I was followed by a Kpop Idol

WTF!? I’m Shooketh

Ok seriously it’s getting ridiculous now…My luck on twitter runs way too high. Like way waaaaay higher than it has any right to be!

So if you remember, yesterday I had some fun talking about how I suck at twitter. You remember that? I went on a tangent talking about how I don’t promote it, tweet much, etc. or more generalized, how I don’t offer anything minutely of value on there. Yet for some weird reason people have been following me recently. Well fam, sh*t just got even crazier!!!!!!

Today I opened up my twitter and what do I wake up to? I see that THIS person had followed me ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Alexandra reid is following me.PNG

I was like wait yo. This girl looks strikingly similar to Alex from BP Rania. An underrated kpop group that I’ve liked since the longest. “But nah It can’t actually be her tho can’t it?” or so I thought. However that little verified symbol next to her name had some choice words for me. O_O Spoilers…. IT WAS HER! I not only did a double take after it finally sunk in but also a spit take too. As you can imagine I was shooketh. Sooo much I almost spilled the orange juice I was drinking at the time all over my desktop computer(it could’ve been bad). Luckily I didn’t tho…

She is no longer apart of that kpop group I mentioned sadly, but she is still doing solo activities and whatnot that you can check out. I think she’s gonna be at KCON in New York actually. Anywho If you’ve checked out the playlist of kpop songs I have linked on my blog you should know by now that I’m not kissing up and am in fact a long time fan of her and her former group. Which is why this is a BIG deal for me. I have linked to many of Rania‘s/BP Rania‘s songs on there before(I have even linked toย DR Feel Goodย which was out way before Alex came on)

So in short, yup to have a former member of a girl group I stanned and continue to stan following me is Dope AF. We will probably never interact on there or anything but it’s cool nonetheless. When I first got into Kpop I sure as heck never thought I’d have an idol following me one day. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Well I think that’s all I wanted to say. This post was a spur of the moment thing and not planned out so my apology if it’s messy. As always thanks for reading my ramblings. Stay Good Fam.





*pointless fact: I can do this too. Is that why I feel connected to her. lol)


And so my Twitter Saga shall continue…

14 thoughts on “I was followed by a Kpop Idol

    • I love their songs and I loved Alex from the moment she joined the group. Any problems I had stemmed from the label itself. Management has a lot of issues. Even to this day. Which is a shame because they had a lot of promise since the beginning. Even through line up changes they still had/have a lot of potential.


      • If I remember well the label wanted to train the American market with them and Dr Feels Good have an English version cause of that. When Alex join they said it was the reason why they were including her right?
        It’s been a while so my memory fail me


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