The Boyz is Awesome and Eric is my Bias

Alrighty so where to begin…


About two weeks ago I noticed this fairly new 12 boy(yes 12) rookie group showing up on my subscription feed called The Boyz. I’ll admit from most of the promotional material I had seen prior nothing had struck out at me at first and from screenshots I’d seen going around, it looked like their newest MV was probs gonna be some cute bubblegum type of stuff. If you know me that’s not something to normally grab my attention. That said for some odd reason, maybe I just didn’t have anything else to do at the time, I decided what the heck and went out on a limb to give this group a shot anyways. And let me tell you, it turned out to be quite the blessing I did.

The MV definitely turned out to be on the cuter and more bubblegum side as I previously expected. It was full of bright and warm colors all around for example. But man was the sound NOT anything like I thought it would be! I hadn’t been this pleasantly surprised by a group since listening to ASTRO‘s Baby last year. Not that the songs are similar because they aren’t. More like it’s been far in between since I’ve had the kind of uplifting experience that puts a big ‘ol smile on my face to THIS degree. It’s why for one I wanna share it with you. 😀

The song is called Giddy Up and for those who haven’t had the pleasure to check it out yet I would describe it as a mix of pop and funk rock(?). Like it’s got a good guitar riff and bass to it that I feel you don’t find in a lot of k-pop songs these days. It’ll be something different but more importantly it will really put you into a groovy kind off mood. As for the lyrics they may be fairly straight forward, a little too straight forward even, but I think it’s done in a good way. Basically it’s about deciding to cut loose, de-stressing, and having some fun. A message I can solidly get behind. 👍


Also if you do watch the MV you’ll notice their moves are very natural and fluid. Bigger yet, their choreo matches nicely the direction of the song. 🙂


Ok and now that I’ve talked about and shared the song with you we can now  get to the bigger point of this post. Which is who  my bias of the group is. Always gotta have a bias right? 😛 So I gotta be honest first and tell you straight up that I’m still new to them myself so I don’t really know much. Definitely am no expert. So my bias may possibly change the more deeper I delve(though I doubt it) but for now I’m gonna go with Eric. and it’s all simply down to this one video that I also wanna share which was on my recommended section on youtube the other day.

Basically it was of a fan meeting that took place I wanna say like a week ago.  Or at least that’s when this video was posted up. The youtuber is called krystapop and her video shows her interacting with all the members and honestly ALL of them seemed really genuine and down to earth in the video. They were all good at this fan service stuff but it was Eric that got my attention in particular.  You really gotta watch the whole thing yourself. It might be my personal favorite fan interaction video I have ever seen. lol



Seriously everything about this video was awesome but I don’t think after watching it you can tell me Eric wasn’t the biggest highlight. The dude remembered the girl, her friend, had a good conversation, I liked the moment with the Geodude, and if that wasn’t enough he mentions how he has read her messages on the fancafe too. In addition in a previous video this crazy gurl got him to dab too. Multiple times mind you. lmao. Yeah subscribe to her while you’re at it. I swear whenever somebody goes to one of those events they pray to be able to have a moment half as good as that. It’s why I wanted to share this video along side their MV.

So in conclusion I hope this post can help you in wanting to check out this group and in wanting to make Eric your bias too. lol 🙂 Anyways see you peeps next time.


#BTW Eric has apparently become self aware of these videos. lol

7 thoughts on “The Boyz is Awesome and Eric is my Bias

  1. The chorus was the best kind of kpop chorus. And the the “run, run, run” part was SO SLICK with the moves. And the “ta ta ta” rap guy…. *SWOON.* Also, I don’t know any of their names but they’re incredibly cute and hot. I’m really glad to discover this group. As usual…. your content doesn’t disappoint.

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    • 🤗Happy you like the group. Lately I feel all these rookie groups are stealing the spotlight. SO much talent in this newer generation. and we still got BTS’s little brother group to look forward two in another year or two. Exciting timez. Exciting Timez.

      Liked by 2 people

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