CoCoSoRi is Baaack w/ “Mi Amor”

Yas! Come on everybody lift up your hands and wave them in excitement along side with me, cuz the best Kpop duo in the Bizz is finally back with their Mi Amor MV. Yes, goodness gracious “FINALLY.” Can’t stress that word nearly enough.


The two recently returned a few days ago and I couldn’t be any anymore ecstatic about the news. Because poor me has been waiting for this return since all the way back in October if you peeps can believe it. Not sure how many remember this but I first brought it up on this here blog when I covered their Kickstarter and how they were looking to raise around $20,000 for it(A goal they effortlessly reached and surpassed with 12 days to spare by the way).

Anywho at the time I was way more amazed and shocked that a kpop group had even turned to such a crowdfunding platform for their next comeback to begin with. It’s just not somethin’ commonplace in this industry. Not something I had seen done before or since at the least, but do tell me if I’m wrong and you know of any. That said I’m not surprised they did. If anybody would, it would be done by these two and their production MOLE Inc considering their continued hustle to make it. 🙂

Unfortunately for them and us tho the MV did suffer from some delays along the way. It was supposed to be out in late November of freaking LAST YEAR originally! Talk about a bummer having to wait almost an extra 3 months. :/ However I can’t be too down considering most of the delay was probs due to Sori‘s hectic schedule involving her killin it on the kpop survival show MIXNINE. And plus, I did have Coco and her awesome YouTube channel to keep me busy in the meantime. <— a kpop channel I dubbed the best ever recently. 😀

But now here we are with Mi Amor finally right in front of us. With a track that surprisingly takes a much more grounded approach than anything I’ve seen them do together in the past. Having now moved away from their previous more J-popish, think along the lines of a Crayon Pop, type of sound. A risky endeavor for them without a doubt because they were never known for pulling in millions upon millions of views to begin with. So who knows if the sudden change will alienate previous fans that they can’t afford to loose. I have my fingers crossed that it DOESN’T happen.

Mostly since this new style does seem to fit them equally as good in my opinion. The MV is still bright, fun, quirky, just in a less hyper stylized sort of way than most might be used to. Don’t worry though you can still find a dash of silliness in here but this time it looks more like the main concept is a tropical sounding one with some Latin flavor to spice it up. Which can I say, it’s plain awesomesauce to hear some Spanish lines in a Kpop MV. The MV itself imagines a cute romance developing abroad.

So yes please do check it out and do give the behinds the scene “Making Of“(sadly no eng subs) a try too. Don’t normally watch or recommend those additional types of footage but I think in this case it’s more interesting, since they really do have to make due with less resources than these MVs usually get. With them being from a smaller label and having way less funding and all. I think watching it truly makes you appreciate the MV more.

Without further ado, Mi Amor by CoCoSoRi

#FunFact: This song was a rearranged version of Te Quiero by the Royal Pirates. That’s a Korean-American rock band for those previously unaware. But before you think it was stolen or something do know the band themselves produced this. Meaning if you liked Mi Amor you might like their song too. I’ll link to it here just in case.

Like always feel free to share your thoughts. ^_____^


10 thoughts on “CoCoSoRi is Baaack w/ “Mi Amor”

  1. I really have to stop listening to these clips that you provide every time. The more I listen to them, the more I am beginning to enjoy listening to K-pop. I really can’t afford to get into any more hobbies, because that would mean that I really do have to quit that dayjob of mine. Seriously though…loved this song! 😀😀

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  2. Well there is makestar. Crowd funding specifically for Hallyu content. And a couple of big/more well known groups had crowd funding projects such as BAP and Stellar. I just remember stellar the most, cause that was quite a mess.

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    • Oh snaps, I looked it up right now. 😮 I didn’t know some of these groups I liked used this service before. Thanks again for dropping some knowledge on here. 😀 And I didn’t know about the Stellar issue, I’ll have to look into that too.

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