LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear reaches over 1.44 million stock Pre-Orders

Well damn… 😮


Aren’t I glad I threw away all my expectations out the window in my last post. hehe How apt is it for this news to drop today. Just yesterday I was like, “Love Yourself: Her? I think it’ll be left so far back in the dust it won’t even be funny.” Looks like this is exactly what is happening. Even the record of LY:Tear possibly reaching 1.5 million stock pre-orders is being crushed. It’s only been 1 WEEK and from the reports coming out today we are practically there already. lol

Here let me put this shizz into better perspective for you in case you don’t understand how big of a deal this is. Last year Love Yourself: Her’s record around the same time was 1,050,000 stock pre-orders, pretty big right, well on the other hand this year LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear has achieved a whopping 1.44 million. Yes 1.44 million, making it an increase of about 400,000 units. That’s pretty close to a 40% increase people. That’s straight bonkers, shows the demand is only getting higher every comeback! Makes me expect closer to 1 million physical sales within the FIRST week.

** For further context. Their 1st week sales last year were 759,263**

At this rate yeah, no ifs and/or buts about it, this album is definitely breaking LY:H’s sales record without a sweat. Heck it’ll probs turn out to be a 2 million seller in the end(which would make it legendary). I can’t guarantee it will but it’s something to keep an eye out for sure. And to add to this craziness, we can’t ignore the elephant in the room. All this is being done once again while not really knowing much of anything about this album. O_O


Oh yeah its gonna be darker and touch on the topics of “pain and separation”… Ok but in what way? Where is the teaser for the MV, heck where are the teaser images in general, we don’t even have an album cover or a track list am I right. Only BTS can keep keep breaking these high level records while doing it this way. 😆lol This can only happen when a high level of trust is earned. I bet people on sites like Amazon are like wait wtf why is this selling so good, there isn’t even an image up. lmao.

And I can only imagine a spike in pre-orders will occur soon when these things ARE finally released. When people finally get to look at all the different versions available. Obvs there are people out there who sadly can’t afford to buy them all and thus are still saving their money until they know which one to buy. Once they know, expect that sales line to get pushed a little further along.

So yeah that’s what I think. What about you peeps. What are your thoughts amidst this craziness.  Share below. 🙂


P.S. I keep tagging BTS songs on my latest posts right? Might as well keep it up. Here is a song I think fits this situation perfectly. 😉


14 thoughts on “LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear reaches over 1.44 million stock Pre-Orders

    • That’s right. 🙂
      Now I’m just wondering if at the BBMAs theyll do a Korean Awards show type of performance. Their AMAs thing was cool because of it was a first but lets be honest we have seen them do way better. Hope BBMAs allows them the change to go at it 110% like on those Korean awards shows.

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  1. Yep, the numbers are already crazy! And they will just be going up. I’m one of those who will be buying the album but am waiting to choose my version, and like you said, there are a lot of us out there. The more info that comes out will just result in more sales and even more after their BBMA performance. It’s just too fun to watch!

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    • I dont know if I said this before but it’s got potential to be in the top 5 albums sold ever in Korea! I was looking at the list a couple days ago and a lot of pre 2002 records are at around 2 million albums sold. I think number 1 was at 3 million. Dont know if we can hit 3million but I think the rest is definitely do able.

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      • That was actually something I was wondering about. I just looked at the list too, and I agree, they could definitely have a shot at getting in the top 5. If things went really good, maybe even all the way up to #2. But yeah, that gap to get to number one is pretty crazy. They’re definitely going to be breaking some old records though!


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