EXP EDITION is better than you think…

exp edition

Yes here I am defending EXP Edition once again. How in the world did I of all people become one of their biggest defenders? πŸ€” The hell if I know. πŸ˜… All I know is that nope I’m not getting tired of doing so anytime soon… Why? Because fam… it FINALLY looks like people are starting to come around to my side and it feels so satisfying. Yup it looks like peeps are starting to see that there is in fact some hints of potential with this group.

You see starting not so long ago, about a week ago in fact, this group started getting what I can only describe as their most positive reactions of their careers thus far. What suddenly happened to warrant such a positive reception you ask? Well they covered BTS‘s The Truth Untold. A-huh that’s right these guys attempted such a vocal heavy song.

And the reason for the overwhelming positive reception is because they surprisingly killed it. Against all odds they blew expectations away. You really outta hear it for yourselves.

*You may find their attempt to enter the kpop industry to be a bit cringy( a lot of people still find it weird that they are a kpop group made of non Koreans) but you can’t say they aren’t good singers. Maybe they need more training for their stability and pronunciations but still you gotta give ’em credit, they hit most of the hard notes here.*

Of course for those that didn’t know or did but forgot, this is the all American Kpop(korean Pop) group we are talking about here. Yes I’m talking about that group that got mad shitted on about a year ago when they debuted with the song Feel Like this. Remember that anticlimactic song that brought all those Antis(haterz) out the wood work back then? Sure many of ’em had valid criticisms at first( I myself didn’t like the song either) but I mainly remember things getting quite heated and getting out of hand fast. With people saying only Koreans or Asians should be trying what they were trying. But I don’t wanna get into that nonsense right now… If you wanna know the haps you can check out my other two posts on this group.

What I do wanna get into instead is how these boys keep surprising the living daylights out of me at every turn. Slowly they have been turning me into a legit fan. It’s like they take every constructive criticism to heart and make a conscientious effort to improve day by day. For example first there was Jan 10th of this year when they dropped Stress which pleasantly surprised me as well as a lot of previous haters. Then you had them appear on some vids showing off their improving korean(mainly their pronunciations) ,which had been one of the things they got most attacked for…. and now we got this shizz dropping out of nowhere.

At this rate I can’t wait to hear their next song because it’s looking like they are on the up and up.. If the trend keeps going the way it has I wouldn’t be surprised if one of their next songs actually won over the hardcore kpop community. O_O It’s still sort of a longshot but nowhere near as far as it would have been many months ago. Specially for a group that was being labeled a “Fake kpop group”. I think them doing a couple more covers like this would be great to endear them to more people.

So yeah let’s hope for the best. πŸ™‚ Personally I love seeing people pursue their passions even when the odds are stacked against them. Let me know if you have been noticing the improvements of thisΒ  group like I have down in the comments below. If you wanna get to know them better and realize how sincere their efforts are, I strongly recommend you check out their episode on My Neighbor, Charles. But even more than that I recommend this interview thatΒ Sumi 수미 AppleBerry did with them(they answer the tough questions there). πŸ˜€


P.S. Since I was giving them props for singing this just came to mind. Sime‘s performance of Never Ending Story on Immortal Songs 2. It took my breath away. Crazy to think this guy has only been learning Korean for two years(don’t quote me on that tho)…



5 thoughts on “EXP EDITION is better than you think…

  1. I always love seeing you promote this group. I’ve been casually following them, and they really are talented. They are working hard and improving all the time. It’s good to see that a lot of people are starting to come around and give them a chance πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks. πŸ˜€

      I think what endears me to them is that they “get it.” They know the situation they’re in and they are putting in their best effort. And most important of all they embrace the constructive criticisms and try their best to address them instead of ignoring them. They seem like all around nice guys I would wanna hang out with.

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