3 Girl Groups that Slayed May

This past month turned out to circumvent my expectations in the best way possible. Originally I had thought due to BTS‘s newest comeback it would probs end up being a relatively barren one if anything, but much to my surprise luckily I was proven wrong. ^^ While yes most groups did opt out and got out of their way like I had previously anticipated, cuz who really wants to take on BTS at this point right, surprisingly there were still some good acts to be had.  3 to be exact. And that’s what I would like to focus on now.

Yup today I wanna share the 3 songs by these girl groups that in the end unexpectedly took over my playlist as well:

and to begin I can’t think of a better group than (G)-IDLE

My first ever exposure to these girls believe it or not was like a full week or so before their actual debut(a rare occurrence for me). It was through a dance cover video of theirs that had been floating around on r/kpop. If I remember correctly it was them on the streets dancing to CL‘s Bad Bitches, BTS‘s MIC Drop, and 4Minute‘s Crazy. Basically from just watching that I was hyped as all heck and my expectations for them were set high. Furthermore lump that with me already being a big fan of their label Cube Entertainment and I just knew this group would go on to be something.

And spoiler alert that is clearly the case of what has been happening here. If you hadn’t noticed yet from the moment LATATA came out it has been getting quite  A LOT of traction for a debut! Like LOTS. No really like lots. Last time I had checked they had already gotten two wins on music shows for example(that’s insanely fast). O_O I’m both surprised but at the same time not really because I clearly love this track.  Now I may like the rap parts on this other track of theirs called Dalla a bit better(you outta check it out too) , but as a whole this song is definitely more consistent overall and better balanced. Which is why I recommend it.

But now let me answer the BIG question, other than THAT why is it exactly that I love this as much as I do? The answer is pretty straight forward. I think for me there are TWO key factors here. 1. I like girl groups with more edge and these girls certainly have that. At the moment I think Blackpink is best well known for it but these girls certainly add their own flare to NOT be a carbon copy. and 2. I like their voices. Simple as that. I don’t now if you noticed but Yuqi in particular stands out to me. She has a deeper voice than you might expect.

Anywho don’t just take my word for it however, have a listen for yourself:




Next of course I have to mention my girls Dreamcatcher. I’ve been anticipating their next comeback for some time. Their music never fails to be different and a breath of fresh air from what is the trend in Kpop these days. People always be talking about how EDM is over played in kpop and whatnot and here you have a group that is more on the rock-ish side. Maybe better put, the J rocki-ish side and it’s pretty cool.  Which is why sometimes I wonder why people be sleeping on them. Seriously what the heck peeps! >.< Please give this group some love.

Right now my hope is that one of their songs goes ahead and catches fire in Japan and gets turned into an anime opening already! It would fit(I think 99.9% of fans would agree) and I think that could help give them much more needed exposure. If that doesn’t happen though then I guess us fans will simply need keep voicing up for them and maybe even need to start speaking louder because these girls really bring a unique energy.

I swear EVERYTHING about them is poppin’. Their fashion, their Gothic inspired concepts, their different J rockish type sound like I said, and even their choreo. I watched their live performance on M Countdown and they incorporated a freaking magic trick into it y’all(Dami is cool😎). 😮 Seriously, Stan this group and you’ll be stanning future LEGENDS mark my words…






Lastly is a new group or I think I should better say sub-unit called PRISTIN V.

I don’t really know much about them yet so I can’t speak too much but what I can say is that obviously I thought their song was good. Otherwise hello why would I be bringing it up in the first place right? And what I like about the song, well, there are a couple of things:

  • first it sounds smooth
  • two it sounds mature
  • but three normally when you think of those previous first two things you expect it to be slower paced, and this is not
  • which leads me to four, the beat is fire.
  • and last but not least it’s another group on my list with more of a girl crush type of concept(can’t tell you how much I love that)

All in all to give a better perspective to those of you who for some reason aren’t sold yet, I’d say this group kind of feels a bit like what Red Velvet might sound like if they one day decided to make 1 song that incorporated both their Red side and their Velvet Side together. I know it’s not the best comparison but I’m trying to make it relatable with what you might already be familiar with. XD





So yeah there you have it. Those are MY winners of MAY. Feel free to comment yours. 🙂


5 thoughts on “3 Girl Groups that Slayed May

    • I accidentally failed to mention I also love Soyeon’s dance moves. and yeah Minnie is my second fave actually. I think her and Yuqi stick out the most for me(in a good way of course). 😀

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  1. I’m way behind on the May releases, but of course I’m so glad you mentioned Dreamcatcher! I love how the new generation of girl groups has been giving us really anime reminiscent sounds (Lovelyz and GFriend being the first that come to mind) and I love that Dreamcatcher is giving us that J-rock feel.


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