DNA Goes Gold TOO!

Ok we all knew Mic Drop “went gold” a few days ago. Don’t think that’s much of a surprise here to anybody. I think if anything, all we were really waiting on at this point to satisfy us was for the RIAA(Recording Industry Association of America) to finally update their website and get it finalized. Which Tada, I’m glad to say it has! Howeeever in true BTS fashion that achievement was short-lived because clearly it was not enough for the universe.

Nope it was not because something else just as major happened to be right around the corner. As happens to be the case with all these BTS stories coming out lately. And so in a “how wasn’t this on our radar so we could have been better prepared for it” piece of news, I’m happy to report that the Queen that is DNA has somehow managed to pull a fast one on us. Not to be outdone it has sneakingly snagged a gold certification of it’s own….. Like what the shizzballs!!! O_O Not making this up.

I swear if we weren’t already previously living in a BTS dreamworld we would be now. Because this shizz is truly monumental. This group is the only Kpop group to ever get TWO certified Golds here. Heck they’re the only ones to have even gotten one to begin with. lol And with a comeback just around the corner possibly sometime around May or shortly thereafter, we could have yet another one of these before the year is over.

Are you listening to me peeps. At this rate we could potentially be looking at three certified golds maybe even four by the end of 2018 baby! That’s not some delusional speak either and is in fact probable(highly probable) at this point. Remember that pic I showed you in my last BTS post, with the 7 goals ARMYs were aiming towards for 2018. One was to reach certified gold and already within a week of each other we got two. Eat your heart outs haters.

They said BTS could only do it with a song that featured other people ie. Steve Aoiki and Desiigner like in Mic Drop. But what’s this, DNA is an entire Korean song featuring only BTS. So I guess this means they could get it either way. 🙂 So yeah celebrate with me by checking it out. If you’ve never heard the song before it’s an EDM style track with the lyrics being about people meant for one another. A pretty catchy bop with a whistling part that is bound to get stuck in your head. 😀



P.S. While you’re at it you should also join me in celebrating yet another milestone. By wishing a happy 1 year anniversary for what was the Song of The Year winner, Spring Day. Can you believe it’s been 1 whole year to the day since it was first released. More crazy that this long in it can still chart pretty respectfully. If you previously missed out on it now is a good chance to jump aboard. The song is very heartfelt and tackles the topic of missing friends. It’s one of their most beautifully shot in my eyes and of course has English captions for you to turn on. 🙂



There you have it, share your thoughts and opinions with me. And do tell me, can we turn these latest milestones Platinum? I’ll see you folks next time. ^____^


7 thoughts on “DNA Goes Gold TOO!

  1. I was so thrilled and happy to hear about the double gold certification. But new music from BTS is finally on its way with the Hixtape coming on March 2 and their Japanese album, Face Yourself. Can’t wait !


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