I Started Listening to SPEED Again


Yo my lovely peeps! Hows y’all’s day going? Good I hope. If not I think I may have somethin’ to raise up your spirits. Thanks to this song I recently rediscovered that I’m excited to share with all of you today. It’s called What Uย and it’s done by the now sadly defunct(means they disbanded unfortunately) unit called SPEED. Pretty sure I don’t have any DEEPS(what their fandom is called) in the house, so this should probably come as a pleasureful surprise to all of you. I like to think of this group as a cool hidden gem.


Here’s a lyric video right out the gate to better give you the full effect of their song. It’s an intensely sensual track. Unless I misunderstood the lyrics O_o but I don’t think I did because the comments under the video seem to agree. ๐Ÿ˜…Whateves decide for yourselves…


I first heard this song of theirs when it first came out I wanna say 2-3 years ago. The reason I bring it up now though is because I started thinking about it a few days ago. Not exactly sure what triggered it. It was kinda outta the blue that I found myself humming it. Eventually I ended up trying to track it down and I did! Since then I’ve been listening to it again every chance I get. So clearly it has my seal of approval.

Thinking back about it, If I could give awards for groups who most deserved to get popular but didn’t, these guys would be pretty up there. They were a Hip-Hop/K-pop Group obviously, and yes I know we got many of those these days, however these guys were as legit as they come. I’m dead serious when I say these guys really had the “IT” factor. Some line up changes they had along the way may not have helped with things and set them back. Though I don’t think much since I actually liked the changes. I ultimately think their actual downfall was due to the lack of proper promotion/marketing if anything.

They were under MBK Entertainment(mostly known for T-ara)ย and I just don’t think they had the power or proper resources to take this group to the next level at the time. Had they debuted under a bigger company I have no doubt on my mind they could have easily been at the top. Because their vocals, rap, and dance ability was just as strong as any of the big groups of the time or of today that you can name. I mean go to any of their MVs or dance practices and the only negative comments you will likely see are not even thrown at them. Instead it’s towards the travesty that their skills aren’t more widely recognized than they are.



And my opinion for this failure is that I think the MVs just weren’t ever up to par. When you go back to them they were all pretty generic looking and even the one for this song What U(that I loved) was pretty weak I must admit. They were usually shot in a not particularly interesting sound stage and when they did try to go for hints of “Story,” you could feel the low budget. That can only make it that much harder for any of them to go viral. They just never screamed, “done by a big label” to me. Like with their MVs for a lot of their other artists if I’m to be honest. They looked more like something that was done for a university final project. You know where it’s good but not quite professional level yet.

But don’t let me sour you on this group because it’s not my intention and this wasn’t on them at all. If anything when it actually came to the group itself, they DELIVERED STRONG every time I tell you.They actually made the MVs watchable because again their dancing was always energetic and on point. They did at least have some interesting choreography behind them. For this one they’re on Heelys for heaven’s sake. Who comes up with incorporating Heelys? ๐Ÿ˜› It’s Genius. lol Plus they had a surprising amount of range to boot. Like take Jongkook for example. I don’t think you expect the kind of high notes that boy was able to execute towards the end there. They’re the slap you into a whole nother reality kind. lol

Then normally you had Sungmin in there spitting fire on top of things, while also being my favorite type of rapper. The kind who can be a vocalist too! Although here Sejoon is the one that takes care of things with his dominating rap voice. For this song Sungmin wasn’t able to record his lines so Sejoon took them up (except for live stages.)But really what’s the most interesting thing about this group is how intense yet smooth ALL of them can be in their own way. You can’t argue that you can feel their confidence when they are on screen or their charisma when you listen to their music.

So yeah if you take the time to check them out please feel free to let me know if you agree or disagree with any of my thoughts. And if any of you already knew of them before this O_O please talk to me. I have yet to run into and befriend any DEEPS.ย Would love to meet any people who haven’t given up and are still fangirling or fanboying over this group.


P.S. I talked about how their choreography was one of their strong points right? So I can’t possibly leave you without sharing this. In my opinion it’s their most polished one and it’s for a song called Don’t Tease Me. It further shows how much of a feel for dance these guys have and how cool they could pull of the moves. It goes for a lighter and funnier vibe but don’t let it distract you from how hard it is. ๐Ÿ™‚ Furthermore it has one of the best “stunts” of any Kpop choreography I’ve seen to this day.



13 thoughts on “I Started Listening to SPEED Again

  1. I love Speed! I don’t know if you’ve seen their MVs about the student protests held in South Korea? The song’s really great and the MV quality is surprisingly decent!

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  2. You dont have any DEEPs reading ?! Hello ! I love Speed and I’m a DEEP!! โค thank you for writing this lovely article about my boys! Even though they're disbanded they deserve more love~ โค

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  3. I loved Speed!! I thought their songs were great and their choreography was always on point. They were creative and their songs hit the sweet spot. I’m sad they disbanded.

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    • Yeah its so sad. I’ve been into a lot of groups that have disbanded now. However this is like the main one that I’m the saltiest about. I mean they had it all. It shoulda been easy to promote them better.

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  4. Thank you for this. I’m always ready to appreciate talent, and unfortunately some groups are slept on. There’s this amazing group, A.C.E, and I’m afraid people keep criticizing them for wearing hot pants and at the same time failing to appreciate their hard work & talent.

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