“Face Yourself” lives up to the Hype

For realz fam this album ventures into magnum opus territory because as far as I’m concerned it be a true masterpiece in every sense of the word.


Of course us fans were already expecting it to be great, this is BTS we’re talking about after all. How could this possibly fail when it’s mostly Japanese versions of already certified bangers. That fact alone is enough to guarantee a success in my book. If you like hip-hop and you like EDM(more emphasis on this) you will undoubtedly like this

In this new album you got the Japanese versions of past hits like :

  • Best of Me
  • Blood Sweat & Tears
  • DNA
  • Not Today
  • Mic Drop
  • Go Go
  • Spring Day

and lets not forget:

**Crystal Snow is also on here(the Japanese original song we previously got from the Mic Drop/DNA/Crystal Snow single) **

However for as cool as it may be to hear these familiar tunes like Go Go again, except now in Japanese, its the new songs that steal the show if you ask me. How about for you? Like I’m not much of a ballad person myself but I gotta say Let Go for example really pulled at my heart stings in an unexpected way. Obviously it’s a song about letting go so you expect something on a sadder more downer note when you go into it. And it’s exactly what you get, but weirdly enough though it was a track that left me coming out with a hopeful vibe in the end. This strange conflicting feeling it gave me made it stick out to me.



It also made me think about what exactly it could be they are letting go off in this song. Like usual I think the lyrics have enough wiggle room to were you could put our own spin on things. To have our own personalized meanings but I have heard a couple theories out there. One in particular that I’ve taken a shine to is about them possibly saying goodbye to their past selves/problems and how they are gonna be moving forward from now on.

I like it because it would make a lot of sense considering this album is called Face Yourself. There is one line in there about meeting again with a smile. I’d like to think it’s a metaphor. In my mind I see them meeting their former selves and smiling. I take it as  them one day revisiting their past memories once they have found true happiness.  But who knows maybe I’m just overthinking this whole thing. Do you have any theories of your own?

**P.S. Some people think it’s about them preparing to go to the military. About how we are gonna be separated soon and we need to be ok with that but that we will still see each other again evemtually. It’s a meaning that can fit too but I think we are still a year or two from it happening, so I think it would be kinda weird to be making a song out of it now. Or it could be me not wanting to accept that meaning because I’m not ready. Don’t think any of us are**

Then this gets us to the much anticipated OST track Don’t Leave Me. Which I gotta say if you were to call Let Go a ballad then this outta be classified as a power ballad! Out of everything on the album it was the one I most wanted to listen to. I was deeply moved by the preview alone.

Real talk. Before I listened to this I wasn’t even that hype about the Japanese remake of Signal we were getting. When it comes to remakes my idea is that you should try to remake the shows that had interesting premises but that maybe missed the mark and weren’t fully realized. Not the shows that were already amazing like Signal was, because more than likely it won’t live up to the quality. It’s hard enough to make a good show as is let alone strike lightning in a bottle twice! That said as I previously stated this track changed things.

After listening to it and seeing the quality for myself I have more confidence in the overall project. Cuz first of all, if the producers have nabbed this kind of talent in the OST department then what other talented people have they hired as well. Know what I mean? Plus a song like this could only elevate whatever scene it plays in because seriously this track is 10s all around. From the mix of Electronica to the orchestral stuff in the back round. I mean the use of those strings THOSE STRINGS. It’s everything man. Then in general I love that slow build up throughout.  From Vs silky deep voice at the start, to the intensity of the rap line, to the versatility of the vocals, it all beautifully blends and balances together. Leading all up to those impactful releases by Jimin and JIN.



and Holy Shizzballz can we talk about Jin in this track for a sec. His part especially gave me eargasms in this. His part was my most replayed part in the preview and his parts again are my most replayed parts in the full release too. I feel like we have slowly transitioned into Jin’s era. I swear he has been improving tremendously in every regard as of late. Not only do I feel he has gotten more comfortable on camera and his dancing has improved, but his vocals have gotten better too. Clearly. Hopefully this positive reception his parts have gotten means more lines in the future. 🙂 Dude has earned them.

Anyways I’d like to ask you all to check out the full release but I’m sure most of y’all already have. So instead I’ll ask you to share your thoughts with me. In terms of some parting words from me. This might currently be my most favorite Japanese album done by a Korean artist thus far. I think cuz compared to other artists I’ve heard these guys sound pretty confident in singing in the language and their accents aren’t that bad. In fact it kinda feels like Jin and Jimin in particular excel at it.

Who knows maybe one day these boys will do an opening or ending for an anime. ^___^





17 thoughts on ““Face Yourself” lives up to the Hype

  1. I am not entirely familiar with Japanese music but this has definitely blew my mind. I absolutely loved both the new tracks, let go and don’t leave me. True masterpieces. And yes Jin’s parts. The first time I heard it and realized it was Jin I was gobsmacked. I played that part over and over to see if I really heard it right. We already know Jin is an amazing singer from songs like his ‘Awake’, but this took his vocals to another level. There was also this portion by jungkook also where he sings like kinda fast and kinda slow. I really dunno how to explain it. I loved that as well. And Taehyung’s deep voice was the perfect balance. And jimin too. Everyone was amazing. But I will definitely point out Jin. I hope this really means that in future, it means equal screen times and lines for all the members. Not just Jin, but I want everyone to do the best!

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    • I’ve been learning Japanese for about 3 years so I always get a good kick out of their Japanese releases. Their lyrics are a little bit weird sometimes and they do have noticable accents, but they’ve improved. I specially love Jimin and Jin when they sing Japanese. 🙂


  2. Yep, Face Yourself is another success from BTS! Of course, we knew it would be 🙂 And Don’t Leave Me is truly a masterpiece. I listened to the preview repeatedly, and the full song is just breathtaking. Love everything about it! And now we suddenly have all kinds of craziness and excitement going on with Love Yourself Wonder 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 We better get ready!

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    • Korean comeback is gonna be huuuuge no doubt. I think their new album has the momentum to shatter all previous records. I think they might promote even more in the US this time around if that’s possible.

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      • It’s like I know the comeback is going to be HUGE, but I don’t think my mind has wrapped itself around what’s coming. It’s going to be crazy!!


    • I’m amazed that their Japanese original songs have been as good as they are. Not a single one has left me dissappointed yet. In fact for me Dont Leave Me is up there with some of their best Korean songs.

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      • I personally think Don’t Leave Me is their best Japanese single so far… How they manage to raise standards with every album is beyond me! Also I can’t wait for Love Yourself: Wonder!!!


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