LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear- Mini First Impressions

Aaaagh I know I know I’m spamming you with so many posts today aren’t I? Don’t worry after this I’ll be done for the day I promise. I just really wanted to give some first impressions on BTS‘s new album because if I don’t talk about it somewhere, I swear I’ll explode. You don’t want me to explode do you? O_O No OF COURSE NOT!

So please humor me and my craziness just for a bit. Like the title suggests these are gonna be quick thoughts.

Intro: Singularity:

And first on my list is obviously Singularity. Pretty much for this one I’ll just point out the things I pointed out before when I first talked about the comeback trailer. V is literally the perfect person for this particular song, and also the perfect choice to set the tone for the album in general. We knew this album would be ansgty ridden and more emo. And guess what that is a direction his deep, smooth, silky voice is meant for. If you like a calming, mature, and more sensual type of sound this is your jam.

In my opinion out of all the tracks this one is by far the most artsy slash experimental.


Fake Love:

Next is the title track.

I’ve made no qualms about it, I love this much more than DNA. It has some similarities to it but this is more like the Anti-DNA. A darker version if you will. Except I would better describe it as if Blood Sweat and Tears and I Need U had a love child. A lot of the scenes have call backs to both those in the visual and audio styles. Although I’d say the overall tone and subject is more I Need U while the Aesthetics is more Blood Sweat and Tears.

For this one to get maximum value for your buck I think you really need to watch the MV. The choreo is really creative and their company clearly spent so much for the filming of it. It’s a real experience. I was taken aback when I heard the craziest shots in it where practical and NOT CGI. Like what dude!?


The Untold Truth:

Then we move on to this song. When it first started I was like, “what!?” I saw that this one had Steve Aoki attached but it certainly didn’t sound like it. I thought maybe the tracks had gotten mixed up or something. Color me surprised. Out of all the different sounds I was expecting I never thought we would be getting something so soft, warm,  and tender from THIS collab. O_o

Seriously you would expect him to show up on a banger. Specially with the rap line not just with the vocal line. But it’s good to be surprised like this I guess.  Anyways everybody really bounces well of each other but this song goes to Jin and Jimin.



aaaaand now we get to this. What an interesting title choice eh? This song is also referred to as Pluto. All I’ll really say about this one is that I never thought I’d see a song using Pluto’s demotion as a planet to relate the feeling of being forgotten. The group gets Kudo points for making that connection.  Definitely creative and different. 😅😆

They really get their groove on in this track.



Afterwards we have Paradise. Not the craziest of the songs on here. By that I mean the beat is relatively simple(a little too simple maybe?) but hey sometimes the simplest things work best right? This is the kind of song that low-key slays you. The lyrics are nice but not the most creative however the guys elevate the material with their sheer skillz.


Love Maze:


Now we get to Love Maze. A song where everyone shows their talent except I’ll say the Vocal line gets just a little bit extra shine. Why? Because their smoothness here is unreal.  If I were to describe this track, I’d say it was a sensual banger. Is that a phrase? Well it is now.

Like I said the vocal line really brings the smoothness but then the rap brings the aggression. It blends really well. Overall though this is Jimin‘s track. He did really good on this album overall didn’t he? Boy needs to stop being so hard on himself.


Magic Shop:

Which brings us to Magic Shop. I would categorize this is the tearful banger. It has got lots of emotion but still hype in its own way at the same time. Mostly I was curious to listen to this one because I heard Jungkook had a producer/writer’s credit for it. I don’t know how much involvement he actually had but it turned out great.

So yeah I got a feeling whatever he did it was great. I’m excited by the prospect of him being more involved in this sorta stuff with the group’s music going forward. It’s always nice to see artists expand and go out of their comfort zone.


Airplane PT 2:

Airplane GIF

Then there is this track. I was a big fan of J-hope‘s Hixtape but out of all his songs on it the original Airplane was actually my least favorite. Still good I’ll admit but too chill for my tastes. SO this wasn’t that anticipated. However much to my surprise this went in a completely different direction than I was expecting. Instead it went for a sexy latin vibe? 😮

IDK but it was cool. and having the other members participating was cool too. It was nice to see something J-hope started get carried over and shared. Plus it felt right considering the other members already did have a little mini feature on the original. Plus I knew RM had originally had had a part that was cut from it back then too. In my opinion it makes the most sense for this to be the track to get the MV treatment next. Wow going in I really didn’t think I’d say that about this track. O_O



And here to raise the energy once again and build upon the last track we have Anpanman. A track which I believe is titled after a children’s super hero from a Japanese Anime/manga. Honestly I didn’t know anything about him prior but when I looked him up one thing did stand out. But first know that the name translates to “Bean Bun Man.”

Anyways what stood out was not that but how when he comes across a starving person or creature, he lets them eat a part of his head. It sounds weird but I like how he does it even though it makes him weaker. Pretty much there is way more too him than just that trait but the main thing I got was that he is a hero who self sacrifices a lot. For the sake of others. IDK but I thought making a song with a title like that speaks volumes to the character of BTS.

In my book these guys are heroes themselves because their relatable lyrics have empowered and showed many peeps they are not alone.


So What:

Then moving on again we get to this track which I would best describe as a party EDM track. This group has always gotta have at least one of those right? But of course having it just be fun isn’t BTS’s forte so there is a pretty cool message hidden in there. Ok maybe not so hidden. It wears it on it’s sleeve.

The track is a carefree one about people not stopping to focus on the negavity. Which let’s be honest here a lot of us could use a good reminder to not to be that way from time to time. This song literally tells you to instead say, So what?, and keep moving forward. I can get behind that. Because stopping to pity yourself or complain is unproductive.

Also is it just me but this feels like a perfect song to close out a show and/or concert. While listening to it it sounded like that one song you would play at the end of a rave or something like that actually. You know when the show is over and you get your stuff and are ready to go but then the DJ all of a sudden tells you to stop. Then this starts playing all of a sudden and you become happy that the funs not over just yet. Am I the only one to get that?


Outro: Tear:

Which brings us to an end. Now to close us out we have this outro which let me say is a fudging banger ladies and gentleman. The first time I heard it I was completely taken aback. Was not expecting to get smacked like this on the face on the way out. Don’t care what anybody says, it looks like I did get my Cypher PT. V after all. I think they just didn’t call it that to keep V away 😛 I kid of course.

But yeah the rap in this was straight fire. Best rap line in all of Kpop. There I said it. However the most surprising part here was that they used the instrumental from the Highlight Reel. Never thought i’d see it be used for something like this. haha


So there you have it. What did you think about the album? Personally right now I’d give it a solid  9/10. I think it’s safe to say that at this point the boys have transcended hip-hop and have gone on to embrace genre-hop instead. Cuz they be literally hopping between all sorts of genres now and doing it in such a masterful way. If you haven’t checked it out yet what are you waiting on? Check it out here on Spotify at least.

Oh and don’t forget to check out my full thoughts on the Fake Love MV here. Again many thanks and I’ll see you peeps soon. 😀


22 thoughts on “LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear- Mini First Impressions

  1. Woooow. We have the same impressions. I just listened to the album now, and I’m relistening to it again, with translations. It’s sooo coool why.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh I like Paradise too but yeah it’s tempo is on the slower side than what I usually like the most. I can certainly recognize why others would like it much more though. All in all there weren’t any songs I outright disliked or hated. For me everything ranged from good, to great, to amazing. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great breakdown of the album. Like you, I had some high expectations, and somehow they managed to succeed them. Fake Love is absolutely amazing in every way possible. A perfect title track. I’ve only had one pass at all the other songs but as expected, not a bad one in the bunch. I’m definitely liking Airport 2 and well pretty much all of them! What a time to be a BTS fan!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks a bunch for the kind words. 😀 I dont know if Airplane pt 2 is my second favorite but its definitely up there for me too. It was without a shadow of a doubt the biggest surprise because I thought it might be one of my least favorite going in. But man does it give this album a unique spice. O_O


  3. The album is amazing but I’m not surprised. I still need to check out the English lyrics of some of the songs but The Untold Truth and Magic Shop made me cry.


  4. This album somehow managed to surpass my high expectations for this comeback! I think every track was unique and had its own story and message to tell, and that’s why we love BTS, they are expert storytellers through their music and lyrics! My current favourite is Anpanman – what a banger! And I loved The Truth Untold, they haven’t done a full on ballad in so long. Airplane Pt. 2 took me by surprise, but it was a very pleasant one indeed! And I have to say, my standout track for this album is the Outro again, just like how Outro: Her was my favourite from their previous release. I have a feeling that with time, this could become my all time favourite BTS album… Let’s see!


  5. When I heard that there were no singles in this full album like wings, I thought that was a negative because in wings we got to experience a lot of different styles of music through the 7 singles. But they proved me wrong there. All the songs were different. Many different styles. I loved tge album. It was worth the wait. I particularly love Fake Love (and I am love how the narrative is going) and 134340… anpanman … airplane pt 2 … tge untold truth and of course the mother of all Outro … Outro tear

    Liked by 1 person

  6. This is a very complicated album. I like the songs for different reasons, but right now my favorites are Love Maze and Fake Love of course, but also weirdly Anpanman. It’s just so sweet for some reason. I like V’s voice, especially in this album. I feel like its really being celebrated. I also like So What.

    Liked by 1 person

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