve not been following them closely, but I have checked out all of their releases and have mostly liked what I heard. I must say I actually quite like this newest song.Though a bit low budget and generic, I think it looks and feels like a Kpop song. I too can see the improvement and can tell they are working hard. Never had any problems with their nationalities since they are modeling themselves after Kpop as a genre. I always enjoy that you give people a chance and judge on the whole package rather than one aspect that can’t be changed 🙂

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    • The thing working in their favor is they can sing. May not have trained like your usual idol groups but they all did major in performing arts back in New York. So it’s good they’re not starting from scratch. Now if they can just continue to improve, mainly their Korean and maybe get some better lyrics, I think they could very well have a chance to really make it. 🙂

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    • Me too. Im now wondering how well they’re gonna do this live. Would be nice if they can put some more power moves into their choreo. I think with the song being really energetic it would make it stand out more if they can put some harder choreo into their stage version.


  3. Well – If I just listened to the song and not watch the video (it helps that I do not know Korean) I would think it’s a typical k-pop group. Thing is to the haters out there, even a k-pop group does not always have everyone who is native to S. Korea. Jackson Wang and Lay to name just a couple. I would have to watch this band do a dance practice but from what I can tell from the video, I’m not all that impressed with their dance skills which, I do feel in this day and age, is important to a male k-pop group (due to just the sheer competition). Once again, that is just my personal preference because it’s one of the things I look for in a k-pop group.

    I am one to feel it is okay to stay my opinion. I might be a bit harsh on my own personal blog but I don’t spread my blog around too much. On social media I refrain from saying anything. I feel that if I’m not into a musical artist, I’ll just move on.

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    • Here’s the thing I’ve noticed from watching other clips of them. One, I think they can actually sing live which is cool. And two, they arent that bad a dancers actually. However, I think the people in charge of their music and choreo arent the best and kind of make them come off as worse than they actually are if that makes sense.

      In fact you wanna know who they remind me of. They remind of of Rebecca Black. Remember her song “Friday” that went viral? Everybody made fun of it because it wasnt very good and was borderline cringe. It made many people think she had no talent whatsoever. However Ive seen her cover other songs and shes actually pretty good. And I was even amazed when I saw her do a live version of one of her newer songs called The Great Divide.

      Thats why I think under better management they too could be much better. Like these guys majored in performance arts and shizz. Plus I remember when I saw them cover one of super juniors songs. That video had a better “like to dislike” ratio and the audience in the clip even seemed impressed by them. That’s why I’ve decided to give them the benefit of the doubt when most others wont. Maybe Ill be proven wrong but I feel like if Im gonna hope for something, id rather hope for their success as opposed to failure. Hope my ramblings made sense.

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      • I think it’s great how open you are for new thing! Never let that attitude extinguish.

        The important thing about this group – if they love what they are doing, they should continue. Regardless of all the backlash they are getting. There’s obviously enough interest out there to show some support for them!


  4. I agree that the first time I heard about them they were just being bashed by everyone. so much so that a small part of me started to believe what they were saying too. But honestly, I don’t think they were too bad. I’m not even good in Korean so I don’t think I have the right to say who’s good and who’s not. But they are doing what they love, which simply deserves a round of applause. Not everyone can get that.

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