Thoughts on BTS’s Billboard Rankings

Ok let’s do it guys, let’s talk about the Billboard Charts shall we? They’ve been on my mind ever since I saw people posting the results on twitter this morning… People have been having some interesting opinions.


A-huh it’s true another week has passed and the new numbers are finally in. So just how well did BTS fare this time around? As we all know last week was off to a fantastic start. 😎Not only did the group’s title song Fake Love rank #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, but even their full album Love Yourself: Tear got some love. Yes in addition to their title song cracking the top 10 on the Hot 100, a first for a kpop group, their album also received equal love and placed No.1 on the Billboard 200. Another first for them. As you can imagine this led ARMYs around the globe rejoicing in ecstasy for achieving such historical milestones. 😍

However for as amazing as these things have been it has created immense pressure without a doubt. As one can imagine all eyes have turned to this group. People have been wondering “were will they go from here?” O_o Well like I said more numbers have indeed been released so lets see and begin to speculate:


First, The Billboard 200

I’m happy to report that two weeks in we did NOT have a substantial drop on this chart! Be relieved.  😊In fact this week the guys’s new album Love Yourself: Tear comes in at the number 6 spot. Meaning yes we have remained in the top 10 two in arrow, lovely isn’t it? Fun Fact: In it’s second week this new album managed to come ahead of the group’s previous entry record held by the mini album Love Yourself: Her. An album which by the way debuted at #7. If this isn’t a good sign of things to come I don’t know what is.

But speaking of which, this previous mini album if i can get sidetracked for a sec, is STILL also somehow charting on the Billboard 200 as we speak. 😮 Yes it means BTS has two albums charting in America AT THE SAME TIME right now. 😮 Furthermore it’s been charting for over 30 weeks now. I don’t think I can stress enough how crazy that is. To put into perspective the other Kpop groups(legendary ones even) that have made it onto the list have usually only made it for 1 week, 2 tops. Yet again BTS has done it for over 30. 😃

Small history lesson time. We have gone from Wings(peaked at #26) being on the chart for 2 weeks, to You Never Walk Alone(Peaked at #61)  also being there for two weeks, to LY:H‘s(peaked at #7) 30+ week record, to Hope World‘s(peaked at #38) 2 weeks, to Face Yourself’s(peaked at #43) 1 week, and now it seems this latest entry will only push it the furthest it’s ever been! Can the new album go for 40+ weeks? O_o It’s anybody’s guess at this point.


Billboard Hot 100

This then moves us right along to the next and final piece of news. This was what I wanted to get to the most. How come? It’s because I’ve noticed some negativity floating pertaining to the Billboard Hot 100 chart. You see I’ve even noticed some ARMYs getting freaked out by the rankings announced recently. That is about how Fake Love has dropped quite a fair amount from week 1 to week 2. It has dropped 41 positions total putting it now to #51 and that has led to a little bit of a panic from some. However should this drop mean people outta panic for real, well no I don’t personally think so no and this is why.

For starters it ended up right about where I thought it would. Not trying to pretend I’m super smart or anything but I did look at some key factors and thought it would have a sizable drop. For 1, I think you’ll admit kpop is really front loaded, and yeah this time we didn’t have Desiigner and Steve Aoki for some support. Two, even Mic Drop Remix dropped 43 positions on IT’S second week. Let’s not forget it went from 28 down to 71 just like that.

On the bright side, this new entry dropped two positions less. That IS improvement. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot but I expect going forward for this track to float around where it just dropped to, just like Mic Drop previously did. When Mic Drop dropped to the 70s it generally stayed there so I imagine Fake Love dropping to the 50s in it’s second week means that that track will probs float around there.

However there are a couple other things that could throw a wrench into all this(in a good way). Recently Big Hit released the extended rock version of Fake Love so there’s that. If you didn’t know in America those streams and sales are added to the original. Meaning it’s possible it will get a boost in points next week that will allow it to not move, or if it does, to get BACK into the top 50. 🙂 If this happened it would be the first time BTS would move back into the top 50 after having left it! Then you also got radio play to take into consideration.

I saw this tweet by @bts_geek_stats that shows Fake Love is already on pace to getting more radio play than Mic Drop Remix. And remember much to our surprise that was a huuuge part of what kept that track on the chart as long as it did. 11 weeks it was on there if I remember correctly. Let’s hope the same happens here. 😀 *fingers crossed*

(refresh page if you don’t see image)


Anywho let’s just wait and see how it all plays out. For now we can take solace in that the trend is going up at least. With each passing comeback it’s obvious that BTS is only getting bigger and bigger. In the meantime check out the album. Buy it if you can. If you for some reason can’t at least try to watch the MV for Fake Love. Trust me it’s a really aesthetically pleasing video. With that I leave you until next time. Feel free to comment your own thoughts as always. 😄



3 thoughts on “Thoughts on BTS’s Billboard Rankings

  1. i dont really think, theres anything to worry about. It is a good start. BTS is still starting lets accept that. Lets not pressure ourselves and the boys too much to be always on top and all at the end of the day its about the music. The music they are making is always gold and lets not base it always on the ranking because sometimes it loses its preciousness when we always push everyone and everything to always be just about BTS.

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  2. yess they can do it.We all just need to be patient and not pressure them.afterall,it’s their life and career,not ours.theyre the biggest boyband in the world,theyll soon be no.1 in the world with fake love aka top 100 on the billboards.

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