How to Get BTS songs on the Radio!


Has the thought ever crossed your mind? To get BTS songs on the radio that is. If it has, this is the most basic way I can think off to help you newbie ARMYs out. I guarantee that by the time you finish this you will be able to go ham with your requests. 😀 You ready to take a couple notes? (Don’t worry it won’t get too cray cray or confusing up in here)

If so then let’s begin fam.


Step 1. Have a Twitter Account

Everything I’m gonna focus on right now is centered around the pre-requisite that you already have a twitter account. Luckily I think you all do. And if not…well, it’s pretty self explanatory how to make one. so you’re in luck either way I guess. I don’t think you are gonna need help with how to set one up right?i have a twitter.PNG

So let’s continue…



Step 2.  Follow these accounts(really follow ALL of them)















*I’ll be updating this list from time to time*

I think the biggest hang up with requesting songs is knowing exactly WHO to request to to begin with? Like there are so many stations in the whole world. Where should one even begin. I mean how does one go about finding a list of radio stations in one’s area or other wise right?

Well luckily for you, these peeps make it super easy because they tweet out the stations as well the DJs you outta be getting at. Sure these Stations/DJs may not all be in your area and whatnot necessarily, but I’ve noticed that seems to not matter as much in this age of the internet. In the end if you can click on their website to listen then that’s all that is needed. So in reality instead of doing a lot of outside  research on your own to know the “right” ones to get at, all you have to be doing is commenting/liking in agreement under all the tweets these lovely folks put out.

Or if you feel ambitious I suppose you can also copy and paste who they are tweeting at to a tweet of your own. That way you can send your own personalized request.(Which is probs better)


please request.PNG

The station stated in the tweet was @Hits96Radio so let’s request them. First lets find them on twitter shall we.


ahh there it is. let’s click on it.

here is Hit96radio.PNG

Now what exactly shall we tweet? any ideas?

what do we tweet.PNG

how about…

i submit my request.PNG

did you see how easy that was? 😀


***or if you’re lazy you could just do this****

reply directly under the original call to arms.

lazy request still works.PNG

You can show support to their tweet. You see that’s all there is to it! Anybody can do this shizz. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist. When enough people do this to a certain station, tada, we get a spin. I know it works because that’s how we’ve been getting most of them. lol


and sometimes these stations have a tweet open specifically for taking your requests already(these accounts I linked too can also let you know when THAT happens), which can make it even easier then doing those things! You can just spam your requests there and posts your screenshots freely. You can also call the numbers they give out. Although if you are more of an introvert/shy person you may wanna avoid that.


Step 3. Make your Comments Spicy

When you do decide to comment/tweet at these people make sure to not be too basic about it. Spice up your requests a little bit. Whether its complimenting the person or station you are tweeting at. Or better yet, I think you should think about adding a couple of reasons why they may need to play the song you want in the first place . Let them know some of the achievements BTS has been making, heck link to the song, list other popular stations that have played it too, etc. Things like that.

the same can happen if you play it.PNG

Adding small details can do wonders in making them pay a closer look..


**pro-tip** If you find yourself following a particular station and they drop a tweet that they will be playing something by BTS, try to comment and tag some of the accounts I linked to above. If you’re first it can help alert them to notice so that they can then retweet it to their followings which are likely bigger than yours. 🙂 Drop a comment like:

“I can’t wait to hear it on air. I’ll definitely screenshot it. 🙂



Lastly Step 4. Actually listen when it airs

(yup we are at the final step already)

Once you go through all that previous trouble to get it on the air do make sure you follow up with them! This is really important. Let them know you actually took the time to listen to the song once they played it. My personal go to is to listen and screenshot so that I can tweet at them later. Remember it’s a business for them after all. They wanna know that playing BTS songs will get them an audience.

Why would they wanna play a song that a lot of people request but then don’t go to their websites to actually listen. It doesn’t make any sense for them at all right? So yes follow their twitters, like some of their posts(even the non-BTS related ones), but most importantly once again remember to tweet at them Screenshots that you listened as proof(I can’t stress enough how IMPORTANT THAT IS).

thanks ma dude


And that is LEGIT all you need to get started RIGHT NOW. Remember just doing this a couple times a day is better than nothing. Specially if you weren’t doing this to begin with. So if you know other ARMYs that aren’t requesting, fill them in on just how easy it can be! Last time I checked we were ranked #33 on US Pop Radio. That is a pretty solid ranking for a foreign song but I know we can do better if more people who are already within our fandom stepped up even if just a little bit.

Well fam that is all. I just wanted to do this quickie post because I use to be one of those people that didn’t know where to even begin when it came to requesting songs. Someone who use to overthink things and think it was way more of a complicated process. Again there ARE some better ways to maximize your results and little tricks one can do here and there, more info one can take up, but I think I’ll share that in another post later on. I don’t wanna overwhelm anyone with too much info at once.


P.S. If you really REALLY do want an extra pro-tip take this to heart. These stations are more likely to pay attention to you if you have an RL pic of you and if you have your location set. Don’t worry it’s not a necessity it’s just something that helps even more. 🙂

Let me know if this was helpful at all. Is there something I can clarify better? (I may end up re -editing this a bit. don’t be too surprised if you see it pop up again here and there) Thanx for reading.


7 thoughts on “How to Get BTS songs on the Radio!

  1. I always love the way you are so enthusiastic for this band. It really brings a smile to my face. I think the band should begin paying you some royalties or something as you deserve it 😊😊


  2. Oh cool, I never knew this!! I’ve actually heard Fake Love at the mall (mall plays the radio) multiple times already. I wonder if someone requested it, haha. It’s great how you’re such a dedicated fan!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Someone probably did request it. Chances are if a station played it, its cuz ARMYs got together and spammed thousands of requests. Lol Although we are finally starting to see a good amount of stations starting to play it on their own. I think the music industry is slowly learning that there is this whole other world of Kpop out there.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Our fandom has gotten pretty big and only seems to be getting bigger day by day. I dream for a day were nearly every western station plays BTS songs. 🙂 I genuinely think next comeback we can crack top 20 US Pop radio

      Liked by 1 person

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