Red Velvet Slayed January

January 29th, 2018. Ima be remembering that date because it’s the day Red Velvet slayed me in a way they had never slayed me before. 😀


Previously I’d been somewhat aware of this group since their debut and have had a few of their songs on my playlists even, but never had I fallen in love with a song to a level quite like I have for Bad Boy recently. This new concept, direction, aesthetic, whatever you’d like call it, for their newest MV has been both beyond fantastic and surprising. I think it suits them down to a tee more than any of their previous concepts have(Not to put any of those down of course). I just love how it’s a tiny bit darker than what I’m use to for them, has more of a mature look, but still kinda lively at the same time. It works better than their other “Velvet” side songs have for me in the past.

It’s like they got double the sauciness in their step this time around if you will. That and I’m seriously vibing with the slightly more upbeat R&B feel this has. The moment I hit play and that beat popped off I was immediately sold on it. Sure it’s still way slower than the hype-party kind of songs I’m typically into but man did this hit the sweet spot. Balancing between the sensuality and groovyness to peek my interest. This is one of those body roll inducing type of bops you all need to hear..

Speaking of which, you might get a kick out the irony of my statement. Yes indeed because I watched a live stage of the theirs mere moments ago and can you believe it, it barely had any Body Rolls at all! 😆 How’s that even possible for a track like this!? IDK. At least it did have plenty of hip swaying though, so I guess we gotta make do with that. lol But don’t read my words wrong because the choreography IS solid. Obviously they’re not gonna be moving all over the place given the type of song it is, so it is on the simpler side. It’s no Be Natural choreography for example. That being the case, I myself found it fit the overall rhythm and tone nicely. 👌

My only concern If I have one is that while this track has a good buzz going for it at the moment, I do fear it will go by the way side quickly because “Velvet” side songs tend to not do as well compared to their “Red” counterparts. I hope I’m wrong though because when I think about it I do think this could end up being my favorite Track of theirs after a few more listens. It’s already pretty high up there for me. Obviously. It’s why I wanna share it duh!!

So yeah please do support and check out Red Velvet‘s Bad Boy for yourself down below if you haven’t already. If curious about what the song means. I’ve taken a look at the lyrics and it seems to me like it’s about how a “bad boy” can try to play his games on these girls but in the end he will loose. 🙂

…and for sure if you have the extra time check out their live performance on M COUNTDOWN too.

There you have it. Hopefully you enjoyed the song and the on stage performance. If you did let me know down below.

Oh and #BTW: In case you’re new to Red Velvet you may be wondering what I meant by their “Red” and “Velvet” sides. I know I would too if I came in here not knowing. lol Luckily it’s fairly simple. In general terms the group is known for rocking dual sides. The “Red” side is their more bubbly and brighter concepts. While their “Velvet” side(which this song falls under) is their more laid back R&B side. There now you know.😊

24 thoughts on “Red Velvet Slayed January

      • It’s actually one of my favorites of theirs! I wish they hadn’t featured that NCT member, because it threw off the flow of the song completely for me, but otherwise everything about it is basically perfect.


    • Yes, they definitely nail the more elegant and mature side they go for. Be Natural and this track are at my top for me. I just wished their “Velvet” side could get more views. They only seem to get like half of their “Red” side for some reason.


  1. I don’t usually listen to a lot of girl group songs because sometimes it’s a little too cute for my taste. But ,this song came up on the new rekeases that were charting abd I checked it out. And I loved it. It blew away all those preconceived notions I had. It’s truly different compared to the kind of music that red velvet has done so far. I haven’t watched the stage performance yet. So many bands have been making comebacks,it’s hard to keep up. But I will definitely check out the performance of this song.

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    • I get you on how hard it is to keep up. I wish I had more free to to listen to all this awesome music too. And I’m also the same, I like this because it’s different. If you like it you should check out other “Velvet” side songs from them too. They are all pretty underrated in my opinion.


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