Enter The “Singularity” With V

It’s official guys, BigHit is finally kicking the promotions for LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear into high gear. Personally I couldn’t be any more ecstatic because we are less than two weeks away from release and yet we haven’t really gotten much of anything. At this point I was starting to get restless wondering what direction we were actually gonna see BTS going in with this latest comeback. Aside from knowing it would be taking a “darker” turn it had all really been left up in the air for fan speculation. Thankfully we have the trailer out now to give us a clearer picture.

This is great because their trailers have always been good at giving us a solid impression of what the overall tone will be like. ie music wise, fashion wise, color palette wise, etc. …and it looks like that’s exactly what it does here. And like with a lot of their stuff throughout the years, again I got a good mix of the expected but with a whole lot of unexpected too. 😮 If you haven’t had the chance to check out V‘s Singularity yet please do so first before I elaborate some more:

Tell me, are you feeling that jazzy R&B vibe like I am?

Anyways right of the bat I gotta start by saying that I’m sure most of us had narrowed it down, we had expected the person leading us of with this comeback trailer would be either Jin or V. I myself had put money it was probs gonna be Jin because it looked like this year was of to a good start with him. Shining as much as he did in Face Yourself and all. However looking back on it I seriously fudged up. I failed to put two and two together. We knew this album would be darker and touch on the topic of “the sorrow and pain of separation.” Knowing that I shoulda realized sooner that V‘s voice would be better suited for this particular direction thus would make a good person to introduce us to it.

After listening to this song yourself, you too gotta admit, there is something about V‘s distinctly deep silky smooth voice that effortlessly resonates the sadness. I don’t know how else to put it other than the style just “fits” him 100%. Which is why I think nobody else coulda pulled it of to this degree. There is something both depressing and yet calming about the way he sings this song. Also while I’m not generally a fan of these slower paced songs( I tend to be into the bangers more instead) I find this new sound they are going for interesting. I’m curious as to how similar the title track is gonna be to this.

In my opinion it’ll probs end up being R&B as well but maybe more upbeat. Considering it will be debuted at the BBMAs I doubt they will be going for something equally slower paced but you never really know. This group does kinda just do whatever they want. lol I am positive though that it will have similar type of imaginary, with a similar usage of a darker color palette, and more melodramatic lyrics. Yes that’ll likely stay the same.


But ok I’m getting side track-ted now aren’t I. Let’s get back to THIS song. I gotta say,  it felt so “artsy” didn’t it? Like in an indie sorta way. I think I felt that way because it had some unusual shots in it throughout. Like that arm thing he did for starters. Legit took me a full sec to realize it was his own hand. haha But then you also had all those other shots in there like with the masks. It was interesting stuff. Plus you had RM‘s lyrics to boot.


I haven’t figured out quite yet what the whole song means cuz I haven’t had the chance to sit down and really digest the lyrics sadly, but from what I’ve seen they look to be really meaningful. On my first listen I was able to catch a couple of interesting call backs to a couple other songs for example. In addition I was able to pick up on some things that might seem like its about him struggling with who he is. Like some kind of inner conflict with his identity sorta like J-hope in Daydream(except darker)? I don’t know really if I’m on the money with that but I’ve seen others who’ve mentioned it too so I don’t think I’m crazy for picking up on some similarities in theme at least. Anyways if you have it figured out better than me let me know cuz I could sure use the helping hand. 😀

In closing I think peeps who are looking for something, sultry, mature, and more different from the last comeback will love this the most. It’s totally NOT pop-ish and is bound to surprise you. Even his moves, which are still as sharp as ever, have a different flavor to them.


Oh but before I go I wanna share the album covers that were released. 6a1873db7a7cfc79.png

It was a nice play on the flowers from the Love Yourself: Her covers.6ca534af64108f3c.png

This time it looks like flower petals flowing in the wind. 🙂

Now I just need a track list and some teaser images next. Again my main speculations for this comeback if your curious are, that each member will be getting their own track and that there will indeed be a Cypher pt V.





12 thoughts on “Enter The “Singularity” With V

  1. This is the exact vibe I wanted them to go for! I loved Tae’s voice in Stigma and he killed it with Singularity. It would be great if they all had solos, and I’m 80% sure there’s going to be a Cypher pt.V!


  2. I’m so excited for this darker vibe! And Singularity was a great intro to the album with its dark, sultry, R&B style. I too would imagine the title track will be more upbeat. As they are breaking into the western market, their dancing is a big thing that sets them apart, so I certainly hope they plan to showcase that. And now we also have some concept photos which aore awesome to. Can’t wait to see the track list! Did you see about V Live doing the red carpet for them at the BBMA’s? That is going to be so much fun to get see more of them through that 🙂


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