Fake Love looses 7 million Views!!!😥


No this isn’t some sort of click bait unfortunately. It is indeed true that seemingly out of nowhere Fake Love has lost a bunch of its views. 😮

In a bizarre turn of event BTS‘s newest MV has lost a whopping 7 million total. That’s no joke. Lots of folks stayed up in support to get that number. So what’s going on here? I tried to give it some time to see if things corrected themselves because you know, I thought maybe it was just a  weird bug or glitch. Surely it would correct itself soon I thought. But nope that hasn’t been the case.

Literally like an hour or two ago I took this screenshot:


You see that? BTS were well on their way to getting 63 million views. but now…


Back into the 50s we go it seems.

It looks like we gotta grind our way back to the top. It sucks. At the moment as you can imagine many ARMYs are trying to get some answers from YouTube but it looks like it will be awhile ’till we get anything.

I’ll be sure to update you peeps when I here anything. Until then peeps.



It’s looking like those views were probably lost because YouTube thought they were invalid. Maybe some bots were used or maybe(probs more likely) ARMYs were just streaming so much the youtube algorithm flagged them thinking something shady was happening. IDK but it’s looking like those views might not be coming back any time soon. Either way people have begun to use the hashtag   in an attempt to lure people back into watching the MV

From what I’ve been told auditing views in this manner isn’t that out of the norm. I guess 1. I’ve simply just never seen it done before like this and 2. never would’ve thought THAT many views would be affected at once. Oh well..

Let’s just move on and enjoy the fact that the BBMAs will be going down tonight and that will surely attract new people that will help us gain back the views. 🙂


P.S. If you need something else to cheer you up:


Blood Sweat & Tears has finally reached 300million views. Congratz BTS. 🎉✨🎈😎

This makes it the fourth MV of theirs to reach such a milestone. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Fake Love looses 7 million Views!!!😥

  1. Definitely disappointing to see. But I hope everyone won’t dwell on it too much. The number of views is still amazing and the song and album is a complete success. And hopefully more love will be heading its way tonight! So lots to be happy about 🙂

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    • Exactly! Ultimately these views wont matter in the grand scale of things. Even now Fake Love is out pacing DNA in every regard. But this did open my eyes because according to peeps online this sorta thing with the views has been happening to other groups too lately. I guess they are trying to crack down on over streaming in general maybe?

      Idk exactly but like you said there is plenty else to focus on. 🙂 For example BTS achieving their very first perfect all kill on the charts! Good to know public awareness is ever increasing back home for them.

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  2. I love BTS. I can’t believe that youtube did that, because it seems unfair, but then again I do see it from the point of view that the views were invalid. I can see how they’d think that, and also, I’m sure some ARMY used invalid means to get more views. So… in the end, I think that the amount of views the video gets will definitely be fair.


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