BTS: What else is in the BAG? 🤔

Yo peeps I’m here with another quick recap of BTS’s latest achievements this week. Consider this the unofficial part two of my What’s Kpoppin post I did last week. 🙂

so yeah without further ado…

What else is in the BAG?

bangtan boys bts gif GIF

(like I said this is a quick rundown. I may have missed some things but in my eyes these where the highlights)

And to start, I can’t think of any better way than with Billboard. It’s one of the most talked about things in relation to BTS and I’d say for good reason as you’ll see. Because the group has now managed to stay on the Hot 100 for a consecutive 7th week in a row. Ooh I get shivers just saying that don’t you because less than a year ago we could only dare dream to make if on there for at least 1 week. Yet here we are today with it coming in at number 74, weeks later no less.

Now sure it’s dropped 8 spots down from last week when it was 66. But that being said, even so that’s better than it was doing on it’s 3rd week when it came in at 79. Meaning this could probably manage to stay another two maybe three weeks easy peasy. But knowing how this has been going I wouldn’t be surprised if something suddenly showcased them and boom they went back up a spot or two instead. lol

It has already happened before… *coughs* Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve*coughs*Silicon Valley

Anyways if the week to week rankings interest you here they are:

Week 1: 28th place

Week 2: 71st

Week 3: 79th

Week 4: 79th

Week 5: 82nd

Week 6: 66th

and now Week 7: 74th

Week 8: hmmm…how about some speculation here, think you’re up for it? Personally I believe Mic Drop Remix could land in at 82 or at least somewhere in the 80s. Doubt it’ll go lower but what do you think? That’s the question…

  • Next I wanna mention their momentous achievement in Japan too. Can’t forget they are doing good on a world wide scale and not just in Korea and America right now. Cuz you see thanks to MicDrop/DNA/Crystal Snow the group has now also gotten a Double Platinum Certification there. The first for any Japanese Single by a foreign artist since 2003! 😮 You can’t understate how huge of a deal THAT is. This single is simply killing it there having sold what, over 300,000 in it’s first week alone. I’ve even seen iheartradio shine some love on Crystal Snow before on their Fresh Pick Mondays. Now that’s cray cray on a whole nother level because it’s a Korean artist getting praise for a Japanese song on an American medium.
  • Then to jump off that point and showcase just how strong their global appeal has really gotten, the group has recently reached a new milestone on twitter as well. They have reached over 12million followers this week. This means they have begun to average 1million new followers per month. PER MONTH! Did you hear me? I don’t know how long they will sustain that for but at this rate they will probably have 20+million by the end of the year. Woah!
  • and with having so many followers I think it is now a good time to remind all you fellow ARMYs that you should help continue spreading the word of the “Love Myself Campaign. Imagine if we could get all those followers and their followers to donate at least 1 dollar. That would be huuuuuuuuge! Could help many children and teens in need for sure. As it stands the campaign has raised about half a million is U.S. currency if y’all didn’t know. It’s good but we can do better yo.
  • Also somethin’ else that’s been on the surprising side and I do mean surprising side is the coverage that @flirtaus has been getting over her interactive horror fanfic(Outcast) based on the group. Like it’s a fanfic people…. and yet it’s being talked about by the likes of Billboard, Forbes, Newsweek, etc. And it’s also currently being translated into every which language you can think of and then some as we speak. Plus the shizz has trended world wide to the point BTS themselves have probs checked it out by now. That’s freaky dudes. and who’s the mastermind behind it all?  A 15 year old girl who must be suddenly overwhelmed by all the sudden attention that’s who. lol 😆 Must be an inspiring event for all you fanfic writers out there however. lol
  • Which then hey if we’re gonna talk about “events,” let’s not please forget that BBC will be dropping a Kpop Documentary featuring BTS on Jan 19th. Yup it’s happening soon guys. Wooot! 🙂


Then moving into more lighthearted news we got BT21… drinks, to look forward to. Woo hoo! Not sure how I’ll ever get my hands on them but it’s cool to know they’ll exist I guess. haha But in the meantime I suppose I’ll be too busy trying to get all the other BT21 swag to care. Like for sure I need to head over to Amazon first and at least start by getting that Koya Cushion. 😇 From the moment I saw the video with all the little introductions for the characters I knew Koya was my spirit animal. All the others were up and around you know doing stuff and yet there HE was lazying around trying to catch some ZZZs. That’s so me in RL. hahaha



oh and before I close this this out for realz #BTW, DNA has reached 4million likes on Youtube. 😮 Remember when ARMYs celebrated getting 1million. lol Yeah looks like we are waaay past that. I know I keep saying it but, man what a time to be a fan. 😀



Let me know what you think about all this down below.


15 thoughts on “BTS: What else is in the BAG? 🤔

    • YES I AM! and I heard about that too, it’s been a buzzed about a lot. Fun fact, I’m lucky in that BTS and EXO are both groups I learned about right as they debuted. Meaning I’ve been enjoying both groups since they started out. 🙂

      and that sucks you couldn’t see them. I was the same way when BTS recently came to L.A. so I can relate to how much it sucks to miss out. Hopefully you get another chance.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Looks like you fell down the BTS rabbit hole hard. Haha No worries tho since it’s completely understandable. 🙂

        And yeah I got one. It’s J-hoooooooope(gotta say his name like that 😛 ) I love his distinct dance style, the vocal range he has in his raps, and of course the fact that he is goofy as all heck and so full of energy like me. lol who’s yours?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Prepare your self I’m getting HIGHLY FANGIRL…
        ChimChimmmmmm!!! PARK JIMIN!!!lol💖
        He is so cute, but I’m not only into beauty, I also valorate that he is funny, a good friend, a fricking GORGEOUS dancer (there is this video in wich RM, J-Hoooooope, and Jin react to Jimin dancing) and sings like the angels. And yup. I think I’m a bit OVER EXCITED. 😍😍😍

        Liked by 1 person

      • Frett not cuz you are in luck. 🙂 This here place happens to be fanboy/fangirl friendly. Hahaha

        Plus I can easily see why you would like him so much. He’s been slowly climbing up my rankings too. Specially after Serendipity, I really loved that. And I also think LIE is a masterpiece(live stage more so). You wanna talk about being an amazing dancer, his moves in that are top notch.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah right? I just love Jimin solos are SOOO AMAZING. Also…have you heard Jimin and JK’s cover of “We Don’t Talk Anymore”?? It’s so good…in fact I prefer it from the original cause DUH, it’s BTS man! How can you NOT!? Also, I’m doing a BTS vid cause a girl in wordpress asked me to. So…yea, I’ll be fangirling in that video🤣

        Liked by 1 person

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