BOSS and Black Dress O_O

Oh god what a week its been my peeps! Been a busy one which sucks, specially cuz on top of everything I’ve been trying to do the whole weight-loss thing too. It has left me with not much energy to spare. Luckily there have been two new high energy releases to keep my spirits up and help push through it. And I am feeling strongly compelled to talk about them even if it is briefly. The two tracks I’m referring to today of course are BOSS and Black Dress.



First up, NCT U‘s BOSS

Of the two this will likely be the one most of you have probs heard of by now. Mainly since these guys are signed under S.M. Entertainment after all. Pretty hard to ignore their artists cuz they’re literally everywhere a Kpop fan goes.(Gotta love that BIG 3 marketing eh) That and it seems every kpop fan has been reacting to this song lately.  However if you somehow have missed it by this point you are seriously missing out, because even for somebody like me who has traditionally been more of a fan of the NCT 127 unit instead, this is dope as fudge!!

No need to worry however. If you did like this group this song is very much still in familiar territory with what they’ve done before. By which I mean they continue to rock that chill and very bass heavy hip-hop type of sound like they did with The 7th Sense previously.(A song of theirs that was very positively received internationally mind you) The only key difference is this time around I do think this new beat has more of a kick to it. More like with what you’re use to with NCT 127 with songs of theirs like Fire Truck and LimitlessMaking it more replay friendly in my eyes than their previous songs were.

Other than that everything  is pretty much more of the same like I said as you’d hope for it to be. Their style remains on point and their moves are as powerful as ever. They still got that overwhelming charisma to play off of which means their stage version of this is something to behold. Honestly it outta be a crime not to. lol In addition you got Jungwoo and Lucas making their official debut on the squad too.

If you love performances with some attitude this will be your jam. You’ll love the harmony between the rap and the beat, but also like how the vocal line has room to showcase some range.



Secondly, there was CLC‘s  Black Dress

The second song to win me over which might not be on as many people’s radar was CLC‘s Black Dress. They’re kind of an underappreciated girl group at the moment. But you know what, if they release more stuff to this quality I don’t think they will be for much longer. Before this group was known for being more cutesy and playful but that quickly changed with Hobgoblin last year. And I find for most people the change was a much needed breathe of fresh air.

Not to say they were underwhelming before but more like there were plenty other groups already successful at doing what they were tying to do. That and the “bad girl” concepts suit them sooo good when they finally did try it. And thus when it was announced they would be pursuing a hip hop edm sound for their next comeback I was immediately on board.  Now having checked it out I’m happy to report I was satisfied and then some.

Much like with NCT U this group shares plenty of similar traits to praise. For one they are equally as stylish as well. Two, they got a thumping beat to get you moving with this one. Three, they got the power choreo and synchronization down to match. and Four they have a type of swagger that doesn’t feel forced. Just look at the the part where Yeeun turns and looks straight into the camera showing off her short hair style for the first time. Man if that doesn’t make you feel some kind of way…

Plus if you want a little extra praise this group also has a slight advantage by having Seungyeon as a member. Not sure If I’ve stated this on here but I think she may be one of the best female idol dancers out there right now. I mean watch the stage version of this song and watch the dance break she does. 😮 I’m telling you if classy but fierce is your thing you will love these ladies. There is plenty of sass in these vocals to go around. Hopefully with this song they will be able to snag a win or two on these music shows. That would be much deserved.



Again we come to a close. Do tell me if you liked any of these. I’m telling you these songs are gonna be on heavy replay as I work out these next few weeks. 👍 With that said, I’ll see you guys next time.





16 thoughts on “BOSS and Black Dress O_O

  1. I love the choreography of the BOSS, it’s so full of confidence. I like the two new members too, their voice is nice. I also prefer NCT 127 out of all the NCT units.

    I like CLC’s comeback too. I love when girl groups do this kind of concept. The choreography is very good too.


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