MONSTA X’s The Connect Album Review

Your Kings of Romance are back baby!!! With even more relationship related bops for you to consume. Guess they won’t be satisfied until they cover every single love related topic in one of their songs. lol Not that I’m complaining.


MONSTA X‘s newest mini album The Connect has been released and much to the anticipation of Monbebes all around the globe the reception has been strong! 😎 Topping the itunes chart of 28 different countries and maybe more as we speak. Gotta say I’ve had the glorious pleasure of listening to it multiple times myself and I think I’m ready to drop some opinions on y’all. Just like when I reviewed J-Hope’s Hope World the plan today is to touch on each track one by one individually. It’s one of those albums I feel warrant it.

What I’m gonna do is go in order based off the track list. If your curious as to what my personal rankings of them are, like always you can stick around ’till the very end. I’ll make sure to rank them based on my most to least replayed. But if you’re simply too lazy to read my ramblings in their entirety don’t worry it’s cool, you can just skip all this and scroll down to there. No hard feelings. lol 😛

But if your on board for the long haul let’s get going..


And we start with the title track Jealousy. A song about how all the members are jealous of Shownu?….lmao. Ok that might not be it exactly. I think it’s more about them feeling jealous whenever another member gets attention because they actually want it all for themselves. lol or it could be more general. 😆Either way you take, it’s smooth AF and that’s all that really matters eh?

This song honestly had a lot of hype to live up to for me because with every Title track I’ve heard, with every MV I’ve seen, I’ve felt like their quality has only been on the rise. You would think that would be a good thing. Which it is(don’t get me wrong)… for the most part. But when you have a track record like that you sometimes begin to psych yourself out and begin to think negatively. Things like, “their luck is bound to run out soon isn’t it? This is gonna be the first one I don’t like.” That sorta thing.

Well peeps, I’m happy to report that their track record remains safe with me. I once again dig it. 👍 If I had one nitpick though it would be that it didn’t have more of a story like DRAMARAMA had. That MV really upped the bar and I was kinda hoping for another along those lines. Like you can see a hearty attempt was made here to have it but the scenes we got were so short and cutting away too quickly for my tastes. However, I can let it go since we did get that Music Film for this album less than two weeks ago. To me that was a masterpiece and enough to hold me over. Go see it if you haven’t, so yeah I can cut this MV some slack.

More over how can I hate it when they practically gave me a dance version. It’s the next best thing. You peeps who have been following me for awhile know how much I adore those. 😀 That and I simply appreciate how the group has been mellowing out and venturing off slightly into new directions with these title tracks. Mentioning DRAMARAMA again, I really liked it’s funkier influence. And this time it looks like we get something leaning more into R&B. Makes me curious as to what they may go into next.



Next we go right into Destroyer. A song that has sorta unofficially been dubbed as the 2nd title track?

I’ve been keeping tabs of peoples opinions on social media and by en large it feels like most people seem to really be digging this track the most. Or at least thinking this shoulda had the MV. I can definitely understand why. While this I think is even more chill and less of what you might expect for a typical title track nowadays, especially from a hip-hop group, it does feel full of potential.

Personally I enjoyed the next song on the list a tad better but I’ll admit of all the songs this has probs got my favorite progression. I love love the slow build up by the vocals that lead into what I think is a good pay off by the rapping parts. It’s also a surprisingly versatile track because it’s sad but at the same time feels strong. Is it possible to call it a sad bop? Is that a thing? And how can I not mention my boy Kihyun singing his heart out continuing to make high notes seems easy.

Also all that talk of time, space time, and rewinding makes it sound like this shoulda been a sequel to DRAMARAMA. IDK what do you peeps think? Out of all it seems like the most connected in theme/concept to it.


Fallin’/Heavy Rain

Anyways afterwards we’ve reached my favorite song on the album, Fallin’ also known as Heavy Rain. Although if you were to ask me I think it outta be called somethin’ more like Thunderstorm insteadBecause when you first hear the other names you probably go in expecting something slow and sad. NOT what this is at all! Which is why I like it because out of all of them it feels the most like your standard MONSTA X but at the same time not quite. There’s something a little off about it throughout.

The reason I love this is probs one of the main reasons somebody else like you reading this for example might not. It comes down to it’s abrupt nature. Like it’s pretty balanced between the rap and vocal line in terms of parts overall I think, but it’s got some rough transitions between them. It changes up without any notice at all. From Trap/EDM to funk/Groovy at the flip of a switch. Like say whaaaat?  I think it’s what they were going for though and I actually like that duality of it because it doesn’t feel as structured. I like it when you can break the rules a little.

Plus that trap beat is so dirty y’all. I don’t think anybody will disagree with me on that. As soon as the bass, like not even 10 seconds in hit, I was like boyz I’m gonna need to look up a bass boosted version of this shizz. Haven’t found one yet but I’m sure somebody will do it and upload it soon. When they do I’ll be ready. This sh*t’s already too lit but I’m greedy and need MORE! Gimme !Gimme! 😛


Crazy In Love

aaaaaaannnnndddd of course after facing the amazing monstrosity that was the previous track we now change gears completely 100%. lol

Yup for this next one we do a COMPLETE 180 degree turn. The track is called Crazy in Love and the topic covered in it, can you guess it’s pretty straightforward. Yeah it’s about being crazy in love. Woah who would’ve ever thunk it huh? 😛 and you know what it’s without a doubt the sweetest most beautifulest  track on the whole album. I’d also say it’s the most R&B leaning too.

More simply put it’s the kind of song you use to serenade someone. I’m dead serious no joke. It’s the kind where you pull up a chair in the middle of a room, tell the girl you like to sit down, and then proceed to unleash all your pent up emotions to her. 🙂 It’s soft and even the rappers(which btw is it just me who thinks they be going extra sensual on this album) pull back and show their more tender side with this one. Goes to show you can’t pigeon hole these dudes into any 1 category.

Furthermore I get the sense this would be popular to perform in Karaoke.


Lost in the Dream

Afterwards we reach Lost in the Dream. The song I’m the most down the middle on.

I don’t think I have many interesting things to say about this track compared to the other ones. I guess a highlight would be that it actually has a pretty good line distribution. I may need to go back and double check but it certainly feels like the most balanced out of the bunch. I understand we will probs never get a group that actually divvies their lines equally across all members but for the moment this seemingly does it better than most.

On another related note I also I liked how natural the transitions felt in this one. With Heavy Rain we got the opposite but I think it worked there since it was going for a more gritty feel. However here since it takes a more melodic direction having good transitions matters way more. And the way it effortlessly switches back and forth left me amazed multiple times. This track really showcases just how well the rap and vocal lines can compliment one another in this group.


If Only

Ok were almost done, only two more tracks to talk about!

We now get into If Only which I think is a track about longing and wanting to be with somebody. Although the more I check it out the more I’m thinking it’s about wanting to remain with somebody you were/are already with. Either way I would ultimately describe it as a warm and beautiful track kind of along the same lines as something similar to how Crazy in Love was. Except its different because while that one was smooth this goes more for a livelier/rom-com OST kind of feel if that makes any sense?

I kid you not when I first heard this song I was like this sounds exactly like something off a popular K-drama. Like one of those OST tracks that picks up when a big scene happens. You know something like when the main characters realize something important and they just stare longingly at one another. Something like that. I had wondered if others picked up on it and it looks they did! When I looked up the lyrics it was like a common train of thought in the comments.

I’m glad, hopefully this means some higher ups will run into it by chance, listen to it, and wanna hire these guys or at least Wonho. Cuz if you didn’t already know he actually composed this piece of art. I’m telling you these members are mad talented yo. Would be cool if he composed some OST’s on his time off. And hey if you don’t care about any of that how about checking it out for the simple fact you will get to hear Jooheon sing. I swear sometimes I forget he is not only a vocalist too but a darn good one at that.

In the meantime I want all you editors out there, the peeps who make montages using clips from dramas to use this song for a project. Feels perfect for making couple compilations and whatnot. 🙂



Last but certainly not least we got the surprise that is Special. Another one of those slap you in the face kind of Bops. About wanting the attention and affection of another.

Personally this is more the MONSTA X I’m use to so it’s nice to get it. Don’t get me wrong the whole album has been fire up to this point. I just find THIS is more my personal style normally. and I really find it interesting that it’s what they chose to close with. Not the type of note I expected to end on. Lately I find most albums I’ve been listening to have been ending on a more mellow or somber note.

Yet this leaves you feeling turnt up. It starts intense from the get go and doesn’t loose steam at all. I’d call it the most hip-hop of the whole album. The only thing is that I don’t see as many people hype about it like I’ve seen for others. Do you peeps out there rank it high? I’m curious. O_o

#funfact: this track was composed by Jooheon. Apparently he has been working on it since his trainee days. 😮 He had high hopes it would be selected as a title song but sadly for him it wasn’t. He mentioned it during an interview on Song Eun Yi, Kim Sook’s Unnies’ Radio.  


Anyways I think we’re done here.

In conclusion this is yet another amazing album put out by MONSTA X. I highly recommend it. I think you’ll feel you’ll get your moneys worth if you drop the cash to purchase it. It feels more chill this time around than with what we got with The Code last time, yes, but that’s a good thing cuz it shows their ability to mix things up. There’s literally a little bit here for everyone! You want something intense(check), you want something unbelievably smooth(double check), you want something dirty/hard/aggressive sounding(triple check), you want something Beautiful worthy of being an OST for a Rom-Com(effin’ check again son) Seriously GO GET THIS ALBUM!!!!



P.S. Here are those rankings I promised(it turned out to be harder to do this than I thought. I really liked them all so much😅😆😇) :

  • Heavy Rain
  • Destroyer
  • If Only
  • Special
  • Jealousy
  • Crazy in Love
  • Lost in the Dream

Feel free to share your own rankings in the comments if you feel up to it. or any opposing opinions for that matter. ^____^ See you again soon.



5 thoughts on “MONSTA X’s The Connect Album Review

  1. This album is so amazing! It makes me sad their concert tickets sold out before I could get them. Anyway, I agree that Heavy Rain is my top song it’s so good!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I know the feeling. I wish I could go to their concert too. May we both have better luck in the future. lol

      As for this album, everything is so good. I looked at my rankings and was like how come I put “Crazy in Love” so low. Then I was like it’s not cuz I don’t like it. It’s cuz I just love everything else just a tad more. Such a well rounded album.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love Jealousy. The choreography is good too, it’s sexy.

    My rankings:
    7. Special
    6. If Only
    5. Fallin’
    4. Crazy In Love
    3. Destroyer (anime scenes come into my mind when I listen to it)
    2. Lost in the Dream
    1. Jealousy

    Liked by 1 person

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