BTS Debuts No.1 on the Billboard 200 Chart

**This post has been edited. :)**

Peeps we are clearly living in the best timeline! I say this because it has become official,  BTS is now the first ever Kpop group to ever reach No.1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Yes LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear did THAT.      

I saw this only minutes ago with my own eyes and could not be any happier right now.

BTS charts No1 on Billboard 200 Chart

as soon as I saw the news this song immediately came to mind.

BTS has really risen to the top of the world now haven’t they?

What’s so awesome about this news though was the number breakdown:

Originally the predictions we had been hearing about stated that the group would be getting around 100,000 album equivalent units  with this latest comeback. A pretty solid and respectable number when you consider Love Yourself: Her only got 31,000 on ITS first week. However, surprisingly that number which was already good btw, did get bumped up to 120,000 a couple days prior. But here is the funny thing, they surpassed even those updated projections. 😮  That’s correct cuz in the end this new album actually got 135,000 album equivalent units total instead.

  • if you can believe it 100,000 of those where from traditional album sales!( a number LY:H only just got like 4 days ago😳)
  • and 26,000 where from SEA Units(on demand streaming)
  • and then the remaining 9,000 where from TEA units(downloads of single tracks that total an album)

…and if THAT wasn’t enough to brag about, LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear in addition to all those accolades also became the first primarily foreign language album(you know cuz it’s mostly in Korean) in 12 years to lead that chart!

It’s all nuts man. BTS is continuing to prove that with every comeback their numbers are only getting more and more explosive. At this point who knows what’s next… I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again ALL IS POSSIBLE. O_O

Feel free to share your own thoughts on this latest development down below.


****P.S. A quick Edit****

Not long after this it was reported that LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear broke yet another record. This time in its own backyard. That’s correct and it did so by becoming the fastest selling album in Hanteo Chart HISTORY. and for those who don’t know that’s the Korean chart that keeps track of how many physical albums have been sold there. 🙂

Now what was the previous record holder you ask? Well it was non other than Love Yourself: Her. Meaning BTS just beat BTS. lol Previously that album had the record with 1.04 million albums sold within an 8 month period. However this new one crushed that into oblivion. It got 1.05 million sold in just 11 days.

This is both amazing AND Scary at the same time. 😱😮😊 It’s gonna be real interesting to keep up with all the other achievements/ milestones this new album will be undoubtedly be reaching going forward.


**** A second quick Edit****

Looks like LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear has also surpassed 100 million streams on Spotify.  Congratz once again BTS. It wasn’t that long ago the MV reached a similar milestone. If I’m correct the MV should now be on it’s way towards 110 million actually. 🙂 Hopefully the Spotify streams and YouTube streams continue to stay on such a similar and consistent rate.


13 thoughts on “BTS Debuts No.1 on the Billboard 200 Chart

  1. So SO proud and happy for them. And they deserve it. They’ve done nothing but work hard and continually produce creative masterpieces. And the latest album is like a new level of awesomeness! I’m head over heels for it!!! Suga said… Grammy’s next. I don’t know if he meant award-wise or performance-wise or both. I’d take either. I mean I don’t have much respect for the Grammy’s but they have my full support if it makes them happy!


  2. Biggest boyband in the world with the craziest fans any artist has had!can’t believe that they literally took over Justin beiber in 5 years.The pride is taking over me.I’m so so so happy for them.Have you ever been to a bts concert?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Definitely a spectacle. And while some may be greedy and want to hold all this sucess just for Bangtan, I sincerely hope that eventually some attention rubs onto other groups too. I’d like to see Kpop and Kmedia as a whole shine even more. 🙂 Although of course ill be a little biased and hope this group is at the forefront leading the way, just as any other would hope it was their group. 😛


  3. I just get happier and happier every day when I see all the new amazing things they’re doing. It just makes me so happy. 🙂 I can’t even express it. I am so happy to see them everywhere, but also proud that I loved them and knew them before they were big and popular and amazing. It makes my heart feel warm that they are so loved, but also that no matter where I go now I can’t ignore them. They appear everywhere now. They deserve the love and recognition they are getting. I just want to give them all warm hugs.

    also you keep ignoring it, but you DID send me a hug emoji miggy. so i have won the hug war. lol!

    Liked by 1 person

      • HAHAHAHAH! Ok…. whatever. but i’m still going to feel like i succeeded partially. and lol you have sent kiss emojis to friends? gosh. i barely send kiss emojis to the person i am dating. maybe you’re just an affectionate person with emojis? idk. you don’t seem to be that outwardly affectionate in real life, if you only hug rarely. *shrug*


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