J-Hope Dominates Twitter!

Holy amazeballs fam….

Remember J-Hope‘s In My Feelings Challenge?

Yeah this one. #HopeOnTheStreet

Well it looks like it has been taking Twitter by storm lately. I know a lot of you might hear that and go, “yeah so what’s new?” Mainly because @BTS_twt‘s tweets have become legendary for their online fan engagement. However trust me, y’all are gonna wanna see just HOW crazy good and next level the stats on this particular tweet have gotten. I’ve been keeping a close eye and let’s just say the way the shizz has been climbing is something to behold.

I took a look a couple minutes ago and this is where it’s currently at fam:

Jhope really dominates twitter.PNG

  • over 145k comments
  • over 9.5million views
  • over 647k retweets(their most ever)
  • and over 1.4million likes(again their most yet)

Remember this was put out there not even a full week ago..


The stats on this are truly incredible because the amount of likes on it make this tweet the 22nd most liked tweet of all freakin’ time yo!

Jhope dominates twitter

It’s on the wiki now so you know it’s official. 😛

That makes this a new best for BTS. 🙂 Currently out of The Top 50 most liked tweets in the world, BTS comes in at number 2 in terms of appearances. Where you guys aware of that? Holding a whopping 19 spots thus far.  Coming second only to * and can I get a drum roll please*… President Obama. I repeat coming second only to former President Obama who holds 21 spots of his own… If that ain’t some impact fo you ass I don’t know what is..

I think what makes this extra special tho is that it’s of a member actually doing something. I’ve been looking at their other tweets on the list and its mostly a bunch of selfies up to this point. 😅😂 Nothing wrong with that but I wanna see more tweets of the members showing off their amazing skillz on the list is all.

Another cool thing is that this seems to be getting such good stats because it’s not just ARMYs checking it out. People who couldn’t care less about BTS are also going into this liking and sharing simply because its one of the best examples of the challenge. Lots of people are being won over by the amazing dance skillz first and foremost. This is awesome because afterwards I’m sure some fresh faces will convert over to our side. 😛

Seriously it’s been fun to see all the sorts of places J-Hope has been appearing in because of this silly challenge. 😆

for some examples,

here he is on Inside Edition


and here he is surprisingly showing up on UK TV. lol On The Last Leg.

Now tell me, what are y’alls thought’s on this? Until next time. 😀

17 thoughts on “J-Hope Dominates Twitter!

    • whats doubly impressive is that their stats have been consistently growing like this for 5 years. their upcoming album is already climbing its way up the top selling albums of 2018 from pre orders alone. lol

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s just great. One can’t help but wonder, if this continues, how much further their stats are going to climb. Really an impressive achievement indeed 😊


      • Thank you, that is really kind of you to say 😊 Ofcourse stats are important (if no one reads your posts it would take the fun out of it somehow lol😂) but for me the most fun about blogging is meeting all kinds of wonderful people such as yourself and exchanging thoughts on all the things we love. That for me is pretty much the most rewarding thing 😀


  1. Hobi deserves every bit of the love. Although, their stats really scares me sometimes with the rate they keep growing. The likes are going to be infinite one day and no will be surprised.

    Liked by 1 person

    • How long do you think J-hope is gonna keep this record? My guess is by next month, if at that, one of the other members will beat it and the cycle will continue. 😅 😂


  2. I realized one thing after watching it- as if I hadn’t already known, I realized just how WELL he dances.he did a few simple steps, but it looked HELLA professional.Jhope is such an inspiration.


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