Make Sure to Check out MONSTA X on March 26th


Choo! Choo! All abooooard the hype train. 🙂

Are you ready? Because MONSTA X is gonna be back in full effect soon. Yass! Once again to grace us with their mighty presence. This time through their 6th mini album called The Connect which will be available for all you lovely peeps on March 26th. Less.Than.A.Week.Away. I know that’s so soon!

Personally I couldn’t be anymore jazzed about this piece of news because this group is one of the few groups I will legitimately say only gets better and better with each release. In fact, if I recall correctly I labeled their last Mini Album The Code their best work to date. Can’t say that about many groups who have been at the game this long. And you know what, I’d like to take it a step even further for you right here right now while I have the floor if I may. Hows so? Well hows about by me calling that shizz the best album, mini or otherwise, of 2017. 😮

Oh yes I just went there!

Sure there may have been other albums that year that may have had an individual track or two(or 3) that I liked more(ie LY:H). However The Code was nothing but Bops all around as far as I’m concerned. Like I swear it didn’t have a single track I would skip. That’s freaking rare as heck with me. Not only that though I thought it perfectly balanced the groups’s rap line and vocal line to boot. So if you stumbled on this by accident, go check that out first. If it doesn’t leave you hyped for more nothing will. And of course also please do give their new album a try afterwards when it’s available. If you love high octane hippity hoppity songs like I do this group is a MUST.

But I know, in that regard many of you might already have lots on your plate. Since you got Stray Kids making their debut soon for example, and you do got BTS and their comebacks on the horizon. Plus not to long ago you had groups like NCT U and GOT7 make their comebacks as well…SO trust me I get it if you might feel overwhelmed and feel as if you don’t need yet another hip-hop group, but trust me you would be doing yourself a service by squeezing these guys into your busy schedules.If only to hear some of the most intense love songs ever made. 😛

Although if you don’t wanna trust my seal of approval, it’s cool, just watch this music film they recently dropped. It’s nothing but quality from the tease of their vocals to everything production. For all the longtime Monbebes out there it’s a true testament to how far they have come. The guys have only grown to have more camera presence than ever before, and their MVs, well they’re just getting closer and closer to movie quality at this point. If you haven’t checked out the likes of DRAMARAMA you really should. ^^ The cinematography for their stuff has gotten a serious upgrade over these years and so has their storytelling. Meaning it’s a good time for jumping on board because both their success and creativity as artists seem to still be on the rise.



Now tell me are any of you pumped? And for all you new peeps, have any of your curiosities been peeked? Do tell. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Make Sure to Check out MONSTA X on March 26th

  1. Personally, I still felt Love Yourself by BTS was the best album. At least for me. I did download the entire Code by Monsta X. It was the 2nd best album of 2017 but I still really love every single track on Love Yourself. Once again – totally a personal opinion.

    Never the less I am pretty excited about The Connect!

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    • Hard to argue with you. I mean I think you can probs make a good case that MIC drop alone is enough reason to give BTS the win. Lol My BOP of the Year right there. However for me while I liked MIC Drop, Go Go, and DNA, more than anything in “The Code.” I didn’t end up liking the other tracks on the album as much. Meanwhile with “The Code” I replay the whole album from time to time.

      But I agree, since we both rank both so high already it does come down to preference. Thanks for sharing your opinion freely. 🙂

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  2. hahahahahaha. you always make me laugh miggy. “oh yes i just went there!” 😛

    i’m pretty excited. i like them. they’re very energetic and thats nice. what the fuck with the music video!! its so cool. I’M SO READY. DAMNNNNNNN. the raps tho. ^_^

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  3. There are so many comebacks to look forward to. It’s exciting. For me the album of 2017 is TEEN, AGE by Seventeen but I agree, The Code has very good songs.

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