Kwenz’s Weight-loss Entry #2

Cardio! Cardio!! Cardio!!!

Yo peeps just got home from a late afternoon run.

At the moment I’m sweaty and tired as all heck but weirdly enough I’m feeling kinda hype still. Jazzed enough to be in the mood to write something today. And if you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been doing a lot of that lately. Which is why I feel like I should take this as an opportune time to fill you in on my latest fitness progress. It’s already been a whole two weeks(woah!) since I mentioned I would be starting this crazy endeavor of mine. 😊



And well… I’m ECSTATIC to report that all is going SMOOTHLY. At least for now that is. These last two weeks I’ve been killin’ it with my cardio game. As a result I’m down 6lbs already(now at 164 from the 170 I was previously). Much much quicker than anticipated! So much so that I thought I might have lost some muscle too but luckily not. I measured. 😛

I’ve been lifting some weights here and there which has no doubt helped, but since I mostly wanna shed pounds as opposed to grow anymore muscle, I think my current heavy on cardio plan is good enough for the foreseeable future. Mainly just wanna keep cutting to show what I already got. If you wanna know what I’ve been doing to achieve this, basically it’s been a combo of biking and running for about 30-45ish minutes every other day. With one 30 minute weightlifting sessions twice a week. Although to mix it up I AM planning on learning how to swim in the near future too. FINALLY.

(honestly between you and me I shoulda learned how to swim a good looooong time ago but why I haven’t is a tangent for another time  lol)

Anyways for the moment running has kinda turned into my jam. Don’t know about you peeps but I’ve learned to really appreciate it over time. It’s nice to get a workout in but at the same time have it be the kind that is open to being  more interactive and… surprising(?). Not sure if surprising is the right word there. Pretty much what I mean is that I like being out and about during my workouts while also having an element of spontaneity thrown in there.(for better or for worse)

To give an example, recently I’m been doing runs on Venice Beach and it has been a real blast. I’ve done the whole gym thing, specifically treadmills, but for me it can’t compete with the great outdoors. I love to be visually stimulated by amazing scenery and running into all sorts of interesting situations or characters(which I have, should share some of them sories in the future 🙂 ). The weather might not always be to my liking and it could get too crowded for my tastes at times, yes,  but hey at least I could always get a nice pic or two out there. Plus isn’t it way more awesome to do things like running barefoot on the sand or better yet, getting in the water to cool off when you start getting too hot? I think so. Those kind of experiences you just don’t get being stuck indoor all day. 😃


But anywho the real question going forward I suppose is what are my next goals. Yup a person has gotta have some goals. Well I’ve definitely been upping the cardio like I said which has been my main thing. As long as I change up the places every now and then I shouldn’t get too bored and be able to keep up with it. I’ve also sorta been eating healthier. <—- that I will need to continue to work on however. But I think for now getting into the under 150 club has gotta be my next overall target. If I can do that I will probs have to throw a little party for myself. Of course it wouldn’t be a pizza party so probs no one would wanna show up. 😛 lol

In the mean time here is a little Kpop playlist of  some songs you may wanna check out for when you go on your next run or find yourself lifting weights or whatever. These have increased my productivity by 10x. Maybe they can help you too 🙂

On that note I hope to chat with you peeps again sometime soon.


Fitness Hype Up Mix


P.S. feel free to comment your thoughts on cardio and any songs you may be listening too at the moment to hype YOU up.





7 thoughts on “Kwenz’s Weight-loss Entry #2

  1. miggy i’m glad you’re back. 🙂 I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOUR CHALLENGE!!! good for you. you’re doing so much better than me. i stopped doing my challenge because i got sick… and then i felt overwhelmed and it was hard to get started again….. so i am feeling down about that. 😦


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