Good Kpop Songs with Bad MVs

The title may sound kinda harsh(because it kinda is) but trust me I promise this will turn out positive.


Earlier today I listening to a song on my playlist and was reminded by how disappointed I was by the actual MV when it released. This got me thinking about other songs I like in similar positions. Surprisingly there where more than a few that came to mind. The more I let this simmer the more I thought, wouldn’t it be neat to make an entire post or two(?) on songs like these? Songs that didn’t get as much traction because people dismissed them early on due to their poor MVs?

I know I’d like to help these songs attract some fresh faces so why not. Now Maybe these weren’t outright flops upon release or anything but I certainly feel they could have, maybe even deserved, to get more views. Again not because of the MVs themselves but because the tracks were such catchy bops in my opinion.

Which is why I present to you:


Good Kpop Songs With Bad MVs

I picked out only 3 songs of the ones I thought off. If this goes alright I may wanna revisit this topic and share more further down the line. 🙂


My first pick is Hellovenus‘s Wiggle Wiggle. I chose this to start because I don’t think its the worst of the bunch. I just think the MV is sooooo mediocre. Let me repeat that, it’s so mediocre. Such a shame. To give some context the MV was so un-buzzworthy when it released that the dance practice easily managed to get more than double the views of the original. THAT ain’t something you see everyday folks. lol 😂😅

I won’t pretend that the lyrics are this amazing thing that will stand the test of time or anything, but it sure could have been a club banger at least. Its one of those low key songs that make you wanna get up and flow with the beat. It’s chill but goes kinda hard at the same time, perfect for the dance floor. Its catchy and an easy listen. Unfortunately you don’t get to experience much if any of that when watching the MV. Nope instead you’re bound to be too busy  focusing on the bad camera work, the poor lighting, and the cheapness of it all(seriously it looks like their most low budget video!)

This is why I’m gonna link to the dance practice because THAT is lit and actually worth your time. With that you feel the energy that I think was intended by the vocals and should have been conveyed properly through the MV in the first place. It’s has got such a “powerful sexy” kind of vibe to it. I’ll be shocked if you don’t get won over by Lime and Seoyoung in the video. Personal note: Never knew I had such an appreciation for thick thighs until watching that dance practice. haha

*Seriously why didn’t they showcase the choreo in the MV without the awkward camera angles. It’s good. Seoyoung(the girl in grey and white shoes) in particular really commits to the booty poppin’ or whatever you call it. and BTW… while I’m throwing out compliments, doesn’t Lime sound good at rapping? Her voice is deeper than you expect right?*


Then following the points of the first pick. This next one also suffered a similar fate except worse. Yeah…. I said WORSE. O_O

I’ve mentioned Anda on here before because I loved her song Touch which released the year prior to this one. You could tell that one had a low budget cap too but they made it work through creativity. It at least told somewhat of a story and had an indie and quirky charm to it. However this release turned out bland, and bland, oh and did I say… BLAND.

Not sure what the label was thinking but all this video was is her posing in what i guess is supposed to represent a backseat. Literally that’s it. lol Meaning there was very little differences between shots. Like they could have used different backseats and different outfits to simulate her heading to different places on different days to somewhat spice it up or something. It’s one of the laziest vids I’ve seen.

That said i think Anda is severely underrated. Criminally underrated even. And this song is actually pretty good on its own. Much better with some choreo on stage. My personal highlight of the video is whenever she smiles. I swear she has a really warm smile.

*P.S. welcome her. She is a new member to the YG family. Made the switch in labels not long ago. Let’s hope she gets them higher production values now and doesn’t get locked up in a dungeon somewhere.*


Lastly to close this out, I gotta go with my girls from Stellar.

They are talented AF and their lyrics in their songs are quite good, but of course because of some of their controversial MVs I still get some sh*t for liking this group to this day. Sometimes telling people you like Stellar for their lyrics is like telling people you like Playboy for their articles. Its one of those things a lot of people don’t wanna believe you in. I think a big part comes down to the controversy surrounding  Marionette that put off a lot of people. .

If you don’t know or don’t remember there was a controversy over the group going too far with their sexy choreo in that song. I can certainly see where those people are coming from. In my opinion I kind of agree that they went too far in the sense that it feels like the moves undermine the interesting subject matter in the lyrics. However people have dogged on it too hard if you ask me. I always see it pop up on lists of most “sexualized kpop songs”, “kpop songs that took it too far”, “kpop songs that got banned”, etc.

However I wish we could see more people actually talk about the contents of the song. Cuz from what I gathered from it, it talks about being in a toxic relationship and not being able to get out even though you know its bad. It’s about being played like a puppet/marionette and in the end still not knowing what to do. I see it as a tragic song that gets me in the feels…. but maybe that’s just me. I’m the one guy that can say it’s not sexy it’s sad.


*That butt scratch move is so over the top I can’t be mad at it. Come on, it’s funny 😆*


And there you have it. These are a few songs that I think deserve to be visited/revisited. Like I said I may share more songs like this in the future. Next time I may do a guys edition since these all turned out to be female artists.  In the meantime I open it up to you. What’s a  kpop song you like but didn’t like it’s MV. Or if you happened to stop by randomly and don’t know any kpop, what’s a song in general that you like but where underwhelmed by the MV?

12 thoughts on “Good Kpop Songs with Bad MVs

    • Thanks. I rewrote this a couple times trying to come up with the proper way to convince people to give these songs a try. I know I can have a weird taste in music sometimes so I dont expect everyone to like them. But getting peeps to at at least give them a try means a lot. haha 🙂

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  1. “Sometimes telling people you like Stellar for their lyrics is like telling people you like Playboy for their articles.”

    When you’re right, you’re right. Still, I adore Stellar. I’m still sad about their disbandment. Also, I agree on Wiggle Wiggle. That MV was so bad.


  2. I love EXO’s Power. But, and this might very well be an unpopular stance, I don’t think the MV lives up to the potential. Especially after great MV’s like Monster and Ko Ko Bop. But I still support the song!

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    • Yeah Ive actually heard a lot of people being disappointed by it. You’re certainly not alone. I myself actually liked it because it was so different. I thought it was like a nice change of pace but can totally see how it would catch some off guard.

      Also I grew up watching super sentai series and it reminded me of that Lol


  3. hmmm. you really thought this was one out. i don’t know what to say bc i’ve never seen these before now, but its very interesting how you explored the topics of hated videos and songs and then your own opinion.


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