The Never Ending Questions Tag

I was warned but I did NOT listen. I wanted to circumvent expectations and now here I am. Today without any breaks I decided to do this long ass tag. Honestly I don’t remember what it was called but I’ll rename it “the Never Ending tag,” because that is what this is. 50 questions, that’s how many I have to answer…O_O Man I’m gonna need some sleep after. 😴lol

This one is for you Swinging On a Star. That reverse psychology worked on me gosh darn it! 😡 nah jk I’m not mad. 😂


1. Full name:

My name is Miguel. I’d give you my last name too but remember the internet can be a scary place. Last thing I need is for you to take my identity and set up a Netflix account under it. Ok maybe that’s not the worse that could happen but you get the idea. lol So you’ll just have to make do with that.


But I can give you a clue as to what my middle name is. That’s SOME sort of progress eh? I think you can figure it out from one of my many nicknames: Michael Angelo.


2. Relationship status:

I’m single but not particularly looking for anybody. Instead I’m currently trying to chill down and take some “me time.” Been trying to be as self reflective as I can these days so I can get a better understanding of who I am as a person first. Been feelin’ like I should do that properly before I try to figure anybody else out. <—-No I’m not doing that because of Fake Love by BTS. 😛

To get my daily dose of relationship cheesiness in the meanwhile, because I do think we all need that in our lives,  I still got my Kdramas to fall back on. 😛


3. Crush:

I don’t have anybody I’m currently crushing on in RL.

Unless you count celebs. Would always make some time for HyunA(but of course you already new that). My latest HyunA obsession has been this fancam that’s been going around. I really love the new curly haired look she’s rocking. Looks fab. I think we should all aspire to reach the level of confidence she portrays on stage!


4. Height:


Not that tall, not that short either


5. Weight:

hmm it’s been awhile since I’ve checked. Last time I was like 168 but it’s possible I’m a lot closer to 160 now. Not to brag but since last year I’ve definitely been shedding all those extra pounds. I’m finally more muscle than fat. At least that’s what it’s looking like. Let’s hope I stick to this fitness thing… or will cookies & cream ice cream be my downfall once again? Stay tuned.


6. Last song listened to:

Bet most of you are expecting more kpop. Well you guy’s would be wrong. 🙂

I’ve been all about this song recently. I saw this older gentlemen react to it on YouTube and it got me straight in the feels. Specially since I can relate to it as well. At least the over all theme of self destruction in order to forget. Although I think everyone should be able to relate to that to some degree. So give it a try and see if it impacts you emotionally too.


7. Last text:

Believe it or not I don’t text people so I don’t have anything recent to share.


8. Birthday:

Technically it’s December 2nd. However Like I’ve said before I don’t really celebrate it. If I do it’s because somebody else springs it on me as a surprise. so my “party” could happen anytime(I guess that’s kind of cool). A lot of times it ends up happening in the first week of January.


9. Girl best friends:

Nathaly, Stephanie, Andrea, Jess, Erika

I have a lot of female friends I roll with on my day to day but I’d say my bestest buddy ever was Karla. We knew each other since elementary school up until high school. Unfortunately she had to move one day because of family stuff and since we haven’t kept much in touch, which is a darn shame. Except for two times when she was in town.


10. Guy best friends:

Shout out to my home boyz Chris,Victor, and Jose


11. Favorite Food:

Cookies & Cream Ice Cream(I’m only blogging so that one day I can be famous enough to where I can get some for free. you know through a brand deal of some kind…. I’m only sorta kidding about that. Let’s hope I’m not successful ever or my diet is gonna go to sh*t immediately)


12. Piercings:

None. I know some people that have a lot of them tho. This one girl I know probs has like over 20 on her body! I can see the artistic appeal but it’s just not my thing.


13. Eye color:



14. Hair color:

Right now, Black. But I’ve had it Blue, Red, Brown, and I keep wanting to go purple next.


15. Favorite colors:

Black, Red, and Purple


16. Last time you cried:

I’ve recently been re-watching Doctor Who and got to this Van Gogh episode again. Never fails to make me cry. It’s a majestic moment to see him see just how much he is loved in our present times.(sad that things like this can’t happen like that in RL) That said I feel like it’s the following scene after that  gets me even more. The Doctor’s little speech afterwards is one of the most simple yet beautifully articulated insights into what living is really about that I’ve seen on TV.

*If you haven’t watched this episode before I would prefer you watch it in full rather than just these clips.*

For a silly show a bout a madman travelling through space an time and having wacky adventures with his companions, it can sure pack a wallop when it wants to.


17. Favorite season:


I much rather be in the cold because I could always put on more layers of clothes as opposed to in the Summer. Sure you can can do the reverse then and take them OFF, but eventually you do hit a point when you can’t anymore or risk going to jail…


18. Last phone call:

Remember when I said I don’t text? I don’t really call people either. IDK why I just never have.


19. Last movie you watched and liked:

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. It’s not getting the best reviews right now but I thought it was good fun. It certainly gets really ridiculous as it goes further along  but there were more than a couple scenes that left me at the edge of my seat. It really brought back some horror elements like the first one had which I appreciated.



21. Favorite college:

USC all the way. Go Trojans!


22. Favorite quote:

“Treat everyone with politeness and kindness, not because they are nice, but because you are.”

― Roy T. Bennett

I’ve shared this on here before but the fact I’m sharing it again is proof it’s really good.


23. Weakness:

I can be a little slow on the uptake. As you all know I have a lot of interests and hobbies. Sometimes that may make some people think I’m gifted or something. The truth however is I’m really slow at picking up any new kind of skill. It would probs take me more that 3-5x as long to learn something you peeps could learn in a few minuets for example.

Luckily persistence is my greatest strength which combats that. lol 😀


24. Who makes you smile:

A lot of things and people can make me smile. But if I had to just pick one person who makes me smile the most, it would have to be my friend Erika. She says the most ridiculous things at the most oddest of times. She keeps life interesting. And “interesting” is the thing I wan’t my life to be the most. 🙂


25. Who you miss:

I suppose it would be that friend I mentioned early, Karla. When we were younger we would hang out all the time. Our moms were really close. And since her mom worked a lot she would end up staying at our house a lot. We would watch movies, play video games, play Yugioh Cards(remember when that was a really popular thing?), practice our Saxophones(were both in band), and watch The O.C.. She gave me a lot of Sh*t for that last one but I still stand by that show… Ryan X Marissa 4 Life. 😆

I know this scene is cheesy AF looking at it now but it is iconic yo!


26. Embarrassing moment:

When I was 14 I wrote a poem in addition to a  full on proper love letter to a girl that I liked. You know how high school girls usually do it in Asian dramas and whatnot. Think something very very similar to that except with genders reversed. I even went shopping for good stationary. I don’t think it was embarrassing at the moment because I was 100% committed to it and felt like I had to try at least. However now looking back I cringe.


BTW if you’re curious as to how things went down, it kinda looked like this:

awkward love letter GIF

the girl just kept on walking…


27. Idea of a perfect date:

What’s going on here? It’s starting to turn into a love tag. lol O_o

I guess my perfect date would be something casual. Going somewhere with some shops, walk around a bit, buy some stuff, take a detour to explore something new together, go to a movie, and lastly go to my place or hers and cook a meal. Again I like keeping things simple but intimate.


28. Ever been in love:

Ok I’m re-titling this the “Love Tag” if this keeps up… haha

I’d say I’ve had crushes but have not experienced proper Love yet. Anytime I’ve been close to getting to that point something has happened to immediately taint it. There was one relationship I was a part of that seemed to have a lot of potential, but then I found out that girl was secretly seeing a guy that I knew. THAT majorly sucked…


29. Think you’ll get married:

Yo fam I’m serious what is up with these questions? 😅🤣

I suppose I might. Personally I don’t really care about the theatrics of marriage or having to do that to make things “official.” To me marriage happens when both people know they can spend the rest of their lives together. You don’t need a piece of paper or anything more than that really.


30. 3 habits you have:

  • with my right hand I like to massage the back of my neck  when I’m thinking
  • I legit raise my left eyebrow when somebody says something strange
  • I like to talk out loud to myself when I’m in a rush to think of something


31. 3 goals you want to achieve:

I only have one main goal I’m actively going for and that’s to be friends with as many people as humanly possible. Maybe it’s because I use to be really shy when I was young but I really don’t want anybody to ever be friendless. Obviously I can’t force friendship on anyone, but I do want everyone to know my hand is always extended out to y’all. So if you do want me as a friend then tada I am your friend just like that. You don’t even have to ask, as long as you think it it’s good. 🙂


32. Where do you want to live:

My number one place I wanna visit is Paris, France. I don’t know if I wanna live there forever but I’d like to be there for a few years at least. Specially before I forget the little bit of French I still know. I swear every month that passes I loose more and more of it. 😥


33. Who makes you laugh the most:

Uuuuuuh….I think I covered that with who makes me smile the most. It’s my friend Erika


34. Person you do the craziest stuff with:

Again it’s Erika. I’m tellin’ you that girl is interesting/weird AF. I say that in the nicest way possible. 😀 She’s the perfect example of a person who doesn’t think before she speaks. And even when she does she says the things you least expect. I’ve gotten in trouble many of times because of her…

Actually you wanna know what character she reminds me of

April from Parks & Rec. 😮


35. What’s always on my mind:

It could literally be anything. I’m constantly “taking everything in” as they say. I’ll probs notice little details that you didn’t think I’d notice…


36. Last hug:

who knows

I’m not much of a huger. I do use hug emojis from time to time but as you all know those don’t count. They really don’t (you know who I’m talking to. lol)


37. Confession:

Confession about what exactly? O_o

I’ll tell you what, if you guys down in the comments want a specific type of confession ask and I shall answer.


38. Something you hate:

This is a hard one. I don’t really hate much. I’m a pretty chill person who is cool with taking in different opinions. I think the only things I hate are things everyone should. Like poverty, world hunger, cancer, and such. You could call me a bunch of racists things and wish me dead and I still wont hate you.


39. Favorite animal:

Another tough-y it seems. Hmm. It’s hard to pick between dogs, cats, and rabbits. I think I may go with rabbits.

*This is me after I finish this BTW.*


40. One wish:

Is this a magical wish we are talking about because I wish for infinite wishes.


41. One celebrity you want to meet:

Sorry but it’s a tie. BTS and HyunA.


42. Favorite artist:

Of all time? I might have to go with Eminem. I still remember hearing this for the first time and being blown away by the message. It was one of the first songs I remember really paying attention to the lyrics.


43. Favorite flower:

Coral Rose


44. Biggest fear:

Loosing a loved one.


45. Are you insecure:

I don’t know if insecure is the right word but maybe it is. Basically I always have this feeling that I can better than the person I was yesterday. Which means it’s hard to feel satisfied sometimes.


46. What’s your biggest insecurity:

If you go based of my last answer then I guess it’s wondering if I’m good enough. I am taking steps to not think like that tho.


.47. Guys you trust:

Everyone I named as my guy best friends


48. Girls you trust:

Every girl I named as my girl best friends. Pretty much if you are considered a best friend it’s cuz I trust you.


49. Favorite sport:

I use to watch football and boxing with my dad. I didn’t really have a passion for them but I know he liked to talk about them with me, so yeah how could I ignore that. I got pretty knowledgeable thanks to him.


50. Favorite cartoons(INCLUDING ANIME):

Oh I know this is the last question but there is no way I can come up with a whole list on the spot. Since it would take too long, how about I just share one cartoon I use to love growing up. That cartoon was Recess. I loved it because it was a show that relied on the chemistry and friendships of the main characters first and foremost. I also liked how it low key introduced a bunch of concepts that nowadays you would think kids are too young to get.

This is one of my all time faves.



I’m finally done with this shizz. Thank goodness. Hopefully you found at least some of my answers interesting. I know some answers are repeats from other tags I’ve done before but that’s cuz those are the true answers!. Anywho if you wanna do it go ahead but you’ve been warned.

With that I’ll see you peeps next time. 🙂

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