An ARMY Academy?

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Are you an ARMY?(A fan of BTS) Do you need help with your studies? If the answer is yes to both of those then oh shizz you may be in luck fam. You see while on my latest on-going twitter adventures I came across a new resource that both peeked my curiosity and that may be of some actual use to y’all. 🤔 I discovered this account that goes by the name @armyacademics. Heard of it? From what I can tell it is a fan ran account made up of multiple intellectuals who have gotten together for the sake of contributing some good(a few Anpanmans).

In what way? Well it seems they have started their own online mentoring system for us! Yes you heard me right peeps. I guess you can call it a lighthearted attack/response to Pied Piper. 😛 lol

In fact, according to their pinned tweet these are subjects they are ready to help you with if you so desire RIGHT NOW(it’s quite a few eh?):

  • Maths
  • English
  • Sciences
  • Accounting
  • Geography
  • Statistics
  • Economics
  • Computer Science
  • Marketing
  • Pharmacology
  • Anatomy
  • History
  • and Foreign Language(Korean, Japanese, French, Lithuanian, German)

and this is supposed to be just the beginning. O_O The more staff they add the more subjects will get added in.

Now I haven’t tried this service out myself so I don’t know how good it actually is at the moment. Sorry you wont be getting a testimonial from me just yet. I do however know that it all seems to be running mainly through twitter DMs(possibly email too). Honestly it looks like it’s still in it’s early stages and they are ironing things out, but it certainly feels worth mentioning nonetheless for obvious implications. Plus I’m sure things will improve and change drastically as they find what works and doesn’t like things typically do.

I just wanna mention because I love how involved and extra this fandom is at times to take this sort of initiative. And you gotta admit that this really has a lot of potential to be something if it works as planned. It’s also further proof that BTS has indeed already created a tangible positive influence on our world. You know, for people to try this sorta thing….Warms my heart dearly. 🙂

So if this catches your interest and you wanna become a student, one of the first to try this out(would love to hear your experience if you do), here is a google doc for you to fill out.


and if you happen to be an intellectual yourself and wanna contribute, here is a different google doc for you to fill out. Much respect if you can take the time to help others.



Ultimately I don’t know how far along this project will get. It’s definitely ambitious, but I will show continued support as long as it’s a thing. I love the attempt to reach such levels of positivity and thus do hope everything works out alright in the end. You can never go wrong with educating people in my book. ‘Till next time. Until then share a link to their account on twitter, facebook, your blog, or wherever else you can. Love ya.

One last time here is their twitter: @armyacademics

10 thoughts on “An ARMY Academy?

  1. I always love seeing ARMY coming together to do this sort of thing. I believe there is a twitter account ran by ARMY for mental health too that has people like psychology students and therapists volunteering to help others. Can’t remember the name of it though. It’s just great seeing fans uniting to make a difference and help because of how BTS has influenced them 🙂

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    • Oh really. That is cool. Imma need to try and track that account down and give them a shout out. I love when fandoms not only support their faves but also use the platform to spread positivity.

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