BTS Has Gone Gold

Have any of you seen this picture that started floating around the internets recently? I first noticed it on the bangtan subreddit a day or two ago myself. From what I can see it’s supposed to show all the achievements American ARMYs are shooting for THIS year(2018) when it comes to BTS.   123

I hope you take a peek at it. I strongly recommend it if you haven’t ran into before. It’s a real whopper of a list!

I personally love it, but I think it’s funny how old me from only a few years ago would most definitely have called you insane-o for making and sharing something like it. 😆 In my defense tho you’d be telling a young me a bunch of seemingly outrages things. I mean planning to get BTS, a RIAA certification, a Billboard win, an AMA win, a Grammy win, have them chart on Billboard for 49 weeks, etc, and all within like the SAME year? “Get out of here with that nonsense,” doesn’t seem like that inappropriate of response to that for the time 😅🤣… Because we must admit each of these things is already ridiculously hard to achieve within a lifetime for a Western Artist, let alone all at the same time for a Kpop group.

Luckily for us  however the playing field has changed drastically since back then hasn’t it? It almost feels like a whole millennia ago even. The BTS of today are now global icons to the point where, tell me and be honest. Would you even be surprised if all these things actually DID happen this year? I know I wouldn’t! I even joke around how it wouldn’t surprise me if BTS snags an Oscar while they’re at it. ANYTHING and ALL seems possible. The flood gates have been opened so to speak

If anything it feels like the the phrase “For the First Time,” has become synonymous with this group. Its become nothing but a constant barrage of articles about how BTS was the first to get this and the first to do that. Whether it be how well they are charting in America, how well they are selling in Japan, or being the first Korean Twitter users to reach 10 million followers for example. But I mean you can go through a bunch of my earlier posts if you want plenty more.

Or you know, how about I actually do you one better right at this very moment.

That’s because today I’m happy to announce yet another first done by this group.  One that’s still pretty fresh of the presses. Whoop Whoop! You remember their latest track Mic Drop Remix, yes I’m sure you’ve heard of it and it’s bazillion other versions. 😛 Well that very song has now manged to knock out one of those things on that what not too long ago would be “cray cray” list. Which one you ask? The one about getting a RIAA certification.

That’s because recently Mic Drop Remix feat. Desiigner and Steve Aoki “went gold” as they like to say in the music industry. By becoming the first(there’s that word again) song by a Kpop Group to be certified as such by the RIAA(Recording Industry Association of America). To get such an honor a song must have “moved” more than a 500,000 total equivalent units between digital downloads, and audio/video streaming. The way the counting works is each permanent download counts as 1 unit and thereafter every 150 streams gets lumped together and counted as one formal unit too.

This is a doubly awesome development because let’s not forget, it wasn’t all that long ago that MIC Drop/DNA/Crystal Snow got a Double Platinum in Japan. Yeah, only two months into 2018 and so much is going down already. and you know what, I think THIS proves it. This year IS gonna be BTS‘s year without a doubt. A lot of people said that about 2017 but nope that was just a little introduction. Last year was more like, “You know BTS?” This year is, “YOU.KNOW. BTS!” 😀

1 down, 6 to go…




Wait! Hold on Guys! Don’t Go!Let me pick the mic back up. lol

Gotta link to this real quick.

BTS will be releasing a New Japanese album on April 4th called Face Yourself.  It’s gonna be their third. Looks like it’s gonna have Crystal Snow, two new tracks(will they be soft or will they go hard, who knows), along side the Japanese versions of some tracks you may already be familiar with. Not Today, Spring Day, DNA, GO GO, Blood Sweat and, Tears, Best of Me, and Mic Drop.



Then there’s this too!! Zedd has admitted to talking to BTS on a new song he started. And has also said it himself, “everything is very possible.” 🙂 Between this and the Steve Aoki talk of working on new original stuff from not too long ago, I can’t wait for news on their new Korean Album.

OK NOW go ahead and fanboy/fangirl your little hearts out and tell me what you think. haha

32 thoughts on “BTS Has Gone Gold

  1. I am an active ARMY helping in streaming and voting and hitting gold was just amazing. Among the things we have planned out this year, like you said, it’s definitely possible because one bts is on another level now. Plus after the AMAS and all those American talk shows their range has increased like crazy. There were some confusions on a Grammy nomination because they can’t be nominated for new artist or anything and it had been very rare for international artists to actually get nominated for Grammy. But hey, we will never know! I am so happy they hit gold and am waiting for their comeback apart from the Japanese album. I heard it might get delayed a little since RM, had got a surgery just recently and us discharged and recovering now.

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    • The exposure on American TV has been a real boost for sure. I’ve had people I’ve known who have never listened to kpop before surprise me by how much they know about BTS now. Can’t wait to get them back over here. I heard rumors they might show up at iheartradio’s music awards. Wouldn’t be so surprising considering they are nominated. 🙂

      And yeah I heard about RM’s surgery too. The first post I read about it only had the word ‘Surgery” in the title so I thought it was something super serious at first. luckily it’s not that bad tho. I still wish him a nice and speedy recovery however.

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  2. I’m not even surprised by their success anymore, just happy beyond belief!!
    I can’t wait to see the new diss tracks on upcoming albums, haters have nothing on BTS now!!

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  3. I am interested in seeing if they get nominated for the BBMAs this year (for something more pertaining to their music). It would be difficult for BBMAs to ignore them given their success on their charts.

    The hardest one for them to crack is The Grammy’s. I would like to see AT LEAST an invite to perform, though. I’m only skeptical because of the politics behind The Grammy’s – I think BTS is worthy of being there.

    Speaking of invite, I heard iHeartRadio awards invited BTS but no word if they will be attending or performing yet?

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    • Awards are nice but they can be so subjective. I would much rather them perform at all of these if I had to pick to be honest. Although winning AND performing wouldn’t be so bad either. But I don’t wanna get TOO greedy. Haha

      And yeah I heard about them possibly performing at iheartradio but so far its just a rumor. That would be big though. The person slash company behind it has a lot of ties with radio stations here in the west. Its why so many people show up to their events even if they aren’t all that huge and grand in the scale of things.

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  4. What’s weird is I wasn’t even surprised when I heard they went gold for Mic Drop(plus they went Double Platinum on Japanese Charts and that’s the second biggest music industry), like it’s that normal now. We’re aiming for Platinum too but who knows.
    BTS would get nominated for BBMA again sure, but it would be nice if they get nominated for more than Top Social Artist.

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    • Yes getting nominated for their music would be a step up. But id take them just performing. Awards are nice but even more exposure and letting the audience get to see the talent that BTS has is better.


  5. Sorry if I am a complete stalker an every one of your post but I just have to…
    *breathes and goes crazy* aAAAAHHHHHAHAHHAHAHABTS!! There ya go, thanks!

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  6. omygosh BTS. such a good job. greatest luck for this new year. and for all years to come. i think you will always be artist gold.

    i just watched george of the jungle (the movie) and it was great, miggy. i recommend it for you. i think you’d love it. 😛 )

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  7. Any time I read First “Time” I know BTS must be involved, lol.. The achievements just keep rolling in! I’m really hoping they attend iHeart, especially since they’ve been tweeting about voting for it. And they wanted to perform at BBMA last year. Of course, that was before everything really blew up, hehe. But I hope they still get the opportunity to do that. Grammy is the only one I see as a real challenge. I think they may need some music to really get to the top of the US charts and such to win in that. Although I do think they could definitely get nominated. But whatever happens, we know they have exciting events and performances planned for us in 2018 🙂

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    • I’m like you, I wont be down if they dont get nominated or win. But if they do it would be an awesome extra. Its already a testament to how their hard work has paid off, the fact we can talk about such things. Think about it we are talking about them possibly getting nominated for a grammy with us not sounding crazy. 🙂

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  8. I’m very proud especially when I remembered where they started. They were like requesting other people to go to their concert, but now look at them, they are more than what they imagined to be.

    Also please visit, like and comment to my site. And my site is just a Performance task so I am not selling anything and also credits to the owners of the pictures:).

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