Top 10 Best Selling Kpop Albums of 2018

Yo what is up my internet fam? I’m back once again with another pooooooooooost. Today’s topic you wonder? Well I wanna shine some love to the top selling Kpop albums of 2018. So far at least anyways. Obvs this list is subject to change on account of there being many more months left in the year but still. Wanted to share this because there was a lot of good stuff to make it on there. ๐Ÿ˜€

So yeah let’s get it get it and see what made the list shall we:

Top 10 Best Selling Kpop Albums of 2018(so far…)


The Connect: Dejavu – 172,383 albums sold

*Happy to see this album rounding out the list because in case you haven’t been made aware yet, MONSTA X is in my top 3 bias list when it comes to boy groups. Seeing them rise this high considering they are from a smaller company(Starship Entertainment) warms my heart. Believe me when I say they are one of the better rounded groups out there at the moment so it is indeed much deserved. It’s hard to come up with other groups with a better chemistry between their rap line and vocal line than this group has. I actually reviewed this album and their last and let me tell you both times I lost my sh*t listening to them. In the good way.

Over time they continue to show that their production is not only getting better, but that they are willing to tackle newer sounds as they grow too. Love me a group that doesn’t stay complacent. *

A10 Monsta X The Connect


9. Jonghyun

Poet | Artist – 188,491 albums sold

*What can I say here that hasn’t already been said? Clearly it’s awesome that this album has done as good as it has. Deservedly so since there is so much creativity to go around. But it’s just so hard to be happy about it all things considered. Knowing this amazing and talented person is no longer with us is just so sad isn’t it? He won’t get to see the long term impact that he left on the industry and fandom alike. All I can think to say is, Jonghyun you’ve worked hard. I hope your soul has found piece.

Hopefully his music is able to bring comfort and give inspiration to many for years and years to come *

A9 Jonghyun Poet Artist


8. Seventeen

Director’s Cut – 190,226 albums sold

*I’ll admit I only have a passing interest in this group so I don’t know very much about them. That being said I have heard some of their songs in the past and also because I know some peeps who are fans, I did get the chance to hear this latest album. ๐Ÿ™‚ To my surprise it got me more than a lot of their stuff that I had heard in the past. It’s definitely worth checking out if only for track 3(Run To You) alone. Which in my opinion is the bestest.

Let’s just say if you like anime(which I very much do) you will specially like that one because it sounds so much like an anime opening. A really good one at that! One of the best rock-ish sounding tracks I’ve heard come from a kpop group ever. ๐Ÿ˜Šย  Please Kpop Gods give me a Seventeen X Dreamcatcher crossover*

A8 Seventeen Directors Cut


7. BTS

Love Yourself: Her – 195, 516 albums sold

*nope your eyes aren’t deceiving you. O_O I had to double check this entry myself.

It is in fact true that even tho this album dropped last year back in September, this year it still managed to outsell a bunch of newer albums. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Crazy I know. I guess the more popular BTS gets the more people wanna go back and purchase their previous albums. and I guess what a better way to start than with this one since it’s their most recent and the one that has opened up the most doors.

Still 195k tho? BTS is on another level… I’m happy a bunch of new people will experience the amazing trio that is DNA, Mic Drop, and Go Go. ๐Ÿ™‚

A7 Love Yourself Her


6. NCT

2018 NCT Empathy – 304,270 albums sold

*I’ll be real here, I’m not the biggest NCT Fan out there. I tend to only like NCT 127 stuff most of the time. However this album is a must because BOSS has turned out to be one heck of jam and it wasn’t even a NCT 127 release! Nope it was NCT U that stepped up to the plate this time and won me over by delivering what I can only describe as one of 2018’s most swagalicious songs yet. The bass on it is so dirtay folks, and the way Lucas just walks it like a dang “boss”and tears it down with his flow is perfection. I need a club mix of this song at some point. lol*

A6 2018 NCT Empathy


5. GOT7

Eyes on You – 329,475 albums sold

*Now let’s talk about one of Kpop’s most underrated kpop groups GOT7 shall we. To this day I’m surprised they aren’t way bigger than they are. Obvs they have gotten bigger but I think they should haven been where they are now a long long time ago. This group’s music is soooo good and the members are so extra and down to earth. In this case I feel the boys went above and beyond and gave us the perfect album for summer. If you’re in the mood for something less on the aggressive side and maybe more into something warmer, this should be right up your alley. ๐Ÿ™‚

Compared to their past albums I would venture to say this one is the best at showcasing the types of sounds that are the most personal and influential to the members. *

A5 GOT7 Eyes on You


4. Twice

What Is Love? – 329,475 albums sold

*Talk about a pleasant surprise. It was cool to see a girl group represent on this list. Normally it’s believed that boy groups do awesome on physical sales meanwhile girl groups do better digitally but dang, looks like Twice is solid in both regards. Major props. ^^ It’s no wonder many consider them the nation’s girl group. Also how can I not be jazzed by this when their newest MV was so amazingly produced. I swear it was made with me in mind.

Hopefully you guys have checked outย What is Love?ย by now. If you have and you know me you will immediately pick out why I like it so much. If you haven’t figured it out here’s why. It’s because I’m a film buff and they legit play homage to a bunch of movies in that MV. Makes the re-watch value for me extremely high. I guess you can say me likey likey likey๐ŸŽถ*

Sidenote: Dejavu is my favorite on the album because of the sick breakdown towards the latter half. I think I’d like it if more songs of theirs had aggressive parts like that from time to time.

A4 Twice What is Love



Blooming Days – 360,224 albums sold

*Yup a sub unit did dat. Pretty impressive because that is no easy feat ladies and gentlemen. I mean think about it for a sec when was the last time you saw a subunit score this high? Yes I’m sure it happens but not that often. It goes to show that the EXO name/brand continues to be in full effect.

Personally this album was too chill for my particular tastes but since it’sย EXO I’ll be happy for their continued success nonetheless. Although I will give props to the concept of the album. Making songs that gives a theme to each day of the week was interesting. This is one of the first groups I ever stanned so of course I gotta show respect.

I patiently await for the full group to get back together for a full comeback. ๐Ÿ˜‡*


A3 EXO CBX Blooming Days


2. Wanna One

I Promise You – 829,275 albums sold

*Well it looks like Wanna One continues to be strong in Korea doesn’t it? Having that many albums sold is no joke. Its more than double the average of the albums before it! I guess people really clicked with these guys when the were on Produce 101. Furthermore it looks like people are trying to buy as much as they can before they have to disband. From what I understand they only have untilย December 31, 2018 right? Honestly from what I’ve seen, this would be a group I could stan. Unfortunately I can’t imagine jumping on board with a group that has such a limited timeframe. My heart wouldn’t be able to handle it, hope you understand.

Considering how successful they are you would think management would wanna find a way to extend the contracts. Can’t wait to see what records they can smash with their next installment tho.


A2 Wanna one I promise you


1. BTS

Love Yourself: Tear – 1,664,041 albums sold

*Did you expect anything else at number one? We all know the crazy amount of momentum BTS had going in. You had the explosive success of their last album(hello it was on this years list!)to build of off and then you had things like their comeback stage being at the freaking Billboards. It was downright obvious they would sell a fudge ton of copies. Still it’s amazing they sold enough to top this list within a months time! And by the looks of it it won’t surprise me if this album ultimately becomes a 2million seller. A fact that would be all kinds of cray cray because the last time that happened was back before digital was much of an option. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ It would make them even more legendary.

Let’s see where this group goes from here fam.

A1 Love Yourself Tear


Welp there you have it. These are the best selling albums of the year so far. Anything on here that you wanna talk about. Or better yet anything that wasn’t on the list but that you think others should check out? Comment below. As always thanks for taking the time to stop by. ๐Ÿ˜€

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Selling Kpop Albums of 2018

  1. I loved Jonghyun’s album. (And others, but I had to mention his first, because it was on another level in so many ways.) It’s so awful that we’ll never know how he would have grown as an artist when he was already so, so talented at such a young age.
    BTS and GOT7’s albums were really good, too! I’m cutting way down on the number of albums I buy, but of course I ordered GOT7’s first thing, and I’ll probably pick up BTS’s (and Blackpink’s!!!!) when I’m in LA next month.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I should probably cut back on albums too… haha

      Also talking about girls representing on this list, I would love it if Blackpink’s album became a top seller. I’ve been seeing the promotional material and its all looking good. The teaser for their upcoming MV makes me think this new song is gonna be super hype!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Anything is possible – I think the possibility of releasing the 3rd installment of Love Yourself (if we’re correct with that assumption) sometime later this year, they will have a surge of new fans who will probably go back to purchasing both HER and TEAR. One of their ultimate drive to success in sales is they are heavily increasing in fans with their continued, international success. I heard the movie theatre last week playing FAKE LOVE over their system and was super psyched!


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