Am I Pretty? πŸ˜‚

Nothing much to see here folks, just me being hella weird as usual…





As you’ll notice, I downloaded the FaceApp recently.Β 

I know I know. What was I thinking, am I living in 2017 or something? I’m fully aware people don’t really use it that much anymore but just do me a solid and go along with it anyways ok. I’m struggling for content over here.

Ok maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but do look at it this way, as a surprise you’ll now be getting to see both my profile pics in ways you probs NEVER ever thought you would before. That’s gotta be at least somewhat interesting right?Β πŸ˜†Β 

Just have a look at this:

Me from young to old. To wearing some cool shades.


*Yikes at this by the way…



From clean shaven to with a full on beard(although I doubt I could ever actually grow a beard like that ever ).



all the way to me as a girl. Yeah… me as a girl. πŸ˜†


Bet you’d never thought you’d see THAT huh? I think this post is worth it simply for those visuals alone.


*And can I just add real quick, me as a girl…not too shabby. Although should I be worried that the app didn’t have to change much? lol Like come on dude, do I naturally look like that much of a girl…


…and on that weird and abrupt note, we come to a close.

Yup that’s been your amazing content for the day. Wasn’t it a life changing experience? πŸ˜› I kid of course. This was pretty dumb…but fun too. Don’t be surprised if you see me doing more of this sort of random stuff from time to time here on out. There’s loads of silly apps I’ve never tried before but that I wanna. If you got any recommendations let me know.

‘Till next time. πŸ™‚

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