DNA Reaches 350 million Views!!!


A new milestone for the Queen that is DNA.

Believe it or not mere moments ago this MV became the FIRST Kpop group MV ever to reach 350 million views. What an amazing crowning defining achievement. Words truly escape me. A group from a SMALL company did THAT. Much congratz to our home boys, their ridiculous work ethic continues to pay off. I’d say let’s make sure to keep this at the top for as longest as possible for them, but it’s looking like BTS themselves will probably be dethroning poor DNA sooner rather than later. lol Either way let’s give it the proper respect it deserves, even once their newest MV beats it, because honestly it has accomplished so much for the group.

and here’s a screen cap. Just look at all them lovely views 😮


I was over here refreshing checking out the MV the WHOLE day waiting to watch them get to this. 😆🤗 Happy to say I did my part. If you haven’t gone to check it out yet please do. This colorful EDM bop is guaranteed to brighten up your day.

Well, I’ll see you peeps ne-

oh hold on…. silly me. I suppose now is as good a time as any to mention that it’s also been officially reported, BTS will in fact be performing at the BBMAs on May 20th too. I almost missed mentioning this because really are you surprised? Are you honestly shocked? I wasn’t. This was like the worst kept secret ever. lmao I mean the overwhelming positive reception the last time they were there coupled with the warm reception(and that’s putting it lightly) they received at the AMAs, it was like a 99.99% certainty this would happen in my eyes. But yeah I guess it’s fun and super amay-zing to see it be put out there officially. 🙂

Quick question. Are there any shows in particular you would like to see them on while they’re here for their next promotion cycle? For example I’ve been watching The Late Show with Stephen Colbert lately and I think he is able to get some good questions in there. Plus he’s not new to K-pop. If you remember he’s the guy who had that fake comedic feud with Rain some years ago. lol  I feel his straight face type of comedy would go well with the boy’s extra-ness. Just a random thought there.

Anyways feel free to share your thoughts on all this latest news with me. Thanks for reading. See you peeps next time.


6 thoughts on “DNA Reaches 350 million Views!!!

    • I noticed this the other day too. Not sure how I got here. I think there’s plenty of people who make much more interesting Kpop blogs. Im not even sure what Im doing half the time if Im entirely honest. I just like to write like Im chatting with friends. I feel grateful people take the time to chat right back. 🙂

      And btw. Dont be surprised if BTS also performs at the AMAs again back to back. 😀

      Liked by 2 people

      • Yeah. you’re posts are very relatable and it feels comfortable to read them. i feel like i’m hanging out with you and watching kpop shit. its nice. also, the kdrama stuff too. so yeah…. you should feel good about your posts. they are enjoyable to pretty much everyone who reads them.

        oh yeah. me neither. looking forward to their new performances. 🙂


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