Ever heard of KQ Fellaz?

Real talk,  have you ever heard of these guys who go by the name of KQ Fellaz? O_o 

I can be honest and tell you that up until about a week ago I myself was in the dark. At least until I happened to stumble onto this brilliant performance video out of sheer luck. How exactly did I get to it is beyond me but what I can tell you is that once I clicked on it I couldn’t help but keep watchin’. Why? Because it was a vid of them dancing to Famous Dex‘s – Pick It Up.. And let’s just say my mind was blown by the naturalness of their sick moves. 😮

You really outta treat yourself and watch it too to see what exactly it is I’m talkin’ about:

(Just look at that emotion that shines through. It’s one thing to have precise moves, it’s a whole nother to infuse your own swagger into them right? and that’s exactly what they be doing here. Everything down to their facial expressions makes this a standout routine.)

As you can imagine this was quite the find for me. O_O My initial thoughts where, “this is one cool dance crew.” 🔥 Don’t know if I’ve made it clear on here before but I love watching dance crews and people who can do dance covers. And I liked these peeps so much I even decided to click on their profile to find out more about them. You know, to see what other songs they had danced to, but much to my surprise it turned out they WEREN’T really a dance crew at all! Yup wrap your mind around that!

Obviously they CAN dance but in fact, as it turns out they are pre-debut trainees under KQ Entertainment. That’s right. They are actually rookies looking to debut in the future as a full on KPOP GROUP!

Finding this out I just had to share because it looks like they will be debuting as a hip-hop group at later date. And I know that like me a lot of you are into that sorta thing too. So hopefully I can help put these guys on some of y’all’s radar as they are now on mine. Which I know I already have a lot of groups on my plate(as I’m sure many of you do too) but dang after watching them go how can anyone not be curious to check ’em out again.

Actually if that vid wasn’t enough to convince you, just the other day they danced to Cardi B‘s – Lick(big Cardi fan here😎). You can also checked that out:



Absolutely awesome again right? Hard to believe they are so early into their careers and yet they be wrecking me, as well as a bunch or others, this hard already! 😳

I feel like if you like hip-hop groups and specially if you are like me and one of your main focuses is choreography, you outta keep a close eye on them going forward. Best of all it looks like their company is doing things right by them straight out of the gate. From the little research I’ve done so far their label has already been releasing short videos of them and adding subtitles almost immediately( you can watch ep 1 of these here if you’re curious). I don’t normally follow pre-debut rookies but it’s looking like I’m gonna be needing to make one more rare exception. 🙂

So there you have my thoughts on the matter. Feel free to share yours. As always I’ll see you peeps once again soon.


6 thoughts on “Ever heard of KQ Fellaz?

      • Yep. your recommendations are taken seriously since you never recommend shitty stuff!!! feel good about yourself, miggy!! lol

        don’t give up on everyone else yet. x) i’m sure they have a good reason for not commenting. (not! the motherfuckers). oh miggy… checked out Deadpool 2 yet? i’m going to see it in 2 days…. ♥ i cannot fucking wait. since you’re into cinema, you might like it. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

    • Ayye, every now and then you say something that makes me wonder if we were best friends in a past life or something. 🤔 haha I say this cuz I’m actually a huuuuuge Deadpool fan, and yes I have indeed seen Deadpool 2 already. 😊 Let me say this: If you saw the first and liked it then I can pretty much guarantee you’ll like the second one too. Might not be quite as creative as the first but it has two things really working for it in its favor, well 3 things. It’s funny, has tons of heart, and most important of all the trailers didn’t give away the whole movie like some of them tend to do nowadays. 🙂 Seriously you are in store for some nice surprises.

      Btw how can anybody not like Ryan Reynolds. This is completely out of nowhere but he put this on his instagram a few months ago

      That’s him hugging a picture of my bias HyunA hugging Deadpool. lol

      Liked by 1 person

      • oh goshhhhh…. that would get your attention and make you happy if anything would. if has HyunA in it for gosh’s sake!!

        WHAT REALLY! I DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE A DEADPOOL FAN! I AM THE BIGGEST DEADPOOL FAN I KNOW!!!!! also yeah i’ve already realized this. we probably were best friends in a past life or something. we seem to have a lot in common in the best ways. and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! for not ruining the movie but still telling me about it. i am planning on seeing it wednesday. xO AND I CAN’T WAIT!!!


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