Triple H returns with “RETRO FUTURE”

F*ck fam, are you about that quote on quote retro sexy music? Cuz let me tell you, I’m ready to make my life centered around it. 😃👍 In fact after listening to RETRO FUTURE it may already be too late because I’m addicted.

triple h be sexy af.gif

If y’all were unaware my Goddess HyunA has returned! Alongside her fellow Triple H cohorts E’dawn and Hui. And guess what, the end product these peeps have delivered could not be any funkier. If I could only describe this new song of theirs in a few words I would say it’s: Groovy, Funky, Sexy, AND Creative .

I myself really loved their last MV, 365 Fresh(which had a similar style and tone),  but that in no way prepared me for this. I love this new one even more. Maybe 10x more. 😮 With some of it’s strange shots and blatant innuendo and all.

Seriously I don’t think there is any sort of misstep here to be had. I suppose maybe they could have given us more of a story line like in their last MV or they could have shown a little more love to Hui during the MV, but that’s about it. And at least with the Hui criticism I feel he shinned on the track itself with his higher voice so that kind off balances that one out….It’s really grasping at straws to find something outright negative.

So if you haven’t already experienced this amazing track then I think you’re in for a treat my friend. Overall I stand in strong support for the direction this MV has taken. The concept, the fashion, the instrumentation(gawd is that bass killer), and the artists themselves are all bound to win you over. I just love how everything looks/has a retro inspiration to it but then at the same time has a modern flair too.

This co-ed unit in my eyes is certainly helping in bringing a much needed breath of fresh air to kpop. It’s nice to have a group like this be able to drop something that is both different in structure and aesthetic when it comes to all the other heavy hitters that have been dropping recently. Plus…. am I the only one who thinks it’s so freakin’ cool when we get a Co-Ed group like this. I just love that to begin with.

It’s seriously crazy how well these 3 work together. I think listening to their voices it’s easy to tell they would compliment each other on a track, but it’s their electric chemistry on screen that puts them over to that next level. I wonder if they were already friends or good acquaintances beforehand. Either way they really rock their threesome concept or whatever you wanna call it. lol During the MV I constantly find myself wondering if they are all gonna suddenly make out. 😂😆 It’s like an orgy can bust out any second.

Anyways those are my overall thoughts. I give this a solid 9/10. It’s a step up from an already high up spot. Let me know what you think.


P.S. Every time they talk into the mic all sensual I get goosebumps.





8 thoughts on “Triple H returns with “RETRO FUTURE”

  1. I still can’t believe that Hui and E’Dawn could go from a concept like Shine to this! But anyway Retro Future is so catchy and it feels so different from other songs lately.

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