BTS: New Milestones on the Horizon 🤩

Great news guys, BTS has just hit another milestone. I was on r/bangtan today when I noticed a surprising post. Apparently BTS‘s DNA MV has hit 5 million likes. Won’t lie, I hadn’t even realized we had been this close. I thought it wasn’t that long ago we finally had hit 4 million. So news of 5 million!? That’s ridiculous I thought. It came as quite the pleasant surprise to me. lol But congratz of course.

Anyways here’s the solid proof for you peeps. 🙂


Lovely ain’t it? However for as cool as this latest achievement was(and it was cool. really trust me) it made me aware of somethin’ else too. Did you pick up on it too? Take another look at the image.


Of course I’m talkin’ about that monstrous view counter for the song. O_O How could anyone not notice like look at dem views folks! Had you realized they had gotten that high. Likes are cool too but we can’t ignore this either. I remember checking sometime ago when we were in the early 300 millions but damn I thought views were surely gonna be starting to slow down. Looks like that hasn’t been the case though because the song seems to still be averaging like what, 1 million views a day or something like that. That’s nuts. 😮

Not even a year has passed yet, only 7 months and we’re already here. This actually made me curious to check out how their OTHER MVs were doing so I went ahead and typed up “BTS” in the YouTube search bar, filtered their vids by views, and well 2124.png

this is what I got:


what.the.bloody.heck? I think most of you will agree on why I was left speechless.

again my fellow peeps, just look at dem views. Their top 4 MVs are all close to hitting some pretty cool milestones in the near future. The obvious is DNA. If this pace continues it’s obviously gonna be crossing over 350 million views soon, and you know THAT’S gonna be breaking a record. But then you also got Fire which is close to 330 million itself. And if that wasn’t enough look at Dope. Seriously though look at how freaking close(and I do mean how FREAKIN’ CLOSE) it’s to 300 million as well. Then lastly Blood Sweat & Tears.

Not sure if the last one can make it before the comeback, it’s gonna be close, but everything else probs could reach their goals by then. Scratch that WILL. We got about 4 weeks ’till May 18th when BTS releases LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear and until then we’re gonna be hearing a lot about these things believe me. Coupled that with all that upcoming news of teasers, album covers, and other stuff you know we will be getting. It’s gonna be a busy next couple of weeks. You peeps better buckle yourselves in.


P.S. It might add more context and meaning to these achievements when you hear that about 1 and a half year ago BTS‘s Dope was the FIRST song by a group not apart of the BIG 3 music labels(SM, JYPE, and YG) to reach a 100 million views. Knowing that makes it doubly insane that they are about to have FOUR MVs in the 300 million view range soon! This little group that not many had any big expectations for is now easily becoming the most watched in Kpop history. It’s a story to warms one’s heart and inspire them to do more. 😀

And it’s also kinda funny that this song was a big part of what shifted them into the next gear because it basically tells you why in the song itself. It’s cuz they work hard, are extra, and basically reject rejection. 🙂


Now tell me, are any of you helping in reaching these milestones. I mean imagine it. Having 4 MVs with over 300 millions views BEFORE the next comeback. Plus getting to make DNA the most watched MV by a Kpop group on YouTube(Which we’re already close btw). Aaagh  you know it would be awesome. lol


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