Just a friendly and casual reminder to all you peeps,

the mother effin’ HIXTAPE is OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes Hope World is finally here to restore Hope back into this cruel cruel world of ours.

Now I’m sure most of you knew of this already but for those few who didn’t, luckily you sure do know now. So please drop whatever it is you are currently doing and hurry up and open up your guy’s Spotifys, your YouTubes, your itunes or better yet all of them if you haven’t already. Go SHOW YOUR SUPPORT. Let’s see if we can get my boy J-Hooooope to chart on Billboard. Wouldn’t it be exciting?

The dude deserves it because this Mixtape of his(his first EVER BTW) is straight fire. 🔥Pretty sure it’s been like two years in the making and it shows in the quality. Been listening to it non-stop since it dropped and I can’t seem to do much else because it’s THAT good. I’m clearly not the only one to think so either so don’t just take my word for it. In fact this BTS member has been blowing up on a worldwide scale since mere seconds after release.

He has already charted number 1 on itunes in over 70 countries. Making him now the K-pop Soloist with the most #1s under his belt. An achievement that previously belonged to the legendary G-Dragon. Talk about being in good company. 😀 And if that wasn’t enough his Daydream MV managed to beat out BTS‘s own record for fastest Korean MV to reach 1 million likes too. Surprisingly beating out MIC Drop Remix‘s 4 hour record by more than half. He got it in less than two! :O

I feel proud as heck to see him succeed like this to this degree because he has been my bias of the group since the beginning. Use to think he was underappreciated but it seems at least nowadays that’s not the case. I have always loved his hope-isms when he danced but more importantly I have always been over the moon with his particular style of rap. Being that he is also technically a vocalist, I have always been amazed at how he is able to have more range and able to manipulate his voice more than your standard rappers out there. A point he further continues to showcase here.

Now is this the most awesomest perfectist mixtape you will ever hear in your life? Probably not, but it is AWESOME and there is A LOT of sincerity to be found here. His positive personality really shines through in the lyrics and you can also see how much he takes his artistry seriously. I found this to be very experimental(using lots of interestingly arranged beats) and most, if not all, the tracks do sound different from one another. Meaning there is bound to be at least one track in here for all. Personally this has me excited to see how much more he continues to grow as an artist in the years to come. 👍

I’d give this a solid 8/10

With that said here is the Daydream MV that dropped.


and then here’s my personal fave of the whole thing, HANGSANG.

One has simply gotta love how dirty this track specifically is over all the others. The best way I can describe it is that it’s the most “gangsta” sounding of the bunch. Sounds like something that would come straight out of the underground scene here in L.A. Probs why I like it so much. It’s the type of song you would put on full blast right as you’d put on your best smolder and walk the streets with a nice “gangsta” lean on. lol I can just imagine how turnt up this would be live, especially with Supreme Boi involved(give that guy his own mixtape too while you’re at it)


There goes that. Now that I shared some of my thoughts, how abouts you share some of yours. Dying to know how you peeps feel about this. 🙂



35 thoughts on “J-HOOOOPE! The HIXTAPE is Here

  1. I am tremendously excited! Thankfully since I an in India, midnight in Korea was not too late for me and I was able to stream like crazy. RM’S and Suga’s mixtape were awesome but I think Hope World really screams out J-Hope. I loved the intro track Hope World, Daydream, Airplane and Hansang! Overall it was amazing! He came on a live broadcast a minute after it released and he said that in the daydream MV, another BTS member is hidden in it. There was such a huge rush for the mixtape that the sound cloud, Dropbox links they shared with the mixtape files crashed. I couldn’t access it for hours! It was so worth the wait!

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  2. I think I love “Hope World” the most as the song feels like the ball of sunshine Hoseok is 🙂 But I also really love “Piece of Peace”, “Daydream” and “Airplane”. I’m not that much into pure rap or underground rap as you stated, so it usually takes me some time, to get into those songs. 🙂 But I’m sure they are going to grow on me. That usually happens. I’m really happy for him though! His first solo is a hit and he should be damn proud of himself!

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    • I think this is a real hit because he covered a lot of bases with this mixtape. He gave us some chill stuff, some funky stuff, some upbeat stuff, and then some dirty rap stuff too. Hard to imagine a person listening to this and not finding something to enjoy. It’s one of the most diverse mixtapes I’ve heard in recent times. 🙂

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  3. ITS SO AMAZING!!!! i discovered it yesterday and thought i was late, but it was released yesterday….. SO I’M REALLY HAPPY.

    yeah, i think this is my favorite album of all time currently. he’s just…. wow. just wow. he has amazing talent. i agree with you. he has been overlooked because he isn’t as “beautiful” as the others or for other reasons, but i think he’s amazing. he inspires me so so much with this album. ^^ can’t wait to see what his future holds.

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    • I’m in awe and amazement of all these records he broke. Blew all my expectations out the water. Like his MV already has over 15 million views. Not only that but I’ve been hearing people say this mixtape could make it on Billboard 200. If solo projects can do this good at this point then who knows how things will go with a full BTS comeback.

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      • you’re right. i think BTS is literally the biggest artist this year. ^^ looking foward to just how worldwide they’re going to be. its stressful for us fans to see them get plastered everywhere, but they deserve it. they’ve worked so hard. i kinda think they are just going to reach the highest rank a musician can get, and then stay there. ✨✨


    • Yeah. Everything from his outfits down to the lyrics and cover art even, was really him. 🙂 it’s a fun and upbeat mixtape overall and let’s not forget funky too.


  4. There wasn’t one track that wasn’t good and it was just Hoseok, you know? You could feel him even when the songs were different in styles. I’m so happy for him and proud too.
    Daydream is sneaky in that it gets better with each listen but I can’t decided between Hangsang and Baseline.


    • Ah, also, me, a Seokjin biased person definitely knows what’s it like to feel your bias isn’t appreciated enough but thankfully, it really has changed a lot since the release of Ly; Her.

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      • Yeah there is a lot of diverse sounds from this mixtape. Makes it easier to have it on repeat. I can really see why it’s receiving the level of praise it has been getting. I hear it might snag a spot on top 50 on Billboard 200. If so that would be awesome.

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  5. J-Hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, I love the whole mixtape. My fav is also Hansang. I liked that one in like 2 seconds, lol. But they are all great, and I’m so thrilled with it and very happy for his success 🙂

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    • Yup he managed to pull off a pretty diverse sounding mixtape while still shinning his hopefull personality. Everything about it screamed “J-HOOOOOOOPE”. From the cover art to the lyrics. Feels great to see my bias get this abundance of support. People are even predicting this to land a top 50 spot on Billboard 200! If true that would be cray cray in the best way.

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    • It’s gonna be awesome. I presume you already heard they are also doing an OST track for the Japanese version of the drama Signal. That track is gonna be on the album too. Can’t wait. 🙂


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