DNA is now the most watched K-pop Group MV

Be proud ARMYs because we did it!! We banded together, had ourselves one heck of a streaming party, and made history once again. That song BTS released back in September about lovers being connected through fate, yup that colorful EDM bop, is surely gonna be going into the record books now. Because after passing Twice‘s TT the day before, today we have surpassed Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby in YouTube views.

Here’s the proof. Also a nice little tid bit you’ll notice too I’m sure is how close we are to reaching 350 million views as well. Dang like maybe I shoulda waited a tinsy bit longer to talk about both achievements together? Naaah who am I kidding I’m way too excited to wait any longer. ๐Ÿ˜›



I have kept a close eye on BTS‘s DNA since finding out the MV had recently hit 5 million likes on it. As you’ll remember from a post I made only a few days ago I couldn’t help but notice how ridiculous the view counter had gotten. And now not that long removed it’s crazy how I am already back with fantastic news. A-huh I’m happy to report that after much streaming(specially over these last few days) we have broken yet another monumental record. Get this, DNA has officially become THEE most watched MV by a Kpop group on YouTube. Woohoo! WOOHOO!

Didn’t I tell you we had really cool milestones on the horizon? Looks like they are finally beginning to pop off. All I can say is I’m glad we were able to get this BEFORE the guy’s next comeback. This means they’ll have somethin’ else that’ll be buzz worthy, that they’ll be able to brag about when they make their way back onto the American press circuit.

Remember when Ellen and others referred to BTS as the biggest boy band in Korea? Now they got more legit stats to back it up. Not that they needed this exactly but still I do feel extra proud AF by this development. And the crazy thing is, the views AREN’T showing any signs of slowing down yet. Instead they keep climbing and soaring. By the time they make it to America for the BBMAs on May 20th they’ll probably be even closer to 366 million views.

Folks you know what this means? PSY you better watch out cuz we’re coming for your records next brother. ๐Ÿ˜› They ain’t gonna be safe for much longer. Ok, will we ever actually beat Gangnam Style, it’ll be hard I admit. But whats crazier is that there isn’t much else left to aspire to beat. So you know what, you gotta dream big or go home right? At least that’s how the saying goes I believe. ๐Ÿ™‚ #4Billion4BTS #4Billion4Bangtan LOL

In the meanwhile though let’s not neglect Dope. If you haven’t noticed that’s about to reach a milestone of its own too. Soon that’ll be crossing into the 300 million mark finally. Only 4 million away actually. How abouts we get that real quick and then get back to focusing on this whole world domination thing later, or I guess we can do both. haha Would love to see it get the shine and love too because it’s literally dope. I don’t know about you but it’s a track that always gets me inspired to peruse my goals and also you can’t argue that jazzy beat it has stands out from a lot of the kpop stuff out there. Plus many people would argue it has one of the best choreos period. Better than DNA and it’s hard to argue with that so yeah please check it out as well.

Anyways that’s really all for today peeps. Just wanted to give you the heads up on these things. This is bigger than your typical BTS news after all. If you’re in the mood to fanboy/fangirl your heart out over this please do. I know I will. ๐Ÿ˜€ See you next time.


P.S. I guess I’ll update this when we cross into 350 million mark. ๐Ÿ™‚


10 thoughts on “DNA is now the most watched K-pop Group MV

  1. Another awesome achievement! And yes, this will be a great stat for everyone to talk about to really show just how popular they are. And with their next title track is drawing near, more records will likely fall left and right ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • I keep hearing ARMYs saying they are aiming for 50million views within 24 hours, when the new MV drops. I think Taylors Swift has the record @ like 55-56million. If they can get even half of that it would be a monumental leap forward! Im gonna hope for the best.

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      • That’s what I’ve been hearing too. Not saying it’s impossible, but not sure we will make it to that number just yet. But I definitely think we can beat our own record and then some. Either way, it will be great!


    • Oh I’m keeping tabs dont you worry. ๐Ÿ™‚ Whats crazy is that I think the new MV will beat all these new records before 2018 is even over. Have you heard ARMYs goals for this next comeback? Its like 1,500,000 pre orders, 2million physical albums sold, 10,000,000 plays on Spotify, 50millions views for the new MV within 24 hrs, etc. Its cray cray.

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