In the Meantime…

A quick heads up to all you peeps out there. I’m looking forward to doing a full review of J-Hope’s, oops my bad I mean J-HOOOOOOOPE!’s Hope World Mixtape. You probably already have noticed I did like a mini review for it a few days ago, no big deal. However considering some time has passed and I’m more removed from the hype, plus I’ve had a better chance to digest the lyrics(understanding them make the songs better), I wanted to do something more in depth for it. And a full on album review seems like just the thing.

That’s correct, I’m looking to go down the line one by one and give my honest opinions on each individual track. Honestly there is so much to say about each because the diversity in sound in the album is crazy. The only catch is that for a non writer like me it’s obviously gonna take an extra bit of time and effort to get into the nitty-gritty. And unfortunately like I’ve stated before I don’t have much free time on my hands these days either. So sadly who knows when exactly I’ll be done. O.O In the meanwhile since I don’t wanna leave a long empty space on my blog until then, I thought I’d at least fill you guys in on that plan.

And while I’m at it since there’s not much else, I thought hey this could also be a good opportunity to simply share some cool things in the meantime. Like an MV that I happened to revisit thanks to this HIXTAPE as a matter of fact. It’s called Photoshop. I’ll be shocked if any of you have heard of it before because while it may have been released by Supreme Boi(who features on the HIXTAPE) last year it hasn’t ranked up many views. But anyways I think the real question I should be answering right now is why am I recommending this at all right?

You see it’s cuz while I’ve been writing my outline for my review there have been a couple of compliments that I’ve noticed myself dropping over and over again that remind me of this Supreme Boi track. For starters how the beats feel experimental and have interesting layering to them. Well as it happens to be the production for Photoshop also happens to be amazing and the beat is quite bombastic. Or also how J-hoooope is able to make these weird noises that add to the feel of the song in addition to how he is able to change up his voice to bring up the intensity levels. In Photoshop there is something similar because there is this weird screamo type of rap that’s a part of it.

In short, just check out this track that’s done by Supreme Boi and features Simo. You’ll quickly see what I mean. I honestly believe if you like the dirtier and grungier type of rap sound like with what you got with something like Base Line and HANGSANG like I’ve mentioned that I do, you will enjoy this too. It’s an eyebrow raiser for sure although lyrics wise I’ll admit it’s nowhere close to the same. If anything they are questionable(really really questionable lol) If it’s not your sorta thing I would still recommend you give this a try though but maybe lower the volume first. 😛 This goes really ham.


Let me know if your ears survived down in the comments. lol But seriously you guys should check out more of his stuff. He has a lot of good tracks behind him. Even better ones than Photoshop. Like waaay better. I think the more you check out the material he has written, produced, and rapped, etc. you can see just why he was a founding member of BTS. Everything he touches turns to gold. Wouldn’t mind seeing him get his own mixtape or full album sometime soon. 🙂

And if you liked that you may also wanna check out a track he was featured on done by Kidoh called Out of My Mind. You may recognize that name Kidoh too because he was another one of the early Big Hit trainees who was close to being in BTS alongside Supreme Boi.


P.S. Have this blast from the past too while you’re at it. This is from back before Supreme Boi was a producer for BTS and was instead a member of the original pre-debut Hip-Hop line up. 🙂 Thought I might as well share this because I find a surprising amount of ARMY‘s have never looked up We are Bulletproof Pt.1. Enjoy.

****Surprise Update Time****

Will you look at that, our boy J-HOOOOOOPE was out there breaking records again while I was writing this. lol. This time managing to score a spot on the Billboard 200 chart except this time he has it all to himself(yes we got it), taking in the number 63 spot. The highest ever for a K-pop Solo Act I believe. An amazing achievement on its own without a doubt. However in addition to that he also managed to surprisingly debut at #16 on the US pure album sales chart too. Again becoming the first ever Kpop Soloist to do THAT.

All this having only had 14 hours to do so before the charting for the week was closed! Can you believe it? 😮 But that ain’t even the craziest part is it, remember this was a mixtape that was offered to fans for FREE. So they didn’t even have to pay for it unless they chose to. Now that’s insane man.

I think now you see why I gotta show this HIXTAPE the RESPECT it deserves…


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