10 Random K-pop Questions

The title is pretty self explanatory I think. Basically I made a K-pop tag consisting of 10 questions.

I hope you enjoy this and if you do feel free to make your own post using them. No need to credit me or anything..

10 Random K-pop Questions


1.If you were an idol what scandal/rumor do you think you would be more likely to get entangled in?

Knowing me and my free spirited nature I’d probs end up in a dating scandal within my first week. 😛 Not because I’m a player or anything but because I’m very sociable. I like talking to and really getting to know new people. But I  do have a record of befriending girls more easily. In fact two of my biggest best friends growing up have been female. However in the idol world you know that’s a tricky situation to maneuver. It would probs take only one random moment getting blown out of proportion to start something.

It’s sad but true. Somebody would probs take a clip of me talking to some girl during a music show and spread rumors. Or be like hey, this guy and this girl wore STRIPED shirts on the same day, they MUST be dating!” If that dumb stuff happened and I ever truly found myself in a situation like that though I’ve already stated I would NEVER apologize. Although that would probs make an even bigger scandal. haha

Seriously though let idols date. Going against basic human biology never works out does it?. And yeah what is it with asking for apologies in the first place. Do these so called fans really think idols even mean them when they do them? It’s not like they think, “yes I love this person.” Then hear their fans saying, “you shouldn’t date that person,” and  completely change their minds as a result. You wouldn’t, so why think they would. Peeps should take that energy and do something constructive to help the world instead.

But Oops this is turning into a soap box.  O.O Moving on.


2.How would you react if you suddenly found out your bias was dating either a close friend or family member of yours?

Based on my previous answer you can probably make a good edumacated guess on where I stand.


Yup I would be ok with it. Would have no problem with keeping it secret either. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be shocked as all hell tho. If you didn’t already know my bias is HyunA and the idea of seeing her with somebody I know would be the weirdest experience of my life. O_O I would most definitely be a little salty(how could one not be), but I guess I wouldn’t be too down because I’ve never been delusional enough to think I would ever have/get a chance ever.

Also I would be good because I’m sure I would take full advantage of the situation by getting myself a signed copy of her album at least. 😛 lol


3.Do you overly obsess over K-pop?

Hmm you might think so but no not really. If you follow my blog it would certainly seem like the answer is yes but then again this is a K-pop blog primarily so of course I talk about K-pop here. However, I have many many other hobbies. Too many in fact.

For example I’m sure I’ve mentioned my passion for film. I love going to the local cinema and go so often the staff actually knows me. Yeah the frikin’ staff knows me BY NAME. I think that shows I have a bigger problem there. lol Plus I really love video games! I’m garbage at them but I’ve been into them since I was a little kid. I love RPGs and I love any story based game that is cinematic. Things like the telltale games are dope. My favorite by far tho in recent times has been Life is Strange. You can check out my review of that if your curious. 🙂



4.What would you be into instead if K-pop didn’t exist?

Before I got into K-pop I was already into movies and video games so I may have just delved deeper with those things. Although you know what, I think I may have been more into anime without K-pop. After I started keeping up with all the k-pop stuff I did notice I began watching less anime because I had less time to divy up. So I guess it would make sense if I didn’t listen to K-pop I might go back.


Don’t get me wrong I still watch from time to time but it is more sporadic I admit. One show I’m trying to catch up on at this moment is My Hero Academia. I’m currently on the first half of the second season and I am having a blast. I love these kind of shows where a weak protagonist slowly grows into the hero and that’s like the main focus of this show. I strongly recommend it. 👍 It’s got plenty of heart, camaraderie,  and I like the creativity of the fight scenes. Great animation too!



5.Name a K-pop song you love but everybody else(or at at least a lot of people) hate?

Oh my gosh I can name many and a few of them are actually from the SAME group. But since I don’t wanna drag this out too much I will only pick Marionette for this. I have made no mistakes about it in the past, I freaking LOVE the HECK out of this song. Don’t care what anybody says. I know the MV was problematic for many when it came out. With many people thinking it was waaay over sexualized and all. I mean for a long time the track became known for what I can only describe as that “butt scratch” move after all. But really if you took a sec to look deeper at the lyrics it was actually a sad bop.

The song talks about being in a toxic relationship with somebody who you know is bad for you. Somebody who only treats you like a “doll”. ie the title of the song. I think it tells a solid story, does it effectively,  and honestly captures the feel of the struggle quite accurately as well. The biggest travesty is most people never even bothered to check ’em out because of the bad impression they got from the MV. So sad.



P.S. They will always be near and dear in my heart for how well they handled an error with the music on stage that ended up with them performing the song acapella style. It was amazing professionalism in my eyes and I really loved hearing their natural voices. 🙂


6.If you could pick 1 song to be performed live on tv across the world, at the same time, what would it be? Imagine it would have subtitles to go along.

I’m skeptical on whether a singular performance can have THAT large of an impact but I suppose I would go with something like BTS‘s Fire. I think that song came to my mind because I recently saw South Korea’s World Taekwondo Team do a performance using it when they went to North Korea. The way the citizens made sure not to react to it made me realize how important it’s message really is. Because the song is basically about being free to be you and live your life as you want it.

I think every person in the world should have that as a basic human right.


7.What’s one way K-pop has bettered your life?

This right here is the perfect example. K-pop has pretty much given me an instant family. Every time I meet fellow ARMYs it’s like there is an instant connection because we immediately have so much we can talk about. And yes you can say that about any hobby in general. However I feel like ARMYs are one of the most extra fanbases and the peeps are more likely to wanna engage with you.

Also it’s thanks to K-pop I have a blog. So yeah without K-pop I woulda never met any of you. O_O Life woulda been a little more sucky without y’all because it’s fun chatting with you. Even if it’s only every now and then.


8.Do you attempt to keep up with as much of the latest K-pop news as you can or do you heavily stick to your biases?

I make the attempt to keep up with as much as I can but keeping up with it ALL, that’s IMPOSSIBLE. To make it easier though I like to visit reddit. r/bangtan and r/kpop are my friends. lol I also cruise through soompi sometimes. And cant forget @BTS_twt of course. It’s like a ritual to check it everyday when I wake up and every night before I go to bed. 😀

There are also some fan youtubers accounts I follow.


9.What is one underrated group you wish got more attention? Active or Not.

Ooooooh I got a good recommendation. Recently I discovered SF9. I found their song called Fanfare and that shizz was hella lit. I don’t know anything about any of the members but I WILL. Their voices are heavenly and that beat for the song was quite creative. It may sound like a weird description but it’s like a mix of EDM and a xylophone.

Anyways I’ll talk about them in the future.


10. Lastly what are your favorite artists? Solo artist, Boygroup, Girlgroup.

Solo: HyunA of course


Girlgroup: Blackpink


Boygroup: BTS


As you can see I stan Good Quality. 🙂

I love artists who are charismatic machines on stage but who are adorkable off it.


There you have it. Hope this was enjoyable for you. Like always thanks for reading and I’ll see you again sometime soon.



21 thoughts on “10 Random K-pop Questions

  1. That were some good questions and some really great answers! And your favorite artist choices are pretty similiar to mine, except that I love Taemin as a solo artist. Hyuna is great too. I recently have been liking Sunmi as well after ‘Gashina’. And yes ARMY’S are a very nice amiable group of people. Because of the fandom I got to be best friends again with a person who I haven’t been talking to for almost 3 years due to us being far away, and I have made new friends who are really close to ne as well now!

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  2. Some thought-provoking questions. I strongly agree with FIRE being the choice for a live world wide performance due to it’s message. We are blessed to have that type of freedom where so many nations still do not have that right.

    I think at the beginning I probably border-lined obsessed k-pop? It is such an enormous and EXTRA world for a newbie. There’s just so much to it with so much new information. Educating myself with all the lingo was quite the work. I had to in order to understand what my daughter was talking about! And the artists keep on spewing on one thing after another. There’s very little break in a k-pop idol’s life so many of the fans are constantly on alert with what they are ‘doing next’. Whether it be a new song, new music video, new comeback album, music film/teaser or variety show (either their own show or on a popular talk/variety show). Before long there are music awards. BTS’ schedule alone keeps ARMY busy!

    I’m at the phase where I’m a k-pop fan but comfortable with breaks from k-pop when it’s just too much. Reading, working out, hiking/camping, and watching other TV series are examples of what I do for fun. The only main difference is that my music playlist is 99% k-pop these days. So if I’m working out, that’s what I listen to. When I’m plugged in while working, k-pop feeds my soul.


    • PS – Also, I wanted to strongly agree with the whole ‘idols shouldn’t date’ philosophy from some of the more obsessed fans. Nor should idols feel a need to apologize (whether rumor is true or not – it seems like even if the rumors were false they feel pressured to apologize for causing the fans emotional stress or something?) I find this is a serious error within the whole k-pop industry. I’ve mentioned it before – it’s like this vicious cycle where they take the ‘boyfriend/girlfriend experience’ towards the fans too far. I don’t blame the idols – they are pressured into it. It’s a psychological co-dependency (of the most unhealthy kind) between idol and fan. The lines are severely blurred and I think both idol and fan suffers from this.

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      • Yeah Idol life can be rough and scary. Even though I respect the artists and am in awe of their talent. If I could be granted the ability to suddenly be an idol myself I feel like I would have to kindly decline. I feel like they are expected to play up the boyfriend/girlfriend experience too much for my tastes by their labels. Cuz while it may lead to some becoming or playing up to delussion they had already, its like one of the big reasons I think kpop fans become so loyal to the point where they go and buy the 5-10 albums per person. I hope labels would cut back a little and maybe offer friendship experinces instead? Obviously I dont know the answer but more people ahould talk about it.

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  3. cool read as usual. never disappoint dudddddde. oh yeah, thanks for giving all your friends a shoutout miggy. it is nice talking to ya but you are never around anymore sadly.

    also yeah GOOD QUALITY. i stan those groups also. should check out hyuna more tho.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I might be biased and the science might not be exact, but Im fairly certain you add a few extra years to your life by stanning HyunA. lol 🙂 Seriously though she’s pretty down to earth and fun. Shes also a fan like many of us. You outta see her fangirling over Somin from K.A.R.D. Its a treat.

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      • oh looool. when you said it would be the weirdest experience of your life to see her dating someone you know I cracked up. it just sounded so hilarious!! and i pictured your expression being priceless.

        lol i am gonna check her out. she seems to be pretty good. i mean, you don’t just recommend anyone.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hmmm, my face would be like a combination of Jhope’s stank face when he’s annoyed and Jungkook’s Jungshook face. But lets be honest here would anybody not have that kind or reaction? Lol Pretty sure we’d all be thinking, “how the fu*k this happen?” @_x

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  4. So… can I steal these questions because they’re great! Also, “Seriously though let idols date.” say that again for the people in the back!

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