Are you ready for LOVE YOURSELF ่ฝ‰ Tear?

LOVE YOURSELF ่ฝ‰ Tear is fast approaching on us guys and it’s getting kind of scary. This could be, no it probably will be, the biggest K-pop group comeback ever in history. You can believe that! O.O


If you have been anticipating this album you are in luck because today we finally got the release date. According to BigHitย themselves the new FULL album(probs 15 songs in total) will be available for us on May 18th. Only about a month away. With pre-orders available on April 18th. O_O With that many new songs I can’t imagine it being a let down. We all know these guys dip their toes into all sorts of genres so I’m kinda hoping to see the 50 faces of BTS. It would be nice to hear all the different types of sounds they’re capable off which would also increase the chances of each member getting a song where they could really shine in.

As for what got me personally the most with this announcement though, there were two things:

  • First, like how Holy amazeballs, Pre-orders are really gonna be available April 18th? Gotta talk about that cuz really, I couldn’t believe I read that correctly the first time(I mean just look at today’s date. To say we are not that far off would be an understatement. Get ready to break the record for most pre-orders is what I think. Am I right or am I right? ๐Ÿ˜› ) *drops dead from excitement*
  • ย And two *comes back to life because one simply can not die before this comeback duh!*, Freaking Billboard Awards are on May 20th, only two days before full release? Coincidence? I think not!! There are no such things!!!! Don’t wanna get people’s hopes up but this could mean BTS‘s 1st comeback stage this time around really could actually be on that grand a stage! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ And if right about this.. that kind of extra momentum right from the start could be what is needed to finally snag a top 10 spot on Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard 200. *fingers crossed* Still it won’t be easy because there are rumors of other big Western artists dropping something around the same time.

But Aaaagh simply thinking about this sorta stuff is overwhelming isn’t it. We don’t even have any proper teasers yet OR anything really. When those start dropping oh my gosh it’ll get full on cray cray. At this point all we know is that it’s being talked about how this album willย contain “the sorrow of pain and separation.” In other words an emo Bangtan? Don’t know what to say about THAT just yet butย ARMYs have already been blowing up the internet with their theories and speculation since prior to this, AND now I can only imagine were things will go as everyone begins kicking it up an extra gear. I’m already seeing people saying some interesting/fun things online. Here is one such comment:


I would have never thought of something like this myself but now that it’s on my mind I’m like yeah. Let’s get V in some Cypher pt. V(5) action in this album. Wanna see him tearing it up dabs and all. lol Seriously though has there been any interesting things YOU have seen on the comment’s sections pertaining to this comeback already? All this talk of emo Bangtan makes me think back to those new Japanese singles where some people thought they were like goodbye letters to us fans about them going off into the military.ย  Maybe those theories weren’t so far-fetched after all.

Anywho at this point all I can tell you is that I will definitely be Pre-ordering and I will DEFINITELY be spamming everyone I know with news of this comeback. ๐Ÿ˜› I’m that pumped and excited. I feel like going in everything is in BTS‘s favor right now. I mean think about it, they have been getting an ever increasing traction world wide and big companies also now know that simply hyping BTS will get them a social media boost too. You can be cynical about how some of them go about it but you can’t argue the fact that its been helping get the group’s name out there to non kpop fans. Plus their last album was well received and so was J-hope’s Hixtape.

Basically put, they are coming at this without having had any duds or road bumps to temper the excitement along the way. So when I say scary I mean RIP internet. The Emperors of physical sales will undoubtedly hit 2million copies sold easy peasy this comeback. I expect around 1,500,000 stock pre-orders or more alone. You can quote me on that. I’ll actually be surprised if this group also doesn’t hit at least 25 million views with their new MV within 24hrs. Anyways enough about me and my craziness let me know your thoughts down below. ๐Ÿ™‚


P.S. here is a twitter poll of somebody asking peeps if this will be their first BTS comeback. It’s interesting because over 30%(correction it’s now at 35%) said “YES.”ย  I wanted to share it because it shows BTS‘s ever growing popularity even now 4 years in. ๐Ÿ˜€


# EXTRA: Here is my personal fave song of theirs to put you in a hype mood if you weren’t already.ย  If you stumbled onto this somehow never having heard of this group before I can’t possibly imagine you not turning up to this while also being like, “wow these lyrics got a lot of meaning.” Considering how this group started from humble beginnings and had to put a lot of extra effort to get even to half of where they are now, this song seems perfect to listen to now more than ever. Those people who previously thought this group wouldn’t amount to much are probably feeling silly now.



20 thoughts on “Are you ready for LOVE YOURSELF ่ฝ‰ Tear?

      • ๐Ÿค”hmm that’s a good question. I think the rap line has already done their intros so I feel like it has to be somebody from the vocal line. Jimin already did Serendipity. I think since Jin has been a standout lately I kinda feel he might be next. ๐Ÿ˜Š So yup my answer is JIN. ๐Ÿ‘

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      • Yes. At least its what I think. It feels like right now would be the perfect time for Jin to get the intro because everybody has been talking about him getting more lines on the Japanese album. Lets continue with him gettin even more lines this year!

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      • My only wish is for there to be a future opportunity while promoting where the boys can perform Mic Drop with the extended dance breaks. I know when they ultimately promote here in America they will wanna focus on whatever new stuff they put out but I still think that would blow peoples minds the most here in the West.


    • You must surely be familiar with the Rap Line and their ever so popular Cyphers by now right? Well they usually release a new one on full albums. Well this is gonna be a full album coming up so maybe just maybe we might get another. And guess what, if they did. it would be their fifth. Yup number 5. And number 5 is represented by the roman numeral V. Which is like the letter V. And V from the group has always loved and wanted to do a Cypher with the rap line. So it feels like Cypher part 5 or V would be the perfect time to finally include him if they went with it. So its basically a play on his name and the roman numeral for 5. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • Yes they are! Im surprised you never heard them. Its their songs that diss the haters.You outta listen to them if you want something to get turnt up too. Also if you wanna check out just how good of rappers they can be when they cut loose. Its the kinda of tracks where they get to be less Idol-y ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I don’t know if any of us will every really be ready for this! Watching the explosion of excitement is already amazing. And we know this comeback is going to be HUGE, but it’s still hard to really grasp it. And I’m so hoping their first stage is at the BBMA’s. Like you, I feel like they have to be planning that. And with their nomination now official, even more craziness is on the way. This next month will be something else!

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    • I can already feel countless records about to be broken. DNA did so much and that didnt even have American promotions until later. This time it will basically have them from the start. I imagine the first week this new title track is gonna blow up to ridiculous proportions. I remember we hit 50 million views in 3 days and something with that. But I kinda think we might be able to hit it in less than two this time!

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