Kwenz’s Weight-loss Entry #1

Wanna know what’s been high on my mind lately?

I’ve been thinking it’s about damn time I started kicking some butt again and gave this whole weight-loss/fitness journey thing another go. Anybody else in a similar feeling mood with me? ๐Ÿ™‚


For those who’ve been with me from the start, you may remember me having written some fitness related posts way back when. If you haven’t, oh well SURPRISE! They’re still there in case you need ’em. Just a little something I did before I ultimately decided to turn this into the kpop-kdrama blog you have all come to know. Wasn’t anything fancy at the time mind you, mostly weekly updates on my own weight. With some nice(I’d like to think anyways ๐Ÿ˜› ) beginner tips to help you loose some weight of your own. If you can believe it those were among the first topics I ever thought to tackle on here. lol

It was an absolute blast but sadly I must admit, I did indeed fall off the wagon at some point and meandered there for a bit.. Having failed to keep you and myself up to speed since like August. Yikes. Looks like some major oopsies on my part O_O” No worries however, because I’m officially getting back on track finally. That and all that hard work I previously did somehow miraculously didn’t go to waste. Nope, thankfully my progress has instead managed to stick around. Phew*wipes forehead*. Meaning I’m fortunate to get to start off from were I last left off. Not too shabby ay…

Back then my target goal was to get down to 170lbs, and i’m proud to say I made it. Not only did I make it, but give or take a couple of pounds, I’ve been able to hold it there for the past year or so. Bringing my overall loss from when I was at my biggest to now, a whopping 50+lbs. A-huh that’s right. I use to be 220+ lbs 2 to 2 and a half yrs ago. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ It’s a pretty impressive achievement if I do say so myself, but clearly I gotz more room to improve.


Seeing as I’m 5’9 I think loosing another 10-15lbs would be in my best interest. And to jump off that point, what better time than the present to enter “Phase two.” Let’s get leaner sooner rather then later so we can have those sweet chocolate abs ready by the Summer Time I say! lol Seriously it would be nice to have some of those again. Haven’t had them since back when I was more sporty and was into Soccer and Volleyball.

But before we get into it, maybe a little recap of what I’ve learned thus far is in order. IDK it may help some of you peeps who might choose to go on this journey alongside with me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Promise I’ll keep it simple. I’ll narrow it down to the 3 biggest points I think you can learn:


The first thing you’ll probs wanna focus on when you start is exercise obviously. If you wanna lose weight you gotta be more active. Simple as that. It means do more than you were previously doing before. With that said it does not, and I do repeat, it does NOT mean you immediately need to go all out from the very beginning.

Sure some people might be able to do that but if you’re anything like me, doing so will only leave you mad sore early on. When that happens you’ll undoubtedly feel the need to rest for a couple of days(duh right, you gotta heal!) However those two days could easily turn to three or four or five. I think you see where I’m going with this. Before you know it you could find yourself purposefully pushing your recovery time until it’s much harder to get into the groove of things. That’s why I personally recommend starting light and building a habit first and foremost. Make a schedule you can keep daily.

Maybe start by walking a couple extra blocks around your house or going on a brisk run if able. Something a little taxing but that won’t leave you feeling like you’re about to die. If you do that it’ll start to feel like second nature to you and you will be less likely to give up. Consider it positive reinforcement. Then later you can start making things more challenging at a pace that works for you.

2.Eating Healthy

The other main part is watching what you eat. It does nobody any good to simply exercise. If you aren’t getting the proper nutrients to refuel yourself it’s kinda pointless. If you aren’t eating right and start to exercise 2 things will probs happen. 1. you will begin to feel even more tired and 2. You may not even see much results which will probs make you wanna quit.

I mean who wants to work hard only to not see results and/or worse feel less better off than before? I know I sure wouldn’t! Which is why eating the right things is just as important. You truly need a healthy balance of vegetables, fruits/carbohydrates, and of course protein to grow muscle.

My rule of thumb to get a good mix without having to micro manage, if your curious, is to simply divide a regular size dinner plate roughly into thirds. The first is protein(think chicken, turkey, fish etc) The second is vegetables(pro tip: always have some leafy vegetables in there somewhere) and lastly fruits/carbohydrates(if you really really want a cheat snack usually you can substitute for it here once and awhile) Remember always try to have 3 full meals throughout the day. oh and of course you should drink extra water.


Then that gets us into sleep patterns. You should try your hardest to sleep at a regular time each night. Not only that but to get enough sleep too. People seem to forget the body heals itself the most while you’re at rest. So if you are working hard but not getting enough sleep your progress will be heavily held back. Now I’m not saying you Need an exact set of time because everybody is different. But come on if you wake up and need coffee or you find yourself dozing off throughout the day, you NEED more sleep!

Well those are the main basics. I hope to share more stuff with you in the near future.

In the meanwhile here are some of the specifics I will be working on myself going forward:

  • Getting my cardio up. Before I feel like I relied too heavily on strength training. I need to find a better balance. Strength training is good for packing up some muscle but to get the better definition I’m gonna need to cut the fat through cardio.
  • Replacing my cheat snacks with snacks cooked at home. I think most of us will find it hard to replace snacks altogether so we will probs have some every once and awhile. However the least we can do is try to make them at home. Like that we can control just how much sugar and salt are really in them. But I think cooking at home in general should be one of everybody’s goals.
  • Eat More Veggies. There aren’t too many veggies I like so I end up skipping out on them way too much. I need to get use to having some with every meal even breakfast.

Anywho there you have it folks. I plan to keep you updated weekly. My first weigh in will be this Sunday. ๐Ÿ˜€ Wish all of you currently going through this a lot of luck. Until next time. Bye Bye.

12 thoughts on “Kwenz’s Weight-loss Entry #1

    • Thanks ^^ Feeling confident about this. From now till summer seems like plenty of time to finally get my abs. lol Just gotta make sure to loose around 5lbs per month. I’ve seen some people loose that between just a week or two.

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      • Hmm then maybe I should work on my runway walk too while I’m at it. Jk. Lol but seriously I can pull off a mean smolder. ๐Ÿ˜›

        So how bouts you, you officially started this challenge too yet?

        Liked by 1 person

      • yep. i started today. i did a pretty rad job. i’m proud of myself. i think i might actually write a post every week and mention yours so that peeps know we doing it together. x)

        lol your runway walk? THAT IS SO FUNNY!!! yes dude. i can pull of a pretty freaking good runway walk. XD you should include your smolder in your post or something. lol

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  1. Good luck! I would like to lose wait too so for starters I’m trying to reduce my intake of sweets and snacks cause I have been eating way too much of those.


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  3. I like the tone of this content. And with the GIF, it makes everything so light hearted. I am writing too, hope you can check out my blog: Tofu. ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers, man!


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