BTS: Fake Love Extended Version(?)





Do my eyes deceive me? AN EXTENDED VERSION!? 😱

Y’all this is above my pay grade. Somebody out there please explain to me what the fudge just happened. Did I fall asleep and am I still dreaming? Did Big Hit really just do this to us? Cuz right now I’m shook to the core O_O  This new version is… idk what the heck it is. lol We now got Bangtan going down the angsty emo rock path it seems. O_o No worries not complaining. Other than some rough mixing here and there overall this is fire. It’s just that here I was patiently waiting for an Airplane PT 2 or an Anpanman MV to drop, recognizing it probs wont happen anytime soon, then THIS drops on us.

Furthermore what was it with dat ending. IDK what to make of it. It’s both cool but not gonna lie, I laughed my ass off at the same time because I did not see it coming. Our boys got squished! Seriously that’s what happened right? (maybe not) If yes then well RIP fan theories because it looks like they all die at the end.  Nah JK they’re clearly not done just yet. 😛 I do now wonder what this will do to the views on the original though. Will it slow them down now that people will undoubtedly wanna stream this new one, OR will they actually increase instead. Cuz I don’t know about you but I’m about to start watching both over and over to compare.

I need to know what the added scenes or better put, the extended scenes, add to the story and deeper meaning. Aaaaggh it looks like I got more homework to do. Can’t wait to see what everybody’s else’s responses are. Also I wonder if those who felt underwhelmed by the original will find this new one more interesting. Specially those who have grown tired by the usage of EDM. Will be interesting to see what this will be like live. I imagine they will perform it with a band sooner rather than later. and as someone who for a short while was a part of a band, that tickles my fancy.

Anywho go ahead and share your thoughts with me down below.


P.S. My Highlights:

J-hoooope sinking in Snickers

(I anticipate another chocolate war on twitter soon)



and #SquishedBangtan although there’s a chance it could be #TrappedBangtan

giphy (1)



and so it begins. I called it didn’t I?… Looks like Twix is starting things this time around. lol Lets wait and see how it plays out

4 thoughts on “BTS: Fake Love Extended Version(?)

  1. Well, that came out of nowhere! Love the extended scenes and all. I’m more into the EDM and like the original better, but I also like this one and really hope they do it live. And here I am thinking I’ve started to figure things out a bit as the ending seemed to parallel the live stage they did of Fake Love. Then they go and get squished! What?!


  2. I’ll most likely be one of the fans who drive up the original from back and forth comparison.

    I don’t know what to take from the ending. I really don’t. It will definitely cause confusion!

    I sort of get this metaphorical feel about how they are trading something in for happiness. And that might be part of who they were (or a past part of them) as symbolized by the various objects they trade in in the “Magic Shop”. I know the message is this, which RM has repeated countless times during interviews – to love another we have to love ourselves first.

    So, as our boys go through life of ups and downs, going through destructive patterns to cope with pain in the past, and then finding what they think is true love (Euphoria) it turns out to be FAKE LOVE (a lie). And through it all they are still trying to find a short cut to happiness. In FAKE LOVE all the symbolism of water (Jimin) and Fire (Suga) comes back with a greater force thereby perhaps symbolizing the demons while they tried to ignore and push it back is coming back full force. Because you can’t make such shortcuts. Loving oneself is key to many things in life. Not facing demons, masking them through another person (in this case, the girls they met in the Highlight Reel before Love Yourself: Her came out) can be seen as them avoiding their real problems as they allow themselves to fall in the realms of young love.

    (Totally speaking from experience, I admit)

    So now, that ‘masked demon’ they are trading a part of who they were (because even sad moments and the demons we have are still a part of us and essentially we can never trade them away – we shouldn’t, we should encompass all of it to help us grow and love ourselves) perhaps symbolizes that all this comes with a price. Hence their doom at the end.

    I know – there are still a lot of holes in my theories but that’s basically what I came up with. Sorry for any typos – typed this out really fast.


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