BTS’s Comeback will be Historic

50 million views within 24hours?, 1.5million pre-orders?, over 10 million views on Spotify!?, etc. These sort of goals use to seem crazy to me. But now?…Not at all. I think they’re actually feasible. The moment my mom mentioned BTS to me instead of it being the other way around I knew, shizz has gotten REAL. O_O The game has changed.

I’ve tried to tame my own expectations while waiting for LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear but I’m sorry I simply can’t any longer. To much is happening at once to ignore don’t you agree? As I see it right now this comeback is poised to break all sorts, if not ALL, sales records when it comes to a K-pop album. Love Yourself: Her? I think it’ll be left so far back in the dust it won’t even be funny. At this point it wouldn’t even surprise me if they ended up braking industry records from the pre 2002s era. THAT’S how high a buzz I think there is. 😮

I could make a long drawn out post explaining why it is like this in detail. But I think all I really need to do is show you THIS, and it’ll put things in perspective. It’s the fact that it’s not just ARMYs or Korea loosing their minds on twitter any longer. Oh no, believe it or not big time publications that are all time juggernauts are getting in on the action too. The likes of Access, Shazam, Teen Vougue, they’re all getting on board. and it’s not something to miss or ignore. The simple fact is that the American pop Industry wants, it craves, no, it desires, BTS.   

Look(you may need to refresh to see the tweets):

If you predicted them getting to this level of hype even just a year or two prior you woulda been labeled delulu. I woulda probs called you nuts myself. However NOW? As crazy as it is to believe, all this extra attention they’ve been getting since winning Top Social Artist at the BBMAs last year has only been getting exponentially BIGGER. Right, instead of slowly fading away this attention is clearly becoming not only the norm but it’s growing day by day. The moment you got John Cena and Terry mother effin’ Crews talking about you, it’s done. You have made it world wide. and that’s what these guys are. They are global ICONS now. Not viral sensations or the craze of the month.

Through sheer hard work ethic and determination, despite starting from a relatively small/unknown company, they have gotten themselves over to a level where they will now be officially debuting their next Title track at the freakin’ BBMAs. It’s a real thing they are doing!!! A part of me still can’t believe it. To be performing at a music award show that regularly hits between 7-10 million viewers on average. I REPEAT. 7-10 MILLION. viewers on. average. I don’t know where on the card exactly they will be placed but if they keep this up, BTS WILL surely be a household name in America sooner than you think. You best believe.

and to think the best surprises aren’t even past us yet. We got Dope and Blood Sweat & Tears possibly reaching 300 million around that same time frame. Trying to play catch up with DNA who has already gone past the 350 million mark itself and has become the most watched Kpop Group MV of all time. and if those weren’t cool enough, we still don’t even have a clue on what talk shows or other programs they’ll appear on following the performance. Money is they’ll be back on Ellen, The Late Late Show, and Jimmy Kimmel Live at the least. But who knows where else. Hopefully we get a Zach-BTS reunion in the middle of it all..

I swear between all these happenings and things I didn’t even mention, the number 1 spots on Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard 200 have never felt so close.


Kim Namjoon!

Kim Seokjin!

Min Yoongi!

Jung Hoseok!

Park Jimin!

Kim Taehyung!

Jeon Jungkook!



Here I dedicate this song to the haters. 🙂


and this to you the fans.

*BTW Dope is only 2 million and some change away from joining the 300million club. I recommend you go and show your support!*


I know I’ve mentioned a lot of these things already but damn if seeing all these tweets coming my way didn’t energize me some more. I know the new album is expected and has been rumored to be darker, and so I’ll probably feel emo when it actually drops. But aaaaagh I’m sooooooooooo HYPE right now. Anyways let me know, have you had any non kpop fans mention BTS to you lately?


8 thoughts on “BTS’s Comeback will be Historic

  1. I’m completely hyped as well! My mind still can’t wrap itself around all that is happening. May is going to be absolutely crazy! So many of these things are exciting on their own, but with so many of them happening together, it’s ridiculously exciting. Even with how much hype there was around BTS at last year’s BBMA’s, even I didn’t anticipate where they would be now in just one year’s time. The energy and excitement is palpable, and we are about to be in for one crazy ride!!

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    • Exactly. And now you got Korean media labeling the group as “Billboards Kids” too. Its so weird, interesting, and surprsing how life can turn out sometimes. Do you expect them at the AMAs again?

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      • Well, I was going to say that I was leaning towards them not attending the AMA’s again (unless maybe they get nominated in a category and have a real shot at winning). But now that they released the tour dates, looks like they will be doing a concert on the date of the AMA’s, so that answers that, lol


  2. ahhhhhh. its pretty thrilling but also overwhelming how big they seem to be getting. i am glad the world is enjoying them. i am just going to watch and see what happens. i am expecting big things for BTS, but i’m also realizing that with each record they make or break, only more is going to be expected of them. so i feel sorry for them because now such big expectations are being put on them. i can only imagine how they feel themselves with so much weight put on their shoulders. if they keep climbing this fast, how long will their climbing last?

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    • You make good points and that last question is a good one. I think most groups woulda already peeked because remember this is their 4th year going on 5th. Normally groups would be thinking about passing the torch to the next younger group in the company. However BTS is weird because it seems like their rise is still on a huuuge up swing. My guess would be they have at least another year and a half to reach the highest point possible. Then again BTS has become synonimous with doing the impossible so who knows. Itll be very interesting how they will handle thwir mandatory military service comming up. That usually trips up groups which is why they rarely manage to make it past 7 years.

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      • that will be sad if they have to disband or go on a hiatus because of their military service. but yeah… you explained it well. i still expect great things for them, but i just feel really bad for them if they’re climbing so well and then something goes wrong and they just plummet. that would truly suck. they deserve the best.

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      • Yeah that has been my biggest worry. I dont mind them slowly fading from the forefront because its normal. Nobody ever stays at the very top forever. However it would seriously suck if the thing that trips them up is an outside force.

        On the bright side I feel this group could very well be a big influence on the kpop industry afterwards. They each have something to contrbute. In addition to solo careers you got Jin who could be a master at Vareity, Suga who is destined to be a big time producer, RM who is a writer, Jimin and Jhope who could be choreographers, Jungkook who could a vocal coach, and V who could become the biggest Gucci model on the planet. Yeah they all got somethin to fall back on at least. 🙂 They wouldnt just waste away. Plus I expect them to be good brothers to the next Big Hit group who may debut late 2018 early 2019.

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      • yeah i was thinking about that. not only are they gonna have tons to do and be able to help others, they have definitely changed the entire game for Big Hit, and just kpop in general. they have become such big artists in america that I think its going to affect every single kpop group that follows after them. i think kpop is going to be more worldwide loved.

        also i can’t wait to see what each member does in the future, if or when they disband. like you said, they all have lots of talents that don’t just involve being a part of BTS. i am so happy for them because they have truly recognized a lot of their dreams. and in the future, it looks like they are going to get to realize a LOT more. especially with all of the faithful fans they have. i swear, ARMY is more faithful and strong than literally any other fan base i have ever witnessed in my life, and i have witnessed and been a part of a lot of them.

        like you and me are just a small part of what ARMY symbolizes. i mean, i am always going to be a fan, even if its just low-key for the rest of my life. and i have a feeling you will too. which is a nice feeling because then i know nobody is going to just forget them or give up on them. it makes me feel like no matter what, BTS is safe and loved wherever the future takes them.

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