Daytime Shooting Star (2017) Review

Guess what my peeps. Got somethin’ a wee bit different in store for you today because I’ma be reviewing a Japanese movie instead. Don’t think I’ve ever done that on here before, how exciting. The movie I’ll be tackling was recently recommended to me by a dear friend of mine. The film is called Daytime Shooting Star and I believe it was released back in March of 2017(not that crazy long ago really). It’s premise is fairly straightforward.

You got Suzume Yasano as your lead character. A kind of “rough around the edges” type of high school girl from the countryside, who ends up having to transfer to Tokyo while her father goes to work overseas. Not too outlandish. However it’s while in this new place that this pure hearted girl ends up falling in love for the first time ever in her life. Sounds pretty sweet right, except things become a little problematic because the person she falls for is non other than her homeroom teacher Shishio of all people. Oh Oh…

Yeah LOTS of potential to get creepy there no doubt. It got me feeling apprehensive at first. Yet surprisingly, this doesn’t venture into any darkย  type of territory whatsoever. Thank Goodness(helps that he’s a young and good-looking guy maybe? ๐Ÿ˜… Just keeping it real with y’all lol). Later you also got her falling for her fellow classmate Mamura(who sits next to her) too. That’s right and he’s like her first friend there which only begins to complicate her life further. Personally I’m was teamย Mamura from the start.



Ultimately this film becomes a question of WHO between these two will our dorky Suzume choose in the end. The hot teach or the boy who shuts out all the girls(and is quick to blush) but begins opening to her. The guy who is chill and easy to talk to or the boy who does things to help her but is looked at as just being nice. Hmmm..?.Yes at the end of the day the main conflict boils down to this simple love triangle here. Very Slice of Life-y overall.

Fortunately it’s one of those to where you never hate any of the parties involved though(talk about a miracle) And while yes it may be a tad clichรฉ throughout, it was executed well for the most part. Could it have used a dash more of back story in there at places because it felt rushed at times, yes it could’ve. I won’t lie on that but overall in my eyes the chemistry and different dynamics smooth it over. Something that would’ve definitely been more cool tho would’ve been to have had more scenes between Mamura and Shishio. There was one scene where they “confronted” each other and it had a surprisinglyย  good amount of tension. I liked it and can’t help but think more of that could have seriously spiced this up for a more general audience.

But a funny thing about this before I go any further. For as much as I like this now, I had overlooked this film a couple of times prior. and for a solid reason too I think but I’ll get into it in a minute. It was cuz my friend was so insistent that I would love it, I finally had to relent and boy am I sure glad I did. This literally turned out to be right up my alley cuz it hit pretty much all the right check boxes for me:

  • Cute Romance(check)
  • Slice of Life(check)
  • Semi-Quirky Characters(check)
  • Down to Earth Scenarios(check)
  • OST that fits(Check)
  • Friendship Goals

Although I gotta call a quick foul on that last one cuz it’s kinda split. The friends who were more prevalent in the manga kinda, no they do get majorly sidelined here. Such a shame. Except for one that is.ย Yuyuka. She had a pretty descent arc as the enemy turned friend. You really hate her at first but open up to her overtime because she does become waaay more reasonable by the end.

Anyways my only hesitation, a BIG hesitation, and the sole reason I HADN’T checked it out much sooner was because it was an adaption of a shoujo manga. Don’t think I gotta remind you how easily those can turn bad real quick. I’ve been burned a good many of times with these and would say it can be 50/50. With the biggest problem usually, aside from the story having to be condensed(which is actually quite understandable), is that they often times look soooo cheap.

There have been many times where I’ve seen characters which will look like they are wearing bad cosplay for example. Or worse they will have really bad over the top acting which makes me cringe a lot of the times. My biggest pet peeve however is when it feels as if the actors were literally told to ham it up because it’s just a manga/anime adaption. Luckily I am glad to report that is not the case here at all. Can’t believe I have to say this but this is different because it feels like an ACTUAL film. There’s a budget with material being taken seriously and with characters that are grounded.

So all in all a pretty enjoyable movie that I recommend. I would give it a 8 out of 10 which I think is a respectable score for an adaption of this kind. You would probs enjoy it more if you read the manga sure. Since it feels like it could use some more back story here and there and you can tell some characters were brushed aside for time, but if you don’t it still has got enough there for you. ^___^ So do check it out when you have the time.



8 thoughts on “Daytime Shooting Star (2017) Review

  1. I don’t know this manga, nor do I know this movie, but after reading your post it sounds like one of those wonderful feel good movies that we all need once in a while. Well at least I certainly do.
    Really enjoyed reading your post for this. Oh…and did you notice that you have reached 900 followers?!! That is so awesome…congrats!! ๐Ÿ˜Š


  2. I talked about this manga in my most recent video and had mentioned I didnโ€™t know it got a film. Reading you thoughts sounds like it was a good adaption. Iโ€™m never worried when it comes to adaptions to live actions honestly but will say glad to know it was enjoyable for you. I really enjoyed the manga myself.

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    • There were a couple things that I think fans might be disappointed didn’t make it into the movie. That said overall it was very enjoyable. Had a good pace to it and I was satisfied with the ultimate pairing and how it progressed through the course of the film. ๐Ÿ˜€

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