What are you doing to me Billboard!?

What the heck! Seriously what are you doing to me. Here I am trying my best to survive until comeback time and you unload this on me all of a sudden? Like say whaaaa- You peeps be extra rude I swear. lol I was getting overwhelmed from every other which way direction as it already stood. Now after this…. it’s official my anticipation has only grown to surpass 100%. That’s correct I have officially reached a transcendent state of anticipation the likes of never before seen on this planet! 😇 Thanks BBMAs.

Seriously y’all need to check out the new sneak peek teaser for BTS‘s Fake Love if you haven’t done so already. If curious as to what my thoughts on it are, well, let me put it this way. If DNA is a queen then I’m thinking you will all soon be referring to Fake Love as a Goddess. I’ve only heard the little snippets we’ve gotten so far but I’m already vibing to this song so much better. I can’t help but love this new angsty direction they’re going in. More importantly though that wavy, put you in a trance almost, with a dash of mystery type of sound they seem to be going for sounds so fresh to me. 🙂

…and to think, a lucky audience at The Late Late Show with James Corden has supposedly already gotten to hear this future bop. Yup according to peeps online 4 ARMYs happened to be there in attendance. Not sure whether or not to believe this report yet, but let me just say those tweets I saw said nothing but good things if true. 😀

Not to overly hype you up but there are rumblings that it’s better than Blood Sweat and Tears. Oh and I’ve also heard that if you’re a J-hope stan you will be specially wrecked by this title track. A prospect that I’m particularly excited by because I am such a person. haha

Anyways in addition to this here news, here are some other things that have wrinkled my brain in the last 48hours(these are things I think you will find interesting to know):

  • First, obviously there’s the voting! voting! voting! which has been going on for the Top Social Artist Award. It’s kind of a big deal maybe you’ve heard of it. 😛 Anyways it has had me busy busy busy let me tell you Fun fact,  was the most tweeted hashtag in a 24 hour period. It’s true look it up (with 51,727,200 tweets in total).
  • Then there was also the recent announcement that Columbia Records would soon distribute “Fake Love” to US Stations on Friday. Finding out they were the new US distributors for BTS in general was huge in my eyes. Think about it, this technically puts them in the BIG 3 of America now doesn’t it? 🙂 Yup our boys are now being represented in the US by the same people that distribute for the likes of Beyoncé and Adele. How them apples. 😮
  • Next let me not forget to mention that soon you will also be seeing BTS….but with puppies!!! Ah yes one can never go wrong with that can they? Yup they will be doing one of those Buzzfeed Q&As. You can ask your own questions here and see if they get picked.
  • Lastly, Ellen is holding a thing where if you live in L.A. you can win VIP tickets to her show by emailing her at ellenaudiencespecial@ellentv.com I tried it but knowing my luck I wont get one. Oh well, hopefully those who lost out on tickets for their concert in September get a chance to go..

Well there you have it. Let me know what are your thoughts on this stuff and the fact that BTS‘s comeback is soooo close now. With that see you peeps again soon. ^___^




15 thoughts on “What are you doing to me Billboard!?


    Ok but on a calmer note, I am seriously jamming to the snippets of that song also. I CANNOT WAIT. I honestly am not that surprised that they’re now main stream and distributed by Columbia Records. At this point the boys are getting the recognition they deserve. I can only imagine how much harder they’re working now so they can keep up with the tidal wave sailing them over the world.

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    • This new album is sooo gonna tear some sh*t up. Right now this title track has the potential to be my most fave title track of all time because from snippets I’m getting the sense of it being like a mix of Blood Sweat and Tears and I need U. Two songs which are up there already for me. Basically my soul is already feeling it more than DNA. Plus I’m hearing the choreo is next level for it. 😮

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      • I agree with that. It definitely sounds something like Blood Sweat and Tears which has always been my favorite BTS song, even past DNA. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE CHOREO! They never disappoint. ….. how are we gonna wait? I also feel like you’ll definitely post something about it once its out, so lookin forward to that.


  2. Everything is so crazy right now! Stuff is dropping left and right while being in the midst of this intense voting period. I was not prepared for that surprise BBMA teaser either. I’ve most definitely been jamming to the snippets we’ve got so far. I’m just so ready to hear Fake Love, see Fake Love, Love Fake Love, and just get into the whole album! 🙂

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  3. The whole trailer through I thought, “okay,I’m not THAT excited.This is great, but good thing I’m not dancing around my house excited.”.AND THEN, the ;ast 3 seconds GOT ME.It gave me the CHILLS!Although I really can’t relate to BTS music anymore, it’s all about love and betrayal and it’s new for me as an army.love this post as usual<3

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    • In a recent interview RM said that they really wanna show that you can’t really love someone until you love yourself first. I think it’s a good message that I find interesting to explore. I think it transcends romantic love and is a lesson for any type of relationship in general. 🙂

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