Jessi Brings the Heat 🔥

jessi down

Didn’t think summer could get any hotter? You guessed wrong my friend. Jessi is officially back with her latest MV Down, and it certainly raises the temp up a couple notches(to say the least).

Yes our gurl “Jessi Sexy” is back with another video. After the teaser and images that had dropped not that long ago, I knew we were in store for something on the saucier side. From all I could see she worked hard to get her summer bod ready in time for this(somethin’ I can sorta relate to. lol). The vid did not disappoint. She be out here continuing to show the world she ain’t about that typical “Pop” lifestyle. I love how free she feels to pursue whatever kind of music she wants too.

If you are a long time fan I believe you will find this newest music video to deliver. I don’t necessarily think I’d put it up there with Gucci or more recently, her collabs with Flowsik, but I would say it’s a nice track to chill to. It’s the kinda track to grow on you the more you listen to it. Specially if you are already into that tropical house type of sound that everyone seems to be into these days. If that’s the case then I can’t see you thinking this is terrible or anything.

Maybe I could see some of y’all being a bit underwhelmed tho. I won’t lie it does seem to be missing that one specific “wow” factor. Compared to her hits of the past it may be a bit of a step back creatively(this beat and lyrics aren’t anywhere near her most interesting I must admit). And her dance moves… well aside from some booty shaking it may seem to be even more basic than usual. She’s never been know for going ham with her choreography but she was making good strides. Some of her moves here felt awkward. 😅Ultimately for me however I think it’s her that saves everything because she’s THAT good.

So those points made, it really feels like it’s her infectious charisma and “give no Efs” attitude that are the actual main attraction here as always. Every time she puts something out there it feels true to how she seems in RL. It’s that which makes it hard to not wanna show some support because that level of authenticity is hard to come by in my opinion. Also she really doesn’t fit the overall mold the GP(general Public) usually accepts in Korea, I think that’s another apart that plays into why I like seeing her stardom rise.

If you want to check out a Korean artists with more of a Western sensibility then please by all means give her a try. I can almost guarantee you that while you may not like everything she puts out, her being her natural bad self will at least peek your curiosity. 🙂 I give this a 7.5/10

Share your thoughts on the song down below. Do you agree with my Assessment? Do you disagree?

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