HOLLAND Shall Return Soon

Yo my peeps a quick heads up. Remember HOLLAND? I talked about his debut song Neverland back in the tail end of January. Well he is gonna be having a comeback quite soon. Saw he posted this tweet on twitter some hours ago and couldn’t help but share.

*yes the meme king is back*

You see that? It’s going down Early July. Feeling excited by this surprise development?

Personally I can say with 100% certainty that you will definitely catch me being one of the people who will show some support when it drops. You can expect a full review on this blog within hours of so. Sure I may have not been over the moon with his debut song overall but I did feel he had plenty of potential. His voice was very standout from the getgo to me, I mean in the sense that it’s easy to pick out. I like those type of voices a lot.

And of course I gotta show the dude some extra love for him having the courage to be Korea’s first openly gay idol. That’s a lot of pressure for a person to have in such a conservative country. Although luckily it seems like things have for the most part been going pretty chill so far at least.

Anywho in the meantime be blessed by this other pleasant surprise. Yes there are 2 surprises in total.  I saw this today on his YouTube page as well. A remix of Neverland was released! Much better improvement over the original if you ask me. If you were one of those who was underwhelmed by the original please give it another shot by checking this out. This remix really gives the song a huge upbeat and lively boost.

*If you didn’t already know, the original was about the love between two guys and them wanting to escape to a Neverland. A place where their kind of love could be expressed freely. It was a nice, aesthetically pleasing, melancholic sort of song*



Also may I add, what a nice touch releasing this updated version on Pride Month eh?

Hope his comeback is successful. Now let me know what you thought. 🙂 Until next time fam.

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